Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Greetings fellow panty enthusiasts! The panty of the day is a full back, see through, Victoria's Secret bikini in royal blue. These are model number 130-617-078, constructed of 80 percent Nylon and 20 percent Spandex. They are kind of stiff to the touch, but not rough, with a good strong elastic that feels like it will last a long time. These feature a full back panel with no seams and since they're transparent, they give a great view of the caboose, but without revealing too much. The front panel has a beautiful flower embroidery over the same see through material. The leg and waist openings are all finished with a tiny castle keep pattern. I bought these about three years ago and I don't think they are available any longer.

I often find myself using my spare time to search the internet for panties in some form. Either I'll look for pictures of lovely ladies in panties or I'll check the online stores for bargains or new panties (or just browse). While I would not categorize myself as being obsessed with panties, I definitely do enjoy thinking about and looking at panties. In my youth, I was pretty much like any other guy, I would get aroused by pictures of the nude female figure. Now that I'm a little older, I find myself getting just as excited about panties as I used to about a naked woman. Of course the biggest thrill for me is seeing a woman in her lingerie and nude at the same time. For example if she were to pull her panties to the side and expose herself, you get the idea. Perhaps I'm turned on because to me the lingerie accentuates the femininity of the female form. I guess my personal motivations will always be somewhat of an enigma, avoiding my categorizations and definitions.

Monday, August 28, 2006


Hello panty lovers! I'm back after a crazy few days; not crazy in a bad way, just pretty busy. Now for the panty of the day. Today's panty is a Victoria's Secret brand tap panty in a green tea color, model number 169223-087. These are made of 55 percent Nylon and 45 percent Rayon. They are very light and soft with a wonderful smooth texture to everything including the lacy parts. As you can see, the front and back feature a seam running up the middle. These also have a really beautiful pattern to the lace which is on a very sheer mesh. The leg openings have a scalloped pattern around them which follows the lacy pattern, no elastic, very nice. Unique features are the ribbons which hang down from the side of the waistband at the hips, where there is a split which runs down. In fact they are completely split and can be fastened or unfastened at the waistband where there is a small metal clasp on each side. I really love these panties and highly recommend them to any avid (or rabid) panty collector. Once again, I must report that these are about a year or two old and are not available directly from Victoria's Secret as far as I know. I'm not sure if the ribbons are intended to be tied together in a bow or if they are just supposed to hang there as decoration. In either configuration, they look great and add a lot of charm to the panty. If you are in the know about the ribbons and how they are used correctly, please do write and let all of us know here.

Ross' excellent blog has once again provided my subject matter for today's posting. I was actually going to mention this on another day, but today seems as good as any and fits with the theme over at the Top Drawer. The TV show "That 70's Show" must have at least one panty collector on the writing staff. I say this because in addition to the clip on Ross' blog, I remember when the show was first starting out, there was an episode where Eric and Kelso are in the basement and Kelso wants to steal Eric's sister's panties from the laundry. I think Eric asked him what he was going to do with them or something, but I can't remember what the answer was. I think he may have just said he didn't know, but he wanted them. I seem to remember Kelso having fantasies about Eric's sister giving him her panties or busting him with them too. Help me out if you can rememebr. Ah, I hope there is a panty lover over there and that he or she finds another gig on a top rated show where we can see more panty content slipped in for our enjoyment.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


The panty of the day is a Frederick's of Hollywood thong, model number 7009, in white with pink accents. These are made of 100 percent nylon and are very light. The front panel is made of a soft lace with the waistband and back panels made of a sheer material. The front has a nice pink ribbon detail which runs up from the gussett to the waistband where it terminates in a cute little bow of the same material and color. The waistband and back panels are trimmed with a frilly lacy material over the elastic, with the front panel being without elastic (somewhat flutter like). I bought these around Y2K or so and they are no longer available. These are another highly recommended item as they have held up well over the years, I'm sure all you panty lovers will enjoy them!

Today, I'd like to respond to our small panty community who so kindly commented on my posting yesterday. I can't tell you all how much your friendship and support means to me. I actually feel like we are a family with a similar love for panties. I meant what I said yesterday, you guys have really helped me to feel good about myself and come to terms with my fetish. I couldn't have had a better surprise waiting for me when I read your comments today! Thank you all so much, I'm lucky to have you all!

