Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to jump in here and wish all of you a Happy New Year! I hope that the year ending went well for all of you and that next year will bring many more good times. If any of you find yourselves alone tonight at the stroke of midnight, why not really make it a stroke of midnight and pop your cork right when the clock strikes twelve? In fact I encourage all of my readers to do so, if the conditions allow. Then no one will really be alone, just imagine all the other people out there riding the waves of pleasure that you are experiencing, all at the same time! See you all next year!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Readers! Hope that all of you have been enjoying your holidays and relaxing. This lovely picture comes from Japan via the internet. I'm sure seeing this will "lift" your Christmas spirits! Not sure what it is about the holidays, but I always feel really horny. Panty perverts like me know that Victoria's Secret has it's big annual sale every January, so that is something for us to look forward to. Get those credit cards ready! It's perfect because right around the corner is Valentine's Day, perhaps the biggest panty and lingerie sale days of the year! I've been administering self relief to myself quite frequently these past couple of weeks for some reason. Maybe the cold weather causes my skin to be sensitive or something, I don't know. That's it for now, see you all soon.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Big Loss

Greetings loyal readers! Today's panty is a Victoria's Secret string bikini in white. They got a little wrinkled in my panty drawer, sorry if they don't look their best. These beauties are 100 percent silk, one of the few pairs I have that are actually silk. Silk is an amazing material, very light and strong. I think I bought these around five or six years ago, but I really don't remember exactly. These panties are pretty much a basic style and cut, with no real standout design embellishments like bows. I think these may still be available at the stores as they are a staple style of panty.

Today, I'd like to address the disturbing trend of my little panty corner of the world shrinking. First the Fiend disappeared with no warning a few months back, then Anne came and went (ok, pun intended). Now, we are taking a huge hit with the loss of Ross' blog. I hope all is okay with you buddy, I know I won't be the only one to miss your posts. They were something for me to look forward to on a regular basis. I'll keep my fingers crossed that we'll see your return soon. I wish I could promise to up my output here at the Bad Side, but I don't like to make promises I can't keep. Well, stay tuned everyone, see ya here next time.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holiday Shopping

Greetings everyone! Today's pic is another find from that never ending source of panty material, the internet. When I saw this, I immediately thought of posting it here since these look like something the readers would enjoy seeing. I've never seen these in a store, so I have no idea what brand they are. Perhaps one of you out there will know and can inform the rest of us as to the maker of these panties.

Been very busy lately, and thus the lack of postings. Hope all of you are done with your holiday shopping and such. I wonder how many of you bought some lingerie for your s/o as a gift this year? If you haven't yet, there's still plenty of time to get down to the store and buy some panties!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm Back!

Hi everyone! The panty of the day is this lovely sheer pink thong. These are another store brand knock off of popular fashion panties. These nylon beauties feature a nice shimmery material that is edged with a lighter pink border around all the openings. The material itself is not all that stretchy, but it is very sheer as you can see. I bought these about five years ago and they seem to be holding up quite well. Although I've never worn these for any lady friends, I'd like to imagine that they'd like the view from the front if I did!

It's been a while since my last posting, things seem to get away from you quickly. I seem to be in one of my panty dry spells right now due to a lot going on around me. Fear not, I will always be a panty enthusiast, I've tried hard not to be one in the past, but have decided to enjoy it instead. I tend to not buy panties around this time of year anyway, as I know that tons of people are out shopping and there's a good chance someone I know will see me. I have no desire to expose my fetish publicly to people I know as I doubt they'd really understand, let alone approve of it.

Did anyone catch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on TV last week? If you missed it, I believe it will be repeated this coming week in some areas on the CW network. Check your local listings. I certainly enjoyed watching it, but for me it doesn't get me all that worked up. Like when I go to a strip club, I enjoy being there and looking at the girls, but I don't tend to get sexually aroused by it. I guess I prefer a more intimate environment. Ross' recent postings have got me thinking about my own used panty collection. I know he doesn't like buying soiled panties, but for me that is something I enjoy. Somehow the thought of it turns me on, although I'd say that generally the actual product received is less than my expectations. Still, I seem to be doomed to repeat the same mistake whenever I get too much libido calling the shots.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Greetings panty lovers! The panty of the day is a "Classified" store brand panty from my old favorite of department stores Mervyn's. These are cotton, somewhat unusual in my collection as you know, but were purchased because I felt the style and cut were irresistible. As you can see they are full back bikinis with a front panel that is bordered by two strips featuring a very pretty eyelet lace pattern. These were made way back in the 90's and were an earlyish addition to the collection. The elastic and materials are holding up quite well. These are comfy to wear and hug the body in just the right snugness. The only complaint I might have is just that I wish they were nylon instead of cotton, but you knew that already.

Have been crazy busy this week and haven't had a lot of access to the computer. Not much panty news this week, but there is the non panty news of Brittany's tabloid pics. I feel sorry for her, but at the same time I kind of like it. There's just something satisfying about taking a spoiled celebrity down a notch or two. The pics weren't the most flattering vag shots I've ever seen. I'm sure her pussy can look much better when presented properly. Then before that there was the camel toe pic of Paris. My friend suggested that maybe they had some sort of secret pact going to show off their privates. Sounds a little too far fetched, but then again, I wouldn't put it past them either.

Friday, December 01, 2006


TGIF panty lovers! For the second time this week, the panty of the day comes not from my personal collection, but an internet pic. This lovely lady is Susan, doesn't she look adorable in her cowboy hat? She's a real sweetheart who runs a web site with her hubby Mike called Panty Wife Fantasies. I was somewhat reluctant to post her picture here as I am afraid that if she gets too busy that she will lose the personal touch that she gives to her fans. You, my loyal readers deserve to know about her though. I suppose it would be greedy to want to keep her all to myself! At any rate, I hope you enjoy the pic. She wears full nylon brief type panties and as you can tell, looks KILLER in them. She also writes about her panty adventures on her site, very steamy stuff indeed, this usually involves a man who she has caught trying to peek at her panties. I asked if I could post her picture on the blog and they graciously agreed, but I'm not sure if they actually read The Bad Side, hope they do. If you like what you see above, I highly recommend you check out her site, she has a membership fee, but she also has free stuff to look at too. The nice thing about their site is, they really seem to be doing it out of love. Keep in mind it is an amateur site so it's not as glitzy as some of the others you might see.

I thought maybe I'd address some of the comments from my last post. My taste in porn is much like a lot of my tastes, it varies wildly. I do enjoy the softer core stuff, I like SOME of the "Stocking Secrets" series, where a girl will slowly disrobe while speaking to the viewer, seems a little more personal. Sometimes though, I do like the fake chicks with the poor acting and overblown boobs and hair, it really depends on the girl and how she plays the part. As in real life, personality is a big part of the pie, perhaps more so than physical attributes. If I see a girl who seems to be genuinely enjoying herself, it is a huge turn on for me.

There was a local theatre near my work that was showing classic porn movies on Friday nights for nostalgic reasons I guess. I was tempted to check it out and unfortunately they stopped showing them before I could get down there. Anne, you're right, it would be really cool to have a poster from one of those movies, I bet they're pretty collectible now. I wonder how the porno mag business is doing. I bet they've lost a lot of sales to the internet. Hang on to those old porno mags, they are a slice of Americana and will probably be worth something someday like those old Betty Page magazines. I actually remember seeing a TV story about a guy who has a porn museum in New York somewhere. People were sending him old videos and magazines to archive for the future and he had a LOT of porn.

Well, that's it for now, hope everyone has a great weekend...see ya!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Greetings panty people! The panty of the day comes from not my own personal collection, but rather the internet. Found this while surfing somewhere, thought maybe I'd share that with my loyal readers. My guess is these are right up Ross' alley. I happen to like them a lot myself. The sheer fabric mixed with the lacy trim is usually a good combination that seems to catch my eye. The girl looks to be wearing a naughty French maid outfit, another of my favorite fantasies.