I was thinking last night about a time some years ago when I was watching late night TV. I think it was the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Billy Bob Thornton was a guest. Anyway, Jay actually asked Billy Bob about rumors that he wears panties. He said that it was true, and that one time he was working out a hotel he was staying at and there was a sports celebrity working out there too. He said that the guy gave him a funny look and nodded at his waistband. When Billy Bob looked down at his waistband his panties were peeking out with a little bow showing. He said he just shrugged and said they were his wife's and the guy just shrugged back. At the time Billy Bob was still married to Angelina Jolie. Man, that would be a dream come true to get to wear her panties!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Feeling Great

The Panty of the Day is a Victoria's Secret low rise see through semi boy leg bikini in bright pink, model number 158809-675. These are very light and are made of a nylon and spandex blend. The front is made of a sheer lace material with a flower pattern while the back is a transparent material, but not as sheer as the front lace. It has a lovely seam that goes up the center of the back panel and terminates at the waistband with an embroidered rose. This rose is not the typical type you'd see, but is very well done and detailed, so for that reason, I included an inset photo of it for all you panty worshipers. Also, you can see in the photos the filly fringe material outlining the leg and waist openings. These panties were purchased perhaps a year or two ago and are no longer available.

Today, I want to write about how this blog has affected me personally since I have been posting on a regular basis. I used to feel very ashamed and afraid of my panty compulsions. Afraid mostly because I never wanted anyone to know about it. I guess some part of me felt like a complete weirdo freak. Even though inside I knew that I am a good person at my core and would never harm others and always try to be respectful and thoughtful, I still felt defective in some way. Posting here has been a positive outlet for me and has given me a chance to sort my thoughts and be much clearer about who I am as a whole person. Posting has also taught me not to take panties too seriously either, but instead to enjoy my compulsions and have fun with it like a hobby. Another important aspect of being here has been the comraderie of my fellow panty enthusiasts like Ross, PM and the PFiend. You have taught me that there are lots of normal guys out there who enjoy panties (each in various ways). I guess being a panty freak, I assumed that perhaps I was doomed to be part of a group of losers and wierdos, but the reality is that while there are those kinds of people out there, we as a community are a microcosm of the rest of society as a whole. In other words, there are weirdos, but there are also regular people out there too. I am still shy about being a panty lover, and would never go around telling people about it, but I do feel much better about myself. I thank you faithful readers and fellow panty enthusiasts for making my world a better place.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Pop Media

Greetings panty lovers! The panty of the day is a Victoria's Secret tanga model 159028_V92 in white. These are made of mostly nylon with about a 20 percent blend of polyester and spandex and are very light. The material itself is pretty soft and has an elastic quality to it so it stretches around those curves nicely. These are about a year and half to two years old and I do not think are available any longer. They feature a really beautiful pattern in the lace and a pretty scalloping around the waistband. The crotch area is pretty thin in width, almost like a thong, but because the waist area is thicker, it follows the curves much better than a thong would. The leg openings have a thin trim all around them, very classy. If you can find some, pick them up. They seem well made and would make a great addition to your collection.

I was reading the latest issue of Maxim today and just relishing all the picutres of the beautiful girls in panties. Eva Longoria is featured and she looks absolutely ravishing in her tiny little panties. There is also a great pictorial of NFL cheerleaders in the same issue. One standout to me was the Tampa Bay Bucs girl in the see through white panties! Love it! All that made me think of how Maxim and FHM have really taken over the young adult male magazine category. These magazines really cater to the panty and lingerie enthusiasts out there. I used to buy Panty Play magazine, but I stopped because I felt a lot of the content wasn't really geared to my tastes as a panty lover. I think if Maxim and FHM would go just a little farther toward the Playboy side it would be perfect. Of course a big part of their allure is the fact that they draw big named stars to pose because the photos are not so riske. I suppose they'd lose some of those celebrities if they went more racey. Publishers, are you listening, there's room for another FHM style mag out there.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Hello Panty Lovers! Today's panty is a Private Luxuries brand (Mervyn's store brand) thong in off white/bone color, model number RN 79700. They are made of 100 percent polyester and are very silky and well made. These panties are a copy of a Frederick's of Hollywood panty (of which I also own a pair). Strangely, these copies are actually better made and have a silkier and softer fabric than the real ones. I'm not sure, perhaps someone else out there knows if they are both a copy of a Victoria's Secret panty? At any rate, these feature a very nice lace pattern framing the leg openings. I guess these fall under the flutter category although they are a little less fluttery than the usual panty of that style in that they seem to fit a bit tighter. They feature a cute little bow at the front of the waistband. These were some of my favorites back when they were new and I still like them a lot. These were bought way back in the mid or late 90's and are no longer available. The construction of them seems to be very good and the elastic is still in great condition.