Today I was thinking about how Paul Reubens aka Pee Wee Herman was arrested a long time ago for masturbating in an X rated theatre. I was wondering if anyone out there has ever been to a real X rated theatre. I've never been, so I have no idea if what he was doing would have been considered normal. I watch porn at home, and not because the movies have great story lines. When I pop one of those in the player, it's as a visual aid to self gratification. So, I would assume that people going to see a porno movie in a theatre were there to get themselves off too. Of course this could be very gross as far as the fluids left behind. I sure wouldn't want to work at one of those theatres and have to clean up between shows. I know for a fact that those adult shops often have little self gratification booths where one can play a movie by feeding quarters into the machine, so are the big theatres the same way? I guess I'll never find out since there are no longer any porn theatres left.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Different Views

Welcome back panty lovers! Hope everyone had a nice holiday and ate plenty of good food, I sure did. The panty of the day is a Victoria's Secret boy cut tanga in white. These are made of a cotton and lycra blend which makes them stretchy and comfortable. They feature a cute little eyelet trim around the waist opening and a seam running up the center of both the front and back panels. These come from the "Pink" line of lingerie and were purchased less than a year ago. They should be still available in stores. There isn't anything particularly special about these, so I recommend using your panty purchasing dollars on something else. I bought these online and for some reason thought they were nylon and not cotton. I doubt I would have bought them if I knew the correct materials beforehand.

I often surf the internet looking for panty material to read and look at. It seems that there are lots of other fetishists around with similar tastes to my own. This is evidenced by the large number of web sites dedicated to panties and lingerie. The other day I saw a story on the news that said 2 BILLION dollars are spent in the US on porn web sites a year. That's a lot of money!

Anne mentioned on her blog that she doesn't get as excited as the average male when looking at pictures of women. It has been said that men are attracted visually, so perhaps there is a physiological reason for the popularity of porn with men. I often hear of women who get angry and jealous when they discover their partner looking at porn or going to a strip joint. I tend to be very faithful when I am with a girl (rare nowdays). I do look at porn and enjoy going to a strip club though and don't consider it cheating, strictly entertainment. There's no way I'd leave a girl over porn or a lap dance, but I have never had a girl tell me to dump my porn collection either. I had a friend in college who's GF was friends with my GF. He told me that when his girl found his porn mags, she was livid and told him he was sick and made him throw them in the trash immediately. I thought that was a bit of an overreaction on her part. I can understand when a man is ignoring his girl and looking at porn instead, that it is definitely crossing over into destructive behavior, but I think porn can be a playful, healthy and fun part of a sex life.

I wonder if women find it erotic that men masturbate or is it viewed as being gross. I was watching Dane Cook on TV and in his routine he mentioned masturbating in front of women. He said he always asks the girl if she likes what she is seeing and then he says something like "as if she'd say no". I took that as a positive response. Most of the girls I've dated have wanted to be my only sexual outlet. That is, I don't think they liked me relieving myself sexually on my own. I think it's sexy to watch a girl masturbate, although I can't seem to get a girl to do that for me either. I think it'd be hot to masturbate in front of each other, put on a little porn show for each other at the same time! I'll leave you with that thought...enjoy!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


G'day panty lovers! The panty of the day is a Classified brand (store brand) tanga in white. These are made of a cotton and lycra blend and are of medium softness, slightly coarse, but with a nice snug fit. The elastic is holding up well and the overall construction seems decent to better than average. There isn't much to these, but the details include a pretty lace material used on the front and back as well as a center seam which runs up both sides and accentuates the booty area quite well. These are from the mid to late 90's and so I doubt you'd ever find a new pair. I would categorize these as fashion panties as they were only available for less than a year or so before disappearing into panty oblivion.

After reading PM's post, memories of my distant past started to come back to me. I remembered this one incident in particular. I was in college at the time, the spring semester had just ended and I was still talking to this girl who I had known since high school. We'd really gotten to know one another a lot better after high school because she was dating one of my good friends. Not to sound like a total scum bag, but I had always had a crush on her and I think the feelings were mutual. We never did act on those feelings though since I had a lot of respect for my friend and would never have done that. By this time she was dating a new guy and I was just starting to date a new girl (the one that got away in fact). This girl was living in the LA area, and so I drove there to watch her graduation ceremony. I was staying at her apartment and her room mates were gone somewhere for the weekend. Her boyfriend was also not there either, so we were pretty much alone together. She had done her laundry prior to my arrival and after I had settled in, we were relaxing in the living room area and she started to fold her clean laundry. Right on the top of the pile was, you guessed it, her panties. My heart immediately went into overdrive when I noticed this. I tried to act calm as if I didn't even notice them. She had about seven or eight pairs if I recall correctly, of different pastel colors and whites. I remember seeing baby blue and peach colored panties with white trim around the leg and waist openings. Most were cotton bikinis. I wanted so badly to reach out and touch them and examine them, to stuff a pair in my pocket. I was a good boy and resisted my urges, you'd all be so proud of me! Actually at that time I really didn't have much of a panty collection going, for the most part that didn't happen until years later. Anyway, I don't remember for sure, but I probably needed to stay seated on the couch for a while after that!

Have a happy turkey day everyone, see you again soon.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Why the Pictures?

Big Howdy to all you panty partners! The panty of the day is a Frederick's of Hollywood lace thong in wedding white. These are very soft and stretchy being made of a lycra and cotton blend. The elastic has held up pretty well over the ten or so years that they've been a part of my collection. A quick thought I just had, was how I usually get really turned on when I get a new pair of panties (or three). Then over time the excitement fades and they kind of get lost in the crowd with the other panties. I'm often browsing the collection and will come across a pair that I recall being especially hot at the time of purchase, but was somehow relegated to second fiddle when the new ones came along (poor panties). I seem to remember some hot fun I had with these in the past. I guess every panty has a story to tell!

Reader Anne brought up an interesting point in her comments. She said that the pictures of panties seemed empty. To my perverted brain, I see the pictures of panties as somehow being erotic. Not that I pop a woody just at the sight of panties, but to me panties are generally erotic in nature. This got me thinking, what is my reason for posting pictures of my panties. I really don't know. I guess I just want to share my collection with others who have similar interests. There must be more to it than just that though. Maybe because I normally hide my fetish, it just feels good to get it out there in the open. At any rate, I do hope that my readers have and will continue to enjoy my panty of the day pictures.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


The panty of the day is an oldie but goodie. These are from the group of panties that I bought in my earlier days of collecting. They are thongs made of a lycra blend. Still stretchy, but I think maybe if I were to wash them a bunch of times they'd begin falling apart. They did have a good long run though. They have a nice snug feel to them, although the fabric itself is slightly coarse and could be softer. These are another Mervyn's store brand fashion panty which came and went with whatever trend they floated in on. Sort of a semi-flutter thong perhaps? The back "strap" is not lace, but a solid material of the same rose/pink/magenta color.

After reading PM and Anne's comments about the crotchless panties I posted yesterday, I thought maybe today I'd talk a little about crotchless panties. If I remember right, the first time I came across a pair of these was back in the mid 90's, but I'm pretty sure that they've been around in some form for many years before that. It used to be that you could only find them at the naughtier lingerie outfitters such as Frederick's of Hollywood or specialty boutiques. I think that the thong actually was considered a naughtly style of panty itself, but somehow it crossed over into the normal category and is now enjoying a mainstream popularity, which in my opinion somewhat nullifies some of the fun. Yes, naughty feelings are good when you talk about panties!

I'm sure you can imagine the kind of thoughts I was having when I discovered crotchless panties! I readily admit to enjoying panties for collecting, but I seldom talk about actually wearing them. Perhaps some part of me feels that although other enthusiasts also enjoy wearing panties, the reality of what we as men look like in panties is not always as appealing as the feelings we get from wearing them, even in imagination. I really like that Anne is so encouraging and actually wants to see the pics, so thank you Anne. Getting back on topic, I think that most guys would agree that wearing panties feels great, but it makes it a little a hard (pun intended) to finish what's begun while still wearing them. What better solutuion then a pair of crotchless panties?! You get to wear panties and see the beautiful materials, feel the silky softness against your skin and stroke your manhood all at once! Of course since your tender bits are free and out in the open, it can be very comfortable. The down side is that you can forget about wearing them to work, as they will provide no support and if you should sport wood, there will be no hiding the tent that will come out.

Now, as for purchasing them I have been planning on posting links in my postings to various web sites which cater to the panty crowd in some way. That would be either fetish sites or sellers of panties, etc. So to kick off the links, click here to find the crotchless panties at Frederick's of Hollywood. As you can see, the selection is not as classy as it once was. I prefer the old style sheer, full paneled look to these strappy numbers. The butterfly panties never really did it for me either, although I'm sure I'd be singing a different tune if a girl were to wear those for me! Victoria's Secret also carries a very limited amount of what they call "peek a boo" panties. Here's a link to an adorable bra and panty set, also less traditional, but somehow better in design than the Frederick's versions IMHO.

Well that's it for today, thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Salutations panty lovers! The panty of the day is from Frederick's of Hollywood. These are a pair of ultra sheer crotchless panties made of nylon. These feature some nice details such as the cute little bow crowning the front opening, a pretty and delicate lace panel above that and of course the decorative trim around the leg and crotch openings. These panties are rather rare now as they have a full cut back panel, which is seldom seen on "peek-a-boo" style panties anymore. I purchased these way back in the late 90's so I really doubt you'd be able to find them new in the store. They are pretty well made and seem to be holding up well, elastic included.

Last weekend, I was out with some guy friends. We were looking for a bar to grab a few drinks to cap the night off. I suggested one close to where we were as it often has some cuties to check out while you're drinking. About a block from the bar, I spotted two girls sitting on the curb. One was completely wasted and her friend was trying to comfort her. They were both attractive and wearing very short dresses. The position they were sitting in made it a natural for any guy to try and get a peek. It was dark and amazingly, even when nearly passed out, they both had they're legs closed, so we didn't get to see any panties. Actually I felt kind of sorry for the wasted chick. She was going to be hurting the next day, I've been there too many times myself!

Not sure if anyone caught Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night. Pamela Anderson was the featured guest and she came out and sprayed Jimmy down with champagne (it was his birthday). She kind of chased him behind the guest seat and couch, so after the bottle was empty, she climbed over the chair and gave a wonderful view of her gold colored satin or nylon panties. You've just got to like a girl who doesn't mind showing off her panties!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day. I know these aren't really V day panties, but I had this picture ready, so you'll have to excuse me. These are another store brand, made of nylon, very sheer and pretty well constructed. The material itself is not all that stretchy, so I thnk in the end these will hold up better than those which have more lycra in them. The elastic is doing great, after having owned these for three or four years. They have a shimmery sheen to the fabric which I find is a nice touch. The best aspect is the sheerness of the material though, very sexy.

Not sure what's going on this weekend for me, kind of feeling down lately. Maybe it's the weather or my poor diet the last few weeks (too much fatty food). Anyway, I've been really grouchy and not the most pleasant person to be around. I've got a lot of stuff on my plate and I'm hoping that I can clear it up in the coming weeks.

On a happier note, it seems that panties are cropping up all over in the general entertainment arena. You see them on TV at least once a week. On the Sunday night show "The War at Home" on Fox, the father of the family is imagining his teen daughter's life in the future and he sees her still living in his house, working as a stripper and leaving her kid at home for him to take care of. In this scenario she is dressed provocatively in tight, low cut pants with her panties showing. A very nice image, unless you're her father! I saw that a few weeks back, the image just popped into my head as I was writing.

Ross updated his blog a little while back, very nice. I like the map thingy, very interesting. I don't even have a counter, so I have no idea how many people actually read my ramblings here. Any suggestions on what counter to use? It's nice to see all those dots on Ross' map, knowing there are panty people out there who appreciate his writing as much as I do. I kind of assume that I only have my two regulars (Ross and PM), both of who I have come to know and like. Who knows maybe there are more of you out there than I know.

Almost forgot to tell you guys. Last Saturday I was at the new mall here in town with my buddy. We were standing by the escalators when I noticed this cute girl, maybe 18 to 21 years old, wearing a very short skirt. I didn't want to be too obvious, but I tried to get a peek at her panties. Dang it, the skirt was just long enough where you couldn't see. Still, it was fun to at least get a chance. I wonder what kind of panties she had on.

Have a great weekend everyone! See ya soon.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

Happy Election Day everyone! I hope that all you Americans went out and did your civic duty and voted today. A very important process indeed. Nothing like a sexy pair of panties to make the "poles" shoot up! Sorry, couldn't resist! I also couldn't resist these darling little thongs which I picked up about 2 years ago. They are another store brand panty, and are made of 100 percent nylon. They feature a very pretty lace pattern and a wonderful ruffled edge that goes all the way around the waist and leg openings. For some reason these seemed to match election day, so that's why they're the panty of the day. I'm sure you can tell these aren't very comfortable for a guy to wear! I can imagine a woman wearing these is out for sex, because I think it would light a man's pants on fire if he saw a sexy girl in these babies. Ooo La La! Unlike a typical thong, these have a semi full back panel to accentuate the derriere. It isn't until the panel gets down to the nether regions does it become ever so skant as the lace ends and a tiny string is all that is left to cover what lies beneath.

Last weekend I watched "The Notorious Betty Page" on DVD. Wow, I really loved the movie. Gretchen Mol plays Betty Page in the biographical film about the famous pin-up model. Gretchen has an incredible body, all of which is seen in the movie. But what is really amazing is not the nudity, but Gretchen's wonderful portrayal of Betty Page. I admit, I know nothing about Betty Page, but watching this film made me feel as though I was able to get a glimpse into her life and get to know her a little. There are lots of scenes where the lovely Ms. Mol is clothed in nothing but classic sheer brief panties and bras, a fantastic sight to see. Check it our when you get a chance.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's Normal

Greetings panty lovers! The panty of the day is a Maiden Form tanga model number 40344. These feature a lovely nylon front panel and a nylon lycra blend lace back panel with a center seam. I had not heard of tangas before maybe 6 or so years ago and I think these were my first tanga style panties purchased. I probably don't need to explain, but tangas have an abbreviated back panel that is halfway between a wide thong and a full back bikini. On the right butt they are very sexy to look at. These are well made and the elastic is holding up quite well. I own a couple pairs of these in different colors which will end up pictured here later. I'm not sure if these are available any longer, but I don't recall seeing them in years. Maiden Form does seem to keep their panty styles around longer than fashion panty makers like Victoria's Secret, so they may still be in stores.

I often wonder how many guys are out there who are closet panty fetishists. To me it makes perfect sense that a guy would associate panties with sexuality. Not only are panties the most intimate piece of clothing that a woman wears, they are usually distinctly feminine looking with beautiful lace, soft colors and are made of silky smooth materials which feel so sensual against sensitive skin. I realize that most guys wouldn't be caught dead wearing panties, but I suspect that most have masterbated with panties at some point. Anyone who has felt the very erotic sensation of nylon panties being rubbed on their skin would want to repeat the feeling again and again. I have been addicted to this feeling for many years now and I doubt that I'll ever be able to stop. In fact my own panty fetishism can be traced back to my search for a good masterbation material. My brain made the connection between panties and orgasms and now I am forever addicted to panties. Just the thought of panties can get me as aroused as thinking of a beautiful nude woman. I hope to see more panty lovers coming out of the dark corners and enjoying themselves instead of feeling guilty. Don't feel bad guys, it's normal!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

They're Everywhere

The panty of the day today is a very lovely generic store brand full back granny style. These weren't even dignified with a name tag, but if I had to guess, I'd say these I bought from Mervyn's. If you haven't guessed, I buy a lot of my panties there. They have a great selection and often have the fashion styles made for them, so you can get something similar to what you see at Victoria's Secret, but at a much cheaper price. Of course quality can vary wildly, so buyer beware. At any rate, these are very soft and silky and made of 95 percent nylon and 5 percent spandex. They feature a nice stretchy elastic wide lace waistband. Actually, come to think of it, these may actually be some other brand like Bali. I seem to remember one brand that I've bought in the past that didn't put name tags in some of their panties. At any rate, I bought these a long time ago, perhaps up to ten years ago, and they are holding up very well.