After reading Panty Fiend's comment of the poor quality of FoH panties, I got to thinking about quality of various brands I have in my own collection. I have bought panties from the same company, which have vastly different quality in material and construction. I suspect that panty makers offer products to other companies or stores, who then just apply their names to those panties. I will say that I do own lots of Frederick's of Hollywood panties and many are of good quality. I really loved their satin string bikinis that they used to carry. I would have thought those would be a staple item as they seemed to be classic panties in a sexy material and cut. I for one would still be getting more of them if they still carried them. One company that I feel has a consistently high quality to their products is Victoria's Secret. They seem to have a great bunch of designers over there who are ahead of the curve and who pick wonderful colors and materials. The quality of the fabric always feels above average. They can be a bit pricey, but I think it's justified given the build quality.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dresser Drawers

Greetings Panty Lovers! Today's panty is a Partners brand (Mervyn's store brand) full back bikini. These are made of 87 percent Nylon and 13 percent Lycra and Spandex blend and are well made. The material is kind of stiff and thick compared to your average nylon panty. Nice details on these is the dual straps on the waistband hip area. If you look carefully, the straps have no material between them so they have a kind of sexy vibe to them. Also of interest is the material itself. It has a kind of glittery sheen to it with little sparkles on or in it. I haven't figured out if this is some sort of coating or if it's actually part of the material itself. The elastic is quite strong feeling and has a nice pull to it. These are model number RN-48557 and sorry to say, but once again these are discontinued and are no longer available. These panties are the store brand equivalent of the Victoria's Secret versions of the same panty, which also are not around any more. I think the VS ones had a softer material, but also featured that sheen with the sparkles.

Having seen the neatly folded panty collections of Ross and the Panty Fiend, I feel a little emabarassed to admit that my panties are merely stuffed in my dresser drawer. I've often dreamed of dedicating more real estate in the dresser for panties, but it's just not practical since I already am short on room. I've thought about folding them neatly away, but I have so many that the task would take forever and would probably be for nothing as one dig through the pile would mess the whole thing up anyway. I've had the pleasure of going through a few panty drawers (that weren't my own) over the years, and it seems that most women don't do a much better job than me in their panty storage. I think every one I've seen has just been a drawer with a bunch of unfolded panties, or at most just laid flat on top of each other. Funny thought always pops in my head while I'm eyeing the lovely panties; I think to myself that I have a much larger and sexier collection of panties than any woman I've ever known! I imagine as my collection continues to grow that fact will get even more true! Well maybe someday if I meet the right girl, I can get rid of all my briefs and switch to panties full time, that would free up some room in the dresser!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Museum

The Panty of the Day today is a Victoria's Secret tap panty in black lace. These are made of 66 percent nylon and 33 percent rayon and are very light and airy. They feature a couple of really cute details, one being the large black satin bow on the front left waistband and the second is the tiny white bow printed on the back left cuff area above the leg opening. This second bow is visible in the shot as I folded the back corner over. The side hip area is split up to about an inch and a half of the waist band. These are no longer available as far as I know and were purchased maybe two years ago. I know a lot of guys don't find tap panties to be sexy, but I really like them a lot.

I usually travel with friends, so I haven't had much opportunity to travel shop for panties, but it has happened. On one business trip I took, I was sharing a room with a coworker and several others were staying in the same place (all men). I convinced them to go to the Fredrick's of Hollywood Lingerie Museum with me in nearby Hollywood. Didn't take much to get them in there though, guess most guys have interest in panties! Not sure if any of you readers have been there, but if you are in the area, it's worth a gander. The museum, at least when I saw it, was more like a large display, with lingerie worn by famous old time celebrities and such. It's free to see and is a great excuse to go into the store and browse the panties and lingerie while you're there (for the wife or girlfriend of course...wink wink). I really have been a fan of Frederick's stores since I discovered one in the mall a long time ago. Recently, I haven't felt compelled to buy anything there though. I just don't care for the current selection of panties. I will however always return to their stores with the hopes that they have something for me to buy. I know that Victoria's Secret must have really cut into their business, so I'm hoping there's room enough in the lingerie industry to support lots of panty makers!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Early Recollections

Today's panty of the day is a flirty Frederick's of Hollywood model RN 73120. These are flutter full back bikinis in wedding white. Notice the flutter panels on the front waistband to leg opening areas. The flutter material is slightly transparent with the rest of the panty being contructed of a satin material made of polyester. These are very silky and smooth. A special detail is the cute little bow at the top center of the front waistband. Unfortunately, these were discontinued long ago. I beleive these were purchased in the late nineties.

This morning I was thinking about panties as I sometimes do. I was trying to remember my earliest recollection of panties or lingerie that were of a sexual nature. The earliest memory I could come up with was seeing the movie "Cabaret" on TV when I was a kid. I remember there was a scene where Liza Minnelli is performing on stage in her lingerie with other women. I think that perhaps this sight somehow registered as sexual to me at the time despite the fact that I was only a little kid. Anyway, I do remember being excited that there was a lady dancing around in her underwear.