It seems like lately, I've been seeing a lot more panty peeks in mainstream media. I was watching "The Fast and the Furious 3" the other day on DVD and near the begining, there is a pretty cheerleader sitting on her boyfriend's Dodge Viper. The camera starts at her knees and the wind kicks up just as the camera reaches her lap, revealing a pretty pink panty under her skirt. In "Slither" also on DVD, the female lead character has on a white slip nighty, which she pulls up at the hip to reveal a white nylon panty. Then, watching the Paris Hilton video for "Nothing In This World", there is another cheerleader shot. There is a row of pretty cheerleaders who give us a nice high kick to reveal their panties. Hopefully, you guys won't think I'm totally insane for watching those things for entertainment! I actually have a taste for pop culture and find this kind of stuff highly entertaining, as much to laugh at as with.

Friday, October 27, 2006

The One That Got Away

Greetings Panty Lovers! To kick off your weekend, I end this week with one of my favorite pairs of panties. These are a Victoria's Secret full back bikini model number 134207-694. They are made of a VERY soft, silky nylon and lycra blend and have a wonderful sheen to the outside of the fabric. The color is a gold-yellow with soft hues of baby blue blended in on the detail areas. The elastic is just the right combination of stretchy firmness that feels just right, snug but not too tight. The front panel has a beautiful scroll lace pattern going up the two leg openings and pretty baby blue bow at the top front waist band. I only have one pair of these and they were purchased I think about four years ago. I wish I had gotten at least one extra pair, but at least I have these. I highly recommend that all you panty perverts buy these if you can find a pair. The material and detailing is so nice, I thought I'd include a full sized detail shot for these. I'm guessing that Ross will appreciate the style of these panties, hope I'm right!

Speaking of ultra soft panties, Stringlover brought up a very good point the other day on his blog. Panties do seem to get softer as they age. I think this is due to the laundering process breaking down the little fibers. I have several old panties which are quite soft now after having been washed many times. I can't hang dry my panties, so they go in the dryer, on low heat. I think that putting them in the dryer is not good for the panties, as they sometimes start to fall apart. The panties pictured above were very soft from the begining, but I do have others which have gotten very soft with age. There's almost nothing that feels better against the flesh than silky, satiny, nylon panties. It's almost a crime that more women don't take advantage of having such wonderful panties available to them. Why choose a cotton thong when you could wrap yourself in the sexy feeling of a silky panty? Women should embrace they're femininity and wear sexy lingerie. I doubt your boyfriends and husbands would object. My girlfriend in college would surprise me with new panties all the time. Oh, how I loved that girl! It's one of the biggest mistakes of my life that I didn't marry her. Yup, she's the one that got away.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Smith peeks

Welcome Panty People! The panty of the day is a Victoria's Secret thong model number 135_208_090. These are made of 90 percent nylon and 10 percent spandex, the lace area being made of 100 percent rayon. They are pretty well made, with good elastic. They are a lovely yellow color and with the sheen they almost look like gold. Don't you just love the way the elastic gathers around the leg and waist openings? I bought these a few years ago, and they are not available anymore.

I've been watching the TV show "Smith" on tapes lately. Anyway, I'm way behind on watching these things, so the other day I saw an episode that aired like 2 or 3 weeks ago. Long story short, Amy Smart who plays one of the criminals, was shown getting dressed after spending the night with a guy. She gets dressed and picks up her lingerie, then goes in the other room where the guy's room mate is doing something. She put her panties on under her very short skirt right in front of him. I don't know about you guys, but I really love watching a woman getting dressed and putting on her lingerie and clothes. I guess I have a voyueristic streak in me. Not sure if you remember "Fatal Attraction" from a long time ago, but there was a scene in that movie where Ann Archer is getting dressed, and she's sitting there at her mirror in her bra and panties, she looked so lovely, so feminine. I'll leave you with those images in your heads!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Another Weekend Update

Happy Weekend panty lovers! Thought I'd give you guys a quickie update today, since I wasn't able to do much this past week. The panty of the weekend is a Frederick's of Hollywood full back sheer panty. These are made of 60 percent nylon, 30 polyester, and 10 percent rayon. I bought these a long time ago in the mid to late 90's. The elastic is holding up well in these as is the overall materials, however some of the sewing is coming loose here and there, but not bad for thier age. These feature a very pretty lace pattern on the front panel and an unpatterned sheer panel on back. The see through quality of these panties is about the sheerest you will find, very nice! I like the ruffly waistband and leg trimmings. I don't think I've seen these in Frederick's for a LONG time, so you'll have to find them from other sources. I own several pairs of these in different colors (proof of my panty obsession).

Prior to the time period when I bought these, I didn't buy many panties at all. These were near the begining of my panty collecting en mass. I still remember going to the store on my lunch breaks and browsing the panties. My job at the time would take me about 30 to 40 minutes from where I lived and grew up, so I felt safe that no one I knew would spot me buying frilly panties. I used to plan it out so that I could have time to go to the store and get panties, then I'd have to stuff them in my pockets so my coworkers wouldn't find them when I got back to the office. There was even a place just down the street from my work that sold lingerie. I went in there a couple of times, but they really didn't have what I was looking for and I didn't want my coworkers seeing me in there, so I didn't go back. Instead I would try and find out where I could get panties without people I knew seeing me. I'd pull my car over and check the local phone books for lingerie. If the store was near where I was going to be, I'd hope to have enough spare time to get over there and look. Given my nervous condition when buying panties, I'd often buy several pairs, so that I wouldn't need to go back right away for another fix. I'm not sure why I had such irrational fear of being spotted, but I guess that's part of the thrill I got (and still get) from buying them. Needless to say, after a while I pretty much had every Frederick's and Victoria's Secret store location memorized!

BTW, I was watching CSI NY the other night and they had these punk rock looking women called the Suicide Girls featured. I think these are a real performance group of some kind, although I've never heard of them before. Anyway, they had a nice sequence where they were showing a photo shoot and one of the girls did a nice skirt flip up to reveal her panties. I was just thrilled to be seeing that on network TV. Maybe there's some panty lovers over at CBS too!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Art School Confidential

Hello panty lovers! The panty of the day is a Victoria's Secret full back bikini in a lovely shade of lavender. These panties, model number 137310_494, are made of 100 Rayon in the front panel and an 84/16 percent blend of Nylon and Lycra in the back. I bought these about four years ago and the elastic and overall build seems to be holding up well. These panties feature a pretty lace front panel crowned with a detailed little flower at the top center of the waistband (detail pic). The materials used are a little on the thick side making these panties feel a little stiff, but as I said, they do feel well made.

I watched the movie "Art School Confidential" on DVD over the last weekend. It was very entertaining in my opinion and worth a rental fee for any of you interested. There is a quick shot near the begining of the film where we get a nice panty upskirt peek. A father is dropping his daughter off at the art college, his daughter is going down the stairs, he is in the middle and at the top a coed has decided to bend over and tie her shoe. The coed is wearing a very short skirt, and since the camera is down the stairs, we get a great shot of her white panties. They looked like satin to my eye. The father's reaction is classic, kind of a muted excitement. Man, how I wish I could get more sights like that in real life! Last week I was at a training program (a one hour shorty), where I got a nice downpants from the blonde sitting next to me. She had on her low rise jeans and a "belly shirt" that shows just a little mid-drift, so when she bent forward, I got a nice eyefull of her panties. They were cotton, pink thongs, which are not my favorites, but I'm always glad to see some panties! Anyway, hope you all have been doing alright, I noticed that PM hasn't been around much lately.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

As Payback

Another day another panty! Today those panties are a pair of Victoria's Secret full back, double string bikinis model number 136505-682. These panties are constructed of an 81 percent nylon and 19 percent spandex blend and feature a beautiful lace front panel and a sheer back panel. The elastic in the waistband has held up quite well over the five or six year period that I've owned them. These have a cute little metal "V" attached to the front waistband (inset). The color is a warm bone or dark ivory.

A few years ago, on my way home from having some drinks with a friend, I noticed my neighbor's garage door was wide open. It was the middle of the night and their car was not in the garage, so I assumed they had gone on a trip and left the door open. Curiousity got the best of me and I parked my car and snuck in there to have a look. I should note that this neighbor is a real jerk, not someone I would ever choose to be friends with so in some way I guess I felt some form of payback was taking place with my being in his garage. In the back of the garage there was a small laundry area. My heart began to beat faster as the thought of panties being around popped into my head. I went and looked in the washer first, nothing was in there. Next I checked the dryer, but again, nothing. There was no laundry basket to be seen either. I was tempted to go up the stairs and try the door to the house, but I was way too chicken for that. Struck out. It would have been nice if I'd have found the wife's panties, then at least every time I felt angry about this neighbor's behavior I could think of those panties to cheer myself up.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

High School Memories

Welcome fellow panty enthusiasts! The panty of the day is a lovely Victoria's Secret high cut, full back panty model 108672-092 in virginal white. These feature a 54 percent nylon ans 46 percent lycra (spandex) blend in the back panel, so they are stretchy, yet firm. The material itself has a shimmery character to it which you can see somewhat in the picture (as always, click on it to zoom). The front has a very pretty lace pattern and is fully lined with an additional sheer fabric layer from the gussett to the waistband, a very nice touch which makes these feel like a higher quality product. This lining is very nice for male wearers since we can tend to get caught up, shall I say, in the lace at times. I seem to rememeber purchasing these about five years ago, but it could have been longer. Victoria's Secret still makes panties of this cut and style, but I'm not sure if they are exactly the same, have a look at their catalog or online store. The elastic seemes to be holding up quite well and to me these feel well made, another recommended panty for all you collectors!

I'm always brainstorming for ideas for this blog. Many times I think of something and then by the time I get around to posting, I've forgotten what it was I wanted to talk about. I do seem to have plenty of panty ideas floating about in my head, so hopefully you guys won't get bored of my postings any time soon.

Today's posting is about a girlfriend I had in high school. She was to me, cute, but average looking, although some guys found her much hotter than I did. She did have a great body. Most girls in high school seemed really skinny and underdeveloped. This girl however was what my friend would describe as "thick and juicy". She wasn't fat, but she was curvy, with a nice pair of breasts in the C to D cup size, firm and not saggy at all. We used to make love in her bedroom and I would get to see her living her life, getting dressed etc. Most of her panties were the more boring variety, but of course being a young high school male, I pretty much got horny seeing her in just about anything. She did have one pair of panties that still stick in my memory, a light rose, magenta colored nylon full back bikini. I used to get extra excited (if that's possible) when I'd see her in those. Looking back, I guess I was already a panty lover and must have formed opinions on what panties I liked more than others. I recall one particular time, when I had gotten her so excited that the crotch of those panties was literally soaking with her juices. A huge wet spot had made it's way through the materials and revealed itself on the outside of her panties, a big turn on for me. I pulled the crotch to the side and gave her some oral pleasure, then with the panties still pulled aside I entered her. Unfortunately, this caused a chaffing on my shaft, which somehow in the excitement I didn't notice. I never made that mistake again! She also used to have these really sexy "Teddies" which she would wear for me. In case you've never heard of them, teddies are like a lingerie leotard. I really used to love to see her in those, with the lacy material framing her breasts and going around the leg openings. I can remember one in particular which had these tiny snaps at the crotch. I used to get her so wet that the snaps would feel slick with her juices. We eventually parted ways, as I really didn't feel things were going anywhere between us. Thinking back, I wish I could have taken those panties for my collection.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Major Distraction

Welcome Panty Lovers! The panty of the day is a g string skirt bikini. These are a Mervyn's store brand which they didn't bother to give a name or model number to. I have noticed lately a lot of panties of this style around. That is, panties which have a skirt attached to them. An interesting concept to me, I couldn't resist buying these. They are very sexy in my opinion with their soft pink ruffles dangling from the waistband. Also, notice the delicate see through ruffle around the top of the waistband. The hip is split on the right side and is topped with a pretty bow and rhinestone at the waistband. I just love the way the bottom of the skirt area has that feminine ruffling edge to it. The whole skirt is a thicker see through material than what is above the waistband and has a cute heart pattern in it. I recommend these to any of you panty perverts who like the looks of them. These might be still available as I think I bought them about a year or so ago. I was spinning my wheels dating a girl which was going nowhere at all and these helped yours truly get through it all with a smile on my face.

Actually today's topic kind of comes from that final thought from the last paragraph. Basically, I have noticed a pattern to my panty insanity. I seem to use it as an escape mechanism. That is, when I start feeling really stressed out (from work or life), I start thinking about panties and sex. I'll look at porn on the internet or go to the store and buy panties. I guess in a way, panties really are a drug to me, a way to give my brain some relief from the pressures of reality. I'm glad that my addiction is controlable, legal and harmless to myself and others. I can really empathise with those people out there with much worse addictions as I can feel the power of my own compulsions. I can only imagine how hard it must be for someone with a drug habit. The best thing to do is never to try them in the first place, but I suppose that doesn't do any good for all those folks who are already hooked. I wonder if you guys (fellow panty enthusiasts), have used panties in a similar fashion as I have. I guess I should say, that I do enjoy panties on a regular basis, not just when I'm stressed. It is the trying times in life though that seem to bring out my addiction the worst. Most people are much more understanding of drug addicts than they are of panty perverts like me, but they should really be glad since I'm not a danger when I get behind the wheel of a car wearing panties!

Lost in Translation

Hello readers! The panty of the day is somewhat special to me. That's because it's a Natori, a brand I regard as higher end. This is my one and only Natori brand panty and is a full back bikini, model number 152006. These are one of my newer acquisitions and should be available in finer retailers like Nordstrom right now. They are constructed of 93 percent nylon and 7 percent spandex/lycra. The material is light yet sturdy feeling and the elastic feels delicate yet finely made. These are not the softest panties around, but I'd guess they are of a superior make and material than run of the mill brands. Time will tell if they hold up I suppose. They feature a very pretty lace pattern to the front and back panels as well as a delicate lace pattern at the leg and waistband openings. Highly recommended!

I finally got around to watching "Lost in Translation" the other evening on PM's recommendation. I liked the film in general although there were some strange parts to it that to me didn't make sense or add anything useful to the story. To my glee, I was surprised to find that the opening shot is a wonderful close up of Scarlett Johansson's see through panty clad posterior. I never used to find her attractive until I watched "The Island" about a year and a half ago. She looks spectacular in that film running around in skin tight white sweat pants (sorry to say VPL fans, without panties). At any rate, when PM recommended this film, I really wanted to see it. Even if the movie had sucked, which it didn't, I still would have enjoyed it for the panty material. I can whole heartedly recommend panty fans see it just for the Scarlett scenes alone.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Greetings Panty Lovers! The panty of the day is a Victoria's Secret thong model number 134-427-001. These are a well made pair of panties constructed of a thick 88 percent nylon, 12 percent lycra material that is a little on the hard side. These ivory or bone colored panties were purchased about six years ago if I recall right. The elastic is still very strong and stretchy. I guess these are technically a variation of the flutter thong although they are a tighter fit than the average flutter, so they don't float the way a flutter normally would. These feature a lovely eyelet lace pattern and a tiny rose detail on the front waistband. I think these are still around in one form or another if you collectors are interested in picking up a pair.

I seem to go through periods of panty hording. That is, I go a little crazy and buy a bunch of panties at once. I just went through one not too long ago where I bought about 3 garter belts and a bunch of panties. These panty binges are usually followed by a guilt period, where I would feel really bad about what I had done. This time however, thanks in large part to the support of my panty friends who read this blog, I don't really feel guilty about what I did. I know that I could have put the money toward something more constructive or practical, but I guess I'm finally embracing the fact that I just love panties and lingerie and since I'm not hurting anyone, there's no real reason to feel bad. If you were to ask any woman what characteristics she looks for in a man, "wearing panties" would not be on the list. I hope that whoever I end up marrying will enjoy my "hobby" as much as I do and encourage or at least indulge me. In the mean time, I will continue my panty fun! Of course, I will probably lay off the buying for a while again as I don't want to end up broke and I don't really have the room for more.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Another Fox Reference

The panty of the day is another from Victoria's Secret model number 132_424_050. They are full back, high cut bikinis in a light rose/ magenta color. Constructed of a Nylon and Spandex blend, they are very silky, stretchy and light. They feel thin and have a nice sheen to them. The details include a pretty lace pattern at the front waistband area. These were purchased about five years ago, if memory serves me right, and may actually be available still although perhaps not in this particular color. The elastic seems to be holding up well so far and they do appear to be well put together. I would recommend these to all you panty collectors out there.

Not sure if any of you happened to have caught the TV show "The Loop" on Fox. This show was cancelled unfortunately, due to low ratings. I thought it was kind of funny and had a chance to become better if the writers had more time. Basically it was about a young guy who was just out of college and working at an airline company in the business sector. He lives with his brother and a blond girl who was their friend. His brother is a party type who doesn't take anything seriously and the blond is a little short in the mental category. In addition there is a fourth regular character, another girl, but this one is smart. On one episode, the lead guy comes home to find the smart girl studying for a biology test. To help her study, his brother has drawn various organs on his body with a marker and is naked except that he is wearing the blond's bikini bottoms. The blond spots the brother in her bikini bottoms and comments "Is that what my butt looks like in those? Nice!". I definitely think there must be a panty nut over there at Fox on the writing staff. Hope he continues slipping panty references into the shows! Here's to you panty guy, whoever you are!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Sister

After a short recess, I'm back with a new posting...finally. I'm sure you guys didn't even miss me! The panty of the day today is a Victoria's Secret boyshort cut full back model number 163709_092. These are made of a Nylon and Lycra blend which feels disappointingly cotton like. On a positive note, they do feel well constructed with a heavy feel to the materials and a nice thickness. They feature a very pretty lace that goes around the leg openings and a slight shimmer to the waistband fabric. Some of you will like the seam going up the center of the back panel, I happen to like it myself. For once, these I believe are still available at Victoria's Secret, so if you like what you see, go on down and buy a pair while they're still around. I just picked these up recently, so they should be there still.

When I was still in college I was dating a pretty coed who was local to the university. I went to her family's home many times and today's story is about one such visit. I can't recall the reason for stopping by her family's home, but no one was there at the time. She had an older sister who was also quite cute, but not as pretty as my girlfriend. We went upstairs where her and most of the bedrooms were. While in her room, she decided to use the bathroom, which was out in the hall. Her sister's room was right next door and I decided to sneek in there while she was in the bathroom. There right on the floor was a lovely pair of blue nylon string bikini full back panties. Of course my heart was racing as I bent down to pick them up. It looked as though her sister had been home and changed clothes quickly, leaving her clothes on the floor. I brought the panites to my nose and inhaled her scent. The panties must not have been there long because her scent was very strong. Her feminine odor shot straight up my nose and into the deep core of my brain somewhere. It was an experience similar to what you might experience from a strong french mustard, not in smell, but in the way it almost burns the back of your brain. Anyway, I don't know why smelling a dirty pair of panties turns me on so much, but it does. I think that the smell of a vagina is some sort of mating call from nature that attracts men. I don't necessarily like to smell a dirty pussy, but something about smelling a dirty panty turns me on. Maybe it's because if my face is that close to a pussy, I'm usually licking it and putting my tongue in a smelly vagina is not a turn on to me. Anyway, the experience of smelling her panties is a memory that still turns me on. I ended up putting the panties back, as I didn't want to get caught (I made it back to my girlfriend's room before she came out of the bathroom). I actually had a second chance at those same panties later on as well. On another trip to the family home, I was using the downstairs bathroom and noticed the exact same pair of panties in the trash can. Being a panty aficionado, I recognized them immediately. I took them out and they were clean this time, but they had a hole on one of the butt cheeks. Unfortunately, my girlfriend commented to me on what a dweeb her sister was for putting her panties in the trash where people could see them. That killed any ideas I had about taking them.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Weekend

The panty of the day is a Classified brand (another Mervyn's store brand) flutter thong. These are constructed of 100 percent polyester and are very smooth and satiny. They feature a cute little bow at the top front waistband area and unelastisized leg openings that define the whole flutter category of panty. As I remember it, I think I liked these because of the tie dye pattern which I thought was really cute. I have two pair, the other being green and also tie dyed. These are from the late 90's and are falling apart now where the stiching has come off. The elastic is still in good shape, so they can probably be easily repaired by someone with decent sewing skills (not me). I plan to keep them around since they don't make these any longer. Oddly, for a person who loves the full back bikini so much, I seem to have a lot of thongs in my collection. I guess I don't descriminate against any style of panty, if I like it I will buy it. Actually, come to think of it, back in the mid to late 90's I thought thongs were really hot, but now that they are everywhere perhaps the shock value of them has worn off.

Wow, what a great weekend! The sun was shining and a light cool wind kept everything at just the right temperature. I went to a local beach on Sunday with a friend. Of course my eyes were scanning the beach non stop for beautiful girls. There were a few sights to see! One lovely woman had on white sweats which revealed her hot pink bikini bottoms. Such a wonderful site. On our way home, we both almost jumped out of our seats when a very pretty girl sat down on the curb next to her boyfriend at the bus stop. The wind was almost strong enough to lift her mini skirt up high enough to see her panties. Alas, it was not to be as the wind gave out just a little too soon. I could tell by my friend's reaction that he must be a closet panty freak like I am. That wasn't the only close opportunity either. We spotted another lovely putting her shopping bags in the trunk of her car. Her legs were long and tan and terminated somewhere under a tiny little dark green skirt which seemed to float in mid air. As she bent over to put her bags in, the skirt kept creeping higher and higher (in tandem with my blood pressure it seemed!). Once again, my evil plan of seeing her panties was foiled as the skirt was just long enough to cover her intimate wear. Dang it! Still, such an enjoyable experience it is to be tantalized by a woman that way. Then on Sunday night everything was capped off with a wonderful sight from TV of Eva Longoria in a lovely matching bra and panty set. I was lucky enough to be flipping through the channels and spotted a scene from Desparate Housewives where Eva was just finishing up after having sex with her boyfriend. She is hot!

Noticed that PF's blog is not there any more. Hope we see you again soon!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Party

Once again, my fellow panty blogger Ross has provided the inspiration for today's posting.

It was a Friday night as I remember, when a good friend called and told me he was going to a house party and that I was welcome to tag along. I've never been one to refuse a house party, since at the very least, there is almost always some cold beer at those things. Of course my real motivation for going was the fact that it's often easier, at least for me, to meet ladies at house parties. I'm not much of a pick up artist, I'm much too shy, but after a few drinks of bravery elixer, I usually do ok mingling with the ladies.

We joined several other friends and went to the party which was quite crowded with people. Unfortunately, it seemed most everyone there knew each other and were confined to their respective little groups. This made it hard to meet new people, so I pretty much just hung out with the friends I had come with.

After a few drinks I was ready to relieve myself so I headed for the bathroom. There were at least three or four people waiting to use it and my situation was getting to red alert status, so I decided to head upstairs to look for another bathroom. As I climbed the stairs, the amount of people thinned considerably until I reached the bedroom level (it was a loft), where there wasn't anyone around.

I found the bathroom and thankfully there was no one there so I was able to relieve myself immediately. I turned to wash my hands and noticed a wicker basket hamper in the corner next to the sink. My heart went suddenly into overdrive as my blood pressure rose and I could almost feel my pulse in my throat. Should I look? As any panty pervert will tell you, it's very hard to stop the compulsion, and so I really didn't get to choose.

I hadn't planned on looking for a hamper, this was just a chance happening, but here I was getting ready to look for panties. I saw my hand reach out and remove the lid. The room was fairly dark as it was lit only with candles, so I couldn't see that well. I was tempted to turn on the light, but was afraid people may have come and would notice the bright light, stupid I know, but I wasn't really thinking straight then anyway. There were some dirty clothes on the top of the pile and I remember feeling initially disappointed. Then I dug through the pile gently, trying not to disturb it too much so they wouldn't know what I'd done later. I reached around and BINGO, found a pair of gray panties! I examined them quickly, then stuffed them in my pocket. I tried putting the cloths back in the hamper so they looked like they hadn't been disturbed and replaced the lid. I opened the door, and luckily no one was there waiting to use the can, so I rechecked to make sure the panties weren't hanging out of my pocket and went back to the party. The panties kind of formed a lump in my pocket and I was worried one my friends would notice and ask what the heck was in there. No one noticed, or at least they didn't ask me about it. I didn't take them out until I had gotten back home later that night by which time I was pretty tired and drunk.

The next day, I felt bad that I had taken them, but was smitten with my new prize at the same time. This was one of the few times that I actually took panties from someone and was many years ago. I wonder if she ever noticed and if so, was she turned on knowing someone was out there getting off on her panties.

The panty of the day is, you guessed it, the same pair from that story. They are a microfiber nylon and cotton stretchy material, gray color thong by Maidenform. These I would file under the everyday comfort category. Even the color is not very exciting by my standards. A little glimpse of this person's daily life. They do seem to be well made and the elastic is still stretchy. BTW, I didn't know the hosts of the party although I vaguely recall my friend pointing her out from across the room at some point during the party. I know, bad boy, I still feel bad about having taken something, but in reality I doubt she ever missed them.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Progression

Aloha panty lovers! The panty of the day is a vintage Maidenform hipster in a pastel mint green color. These are style number 40214 and I believe are 100 percent Nylon although I couldn't find it on the tag. These are very old, from the seventies I think and are a highly prized part of my collection. They have a very smooth and light feel to them and believe it or not, the elastic is still stretchy! They have wonderful lace edging around the leg and waist openings. The picture didn't really capture the color very well, but try to imagine a pale pastel green. I actually own two pairs of these, the other is a white pair. The picture also looks a little yellow around the crotch, but although these are in fact used panties, they are the same pastel color all over, not pee stained yellow (sorry to diasappoint you PM). If you find these on Ebay or somewhere, I recommend that you snap them up immediately, you won't regret it.

I have been collecting panties for a long time now. I also have been buying garter belts and stockings for quite a while now too. In fact, I have a good amount of garter belts, but I've never really bought anything beyond those particular items. Recently I received a new piece of lingerie. It's a nylon half slip with a lacy trim. I'm not sure what triggered the thought in me, but while browsing the lingerie, it suddenly occured to me that a nylon slip would probably feel fantastic against my skin. Well the good news is that I was absolutely right! If you have never tried one of these, you owe it to yourself to get one. It's hard to describe, but imagine the silky feel of panties, loosely enveloping your sensitive skin in a yard of material. The feeling is amazing. The ladies have been keeping this to themselves, but the cat is out of the bag now, go get yourself a slip, you'll love it.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Story for PF

The following is a little tale I wrote for my compatriot in panties The Panty Fiend. He recently posted a very nice picture of his wife's delicious butt and asked people to write in and tell him what they'd do to her. Being the horn dog that I am, I seem to have gotten caried away! Anyway, I really don't know what PF will think of all this, hopefully he and all of the rest of the readers here will enjoy it. Note to PF, if you feel this is inappropriate, I will be happy to remove the story.

It's the Nymph's birthday and the Panty Fiend has a special evening at home planned. The living room is softly lit with candles and a gentle fragrance floats in the air. He hands her a delicately wrapped box, it's beautiful, almost too beautiful to open. She looks at it for a moment, trying to take a picture of it in her mind. Inside, there is soft tissue paper, she pulls it aside to find pretty new lingerie. They both know how much she loves lingerie. PF tells her to put on her new things, as there is something more to come. She's already feeling heated in anticipation of her surprise.

"This is hot, honey, what have you got in mind?” she asks him as she secures the hooks on her new bra.

"Remember what we talked about that time we made it in the car?"

"Yeah! but I couldn't, I mean I can't do that!"

PF watches her slowly pulling her new silky stockings up one long leg then the other.

"You can and you will, and you're going to like it, I've got someone who's perfect for the job too."

Nymph can hardly control her excitement, she's not yet sure if this is a joke or real, is PF testing her, she doesn't know. She decides to play along imagining it's a game.

"So, you've got someone waiting to come in here and fuck me?"

"That's right, it's someone you don't even know, I checked him out, he's clean, no disease or drug use, good looking with a great body too".

"Oh, he's not gonna want to fuck me, he doesn't even know me." she replies, pulling her new panties up over her new garter belt.

"Did I mention that he reads my blog everyday and that I've been sending him pictures of you, nude pictures?"

"Oh my lord! Please tell me you didn't do that, I'm so embarrassed!"

"There's no need to be embarrassed honey, I even send him your used panties to enjoy, he says he loves your scent...and flavor".

"Oh god, you didn't do that, please tell me you didn't".

"Oh, and he's not the only one either, there's a whole group of guys with your used panties stroking their hard cocks right now."

Her initial shock was now turning to excitement as Nymph's mind began to imagine all those hard cocks waiting to fuck her. There are legions of men were out there, smelling her personal scent and pleasuring themselves.

"Hard cocks, waiting to fuck me? Guys cumming to pictures of me?"

"Yes, lots and lots of guys, pumping gallons of cum to your pictures, smelling your pussy while they're cumming."

"Oh, baby, don't say that, you know how much that excites me!"

"I know baby, I want you to be excited. I want you all hot and horny because I wasn't kidding, I really have someone here to fuck you."

Nymph doesn't know what to do, she's so nervous at the thought.

"I can't do this baby, I can't"

PF hugs her tightly, "Sure you can baby, we've been talking about this for a long time, this is something we both want."

"Are you sure? I don't know."

"Don't worry baby, you're gonna thank me later"

She reaches down to PF’s crotch and feels his panty covered hard prick through his trousers. “I guess he’s okay with this after all”, she thinks to herself.

PF asks her if she's ready and she nods yes. "Turn around then baby and face the wall, your surprise is coming." She turns, and over her shoulder asks one last time, "Are you sure about this honey?” He doesn't answer, just walks away quietly. She hears him talking to someone in the hall just outside the door. They're speaking in hushed tones and she can't make out what's said. Nervous excitement rushes through her body.

She hears the door close behind her. "Honey, is that you?"

A deep masculine voice sounds out, "No, honey's gone out for while, but he's left you in good hands."

Nymph begins to turn around, but the voice stops her, "NO, don't turn around". She turns back facing fully toward the wall. I reach into my pocket and pull out a small soft cloth. Then I walk over to her and tell her to close her eyes. I run my hands through her hair several times, then gently blindfold her.

Nymph is incredibly turned on. You see this has been an ongoing fantasy for her, something that came out during lovemaking with her husband. It turned him on too and he could hardly wait to make her fantasy come true. Even though she felt a little guilty, she knew PF was behind her all the way and was really going to enjoy hearing what happened later. She decides to give herself fully to the stranger and relaxes.

From behind her, I slowly run my warm hands up and down her body being careful to avoid her nipples and pussy. She's going wild after several minutes of this, her hips unconsciously making little circular gyrations and pelvic thrusts. She feels my breath on the nape of her neck, tickling those soft feminine hairs that I love. I kiss her neck softly, slowly. Her breasts heaving up and down as she gasps for air. Her legs are parted in the hopes that my hands find thier way to her moist pussy. She's pleading for me to rub her cunt, grinding her ass on my hard cock, which now has left a sticky streak of precum on the back of her panties. The friction is marvelous as her ass cheeks form a warm bun for my cock to glide in.

I guide her over to the couch and stop to admire her body. She's nude except for her lacy white demi bra and full back bikini panties with a matching garter belt and back seamed stockings. The bra is barely covering her nipples, which are very hard and semi visible through the sheer lacy fabric. I turn her around and kneel in front of her. She feels the warmth of my face as it nears her tender flesh, but never quite touches her. Goosebumps form on her skin as she listens to me inhaling her pussy scent.

"Mmmm, your pussy smells good baby. Your husband told me it would. Did he tell you what a bad boy he's been? He's been sending me your pictures for months, teasing me, telling me that I can come over to fuck you. He even sends me your panties...your USED panties." Nymph is going crazy with excitement hearing this.

Her mind is picturing all those hard cocks out there ready to spurt hot cum. "Did you like the pictures he sent? Did you cum to my scent?"

"Oh yes baby, my cock gets hard when I smell you."

I remove her bra and her magnificent breasts hang free. She feels vulnerable and it's exciting to her. I stand up and hold her tightly, my hands glide down her back and over her ass. She gasps as I knead the flesh of her firm butt, softly yet strongly. Then she feels my hands on her hips, my hands gently stroke her skin through the silky fabric of her panties. "Mmmm, so smooth...your pussy's smooth too, I know because your husband sends me pictures of it. Why don't I take a look and make sure". I kneel down and pull the crotch of her panties aside, "Look at that, I just knew it was bald as an eagle, I really like that when a pussy is bald like that…and wet. Are you hot baby, do you want me to take off your panties?”

My warm breath on her exposed vagina is driving her wild and she bucks her pelvis forward toward my mouth in a desparate attempt at some contact.

"Is that your way of telling me you want your panties off?"

She feels my fingers slip under the silky material of her panties as I grasp the waistband and remove her sopping wet panties, slowly and gently pulling them down over the curve of her ass and sliding smoothly over her silky stockings.

I stand up and hold her tightly as she instinctively presses her body against my hard cock.

I turn her around so her butt is facing me.

"Now, would you bend forward for me sugar?" Her hands reach out trying to feel her way, and she discovers she's right at the couch. "Why don't you bend over that couch there and stick that pretty ass of yours out for me?"

Nymph bends over the armrest, her face buried in the cushion. I place her freshly removed panties on the cushion so her face is in them, pausing to take a whiff of her scent before doing so.

"Smell yourself", I tell her, and she breathes her own scent in deeply.

I tell her to spread her ass cheeks open and she reaches back and opens up wide. Her pussy is now dripping wet and I still haven't even touched her there yet. I hear her moaning and purring softly, trying to get me to touch her.

She begs, "Please touch me, please".

I tell her to tell me what she wants, "Do you want me to fuck you?”

"Oh yes, please fuck me" she says, almost in tears.

"Maybe I should lick your pussy, it looks very wet, are you hot baby?"

"Oh yes, I'm so very hot, I need you, I need your tongue, I need your cock."

"You need my tongue and cock to do what?"

"I need your tongue to lick my pussy."

"You mean, your wet hole?"

"Yes to lick my wet hole."

"I'll only lick you if you tell me you'll be my whore forever."

"Oh yes, I promise, I'll be your personal whore forever and ever."

"Forever and ever?"

"Yes, forever and ever, I promise, I promise".

"Alright, I'll lick your little cunt baby, spread it open nice and wide now, show me how much you want me".

"Oh, I want you SO bad baby, I want you to lick me and fuck me so bad".

She practically screams in ecstasy as I run my hands from her shoulders, down her back, over her hands holding her ass cheeks wide open, down to her ankles and back up, ending with my warm wet kisses on her pussy.

"Oh, that feels SO good, please lick me, please lick my pussy". I give her a good tongue lashing using every trick in the book. My tongue tracing her slit up and down, stopping to make little circles around her clit, then back to her hole where I make a few more circles. She's going crazy with lust and it's all too much for her to take when I insert my finger into her sopping wet womanhood. She screams out, arching her back, wet panties clinging to her face as she cums hard. Her face crashes back into the soft cushion of the couch.

She's still quivering gently, basking in the afterglow of her orgasm when I insert my rock hard cock into her wet cunt. She lets out a scream and tenses at the sudden sensation. As if a light switch had been thrown somewhere inside of her she is instantly back in the game, meeting my every thrust by shoving her ass back toward me. My balls slap her clit and she loves the feeling.

"I told you to spread that ass,” I say and she reaches back and spreads her cheeks open again. "Who do you want to fuck you?”

"You, oh baby, I want you fucking me, I want you to fuck all my holes".

With that I pull out and stand her up, my cock riding her ass crack. I turn her around and guide her to her knees. I trace her lips with the head of my circumcised cock, gently circling her mouth, leaving a pussy juice lip gloss behind. She pleads with me to let her lick and suck it. I tease her for a short while then give in and she immediately goes to work. She grasps my cock at the base to hold it steady and licks the head just under the pee slit. Then she runs her tongue up and down the underside of the shaft. My whole body is tingling as she takes my cock in her mouth. I feel it slip down the back of her throat. The friction is amazing and hearing her slurping and watching her pretty little face sucking my cock is almost too much to take.

"That's it baby, suck it good, lick your own pussy juice off of it. Tastes good doesn't it baby?"

My words are driving her mad with lust and she feels like she just can't get enough of my cock.

I fondle her breasts and nipples as I watch her head bobbing up and down on my cock as she uses her free hand to play with her pussy and clit.

I stop her before I cum.

"I want more of that sweet pussy".

I lay her back over the armrest of the couch and continue my oral assault on her pussy. She begins to moan again loudly as I finger and tongue her.

"You want that cock inside again baby"?

"Oh yes, please give me that cock, I need that cock".

"You gonna fuck me good"?

"Oh yes, I'll fuck you good, I promise, I'll fuck you so good".

"You gonna show me what a slut you are"?

"Yes, I'm a slut, I'm your slut to fuck anytime you want, to use as a cheap fuck toy."

With that I can hold back no longer and I slip my cock back in her. I grab her hips and slam it in rough and hard.

"Play with your tits while I fuck you."

She diddles her clit with one hand while the other is tweaking her own nipples.

"Oh, that feels sssooo ggg ggg gggoood baby", she screams, barely able to get the words out.

"Are you gonna cum for me baby"? I ask.

"Oh yes, I'm almost there, almost there, oh!”

I thrust into her quickening my pace and she meets me, keeping perfect rhythm. She knows I'm about to cum now, and she tells me she wants my load inside her.

"Fuck me hard baby, cum inside, I want your cum inside my pussy" she screams.

Her words push us both over the edge into complete white blinding bliss and my cock swells and then pulses as gob after gob of my cum shoots deep into her convulsing pussy. I collapse on top of her, completely spent. Our sweat lubricates our glistening bodies. We kiss, deeply, passionately, our tongues intertwining with one another.

She reaches for her blindfold, but I stop her with my hand. I quietly leave the room. She'll never know who I was, or when her husband will arrange for my return.