The other early memories I have are of an old Playboy that I took from the corner drug store. They had a magazine rack near the front door and I remember stuffing the Playboy under my shirt and running home, my heart racing faster than my feet. There were some nice photos in there of beautiful ladies in lingerie and nude in a soft focus. I remember a shot of a girl in a french chair wearing lingerie and a pearl necklace, her legs parted and her breasts bared, her head was leaned back and to the side and her eyes were closed as if she were fantasizing something.

Now that I think of it, I really don't remember the first time I saw a Playboy. I had a friend who's dad's collection we unearthed in their garage one afternoon. That was a thrilling discovery. Then I rememeber another time when my buddy found a Penthouse somewhere and we were sitting around his backyard looking at it and reading the forum stories. There was one story from a woman and I remember reading about how he entered her with his fingers and my friend and I were quite baffled by this sentence. We had no clue what she was talking about! Anyway, those are the early recollections from my youth, the seeds of my future sexuality.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Save Those Receipts

Today's Panty is a Vanity Fair full back high cut in a goldish color. They are a nylon and spandex blend, with 80 something percent being nylon. They are well constructed and have strong elastic, which feels like it will last a long time. The material itself is somewhat thick, but silky feeling with a medium weave to it. They feature a pair of pretty lace inserts on the front hip area that you can see in the pic. These panties fall under the classic catergory and I beleive are still available, although I did purchase them quite a few years back. These get another recommendation for you panty perverts to add to your collections.

It occurred to me that because panty perverts seem to get caught and outted once in a while that you should keep your reciepts when you buy panties, that way you can prove ownership of your collection. I can imagine how much pleasure the cops would have putting you on TV and saying you stole all those panties and women with missing panties should come forward or something. I really feel sorry for those poor bastards who get caught stealing panties. Heck I could be one of them too, but I resist that sort of behavior as I know it's extremely risky and not worth the price. If you really want used panties, get them online. There must be hundreds, if not thousands of girls online to get panties from. Plus, as I've said in the past, there is definitly a thrill or high that I get from being in the lingerie department. I do get quite a thrill out of carefully selecting panties and watching the reactions of the ladies working or shopping. The naughtier they think I am, the dirtier their own minds must be! Anyway, it's a wonderful experience to go down to the store and feel the delicate panties with your hands and look through all the new styles. Well, anyway, I don't have all my reciepts, but I did save enough that I think I'd be able to prove they were my own panties legitimately.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pic of the Day

The panty of the day is a Bali high cut, full back brief with pretty lace trim around the waist. Sadly the elastic in the lace is getting a little loose, but the other parts of the panty seem to be holding up fine. These I would categorize as falling under the classic line of panties, that is they should always be around for purchase. I think I bought these at least 5 years ago and I'm pretty sure they are still around. They are style 2337 in a tan/nude color and are made of a very nice, light and silky nylon. They are extremely comfortable and sexy feeling. I recommend these to all you panty collectors. I suspect that many of you probably already have a pair of these and recognize them.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Hello readers! Hope you all had a good weekend! Today I thought I'd post a pic for PM, a regular reader and poster here at the Bad Side. When I saw this pic, it made me think of you right away since you write about pee panties a lot. Anyway, these look like cotton full backs, which aren't my favorites, but are looking pretty good here. Too bad the panties aren't nylon, that would have been the best! Speaking of wet panties, I have a DVD I got some years ago titled Wet Cotton Panties. Some of the girls are pretty cute, but I have to say the panty content is pretty much a let down. The cameraman missed some really great shots. In one scene they have the girl sit in a lawn chair with those plastic straps going across that you sit on. The camera gets down low, but what the viewer sees is the pee leaking down through the straps. What they should have done was have the girl sit on the edge of the seat with her pretty legs spread. Then we would have been treated to a close up of her pee leaking through her panties. Anyway, I think I bought this DVD mainly because it had the word Panties in the title and to that end, it rates pretty low.

Friday, August 04, 2006

One For the Road

Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Rising Costs of Collecting

Today's Panty Pic of the Day is a wonderful pair of Partner's brand English Lace briefs. The material is similar to Victoria's Secret English Lace that was carried a few years ago, in fact these are the copy cats of the VS brand. It's a stretchy and somewhat thick lace material made of nylon I think. Partner's is another of Mervyn's store brands. These panties have the same material front and back with a cotton liner in the gusset area. They are a lovely lavender color. I also have a bright green and powder baby blue pair which are pretty much exactly the same (I'll post pictures some other time). The style number is RN 48557. These are no longer available and were purchased in the late 90's.

I have to admit, Victoria's Secret really does have a lot of wonderful panties and keeps their styles fresh. They seem to be a leader in the lingerie field. I would buy more panties there, but they are a little too pricey. I used to go to Frederick's of Hollywood, but the last couple of times I was in there, I didn't see anything particularly innovative or sexy. I hope they hire some new designers as I would hate to see that brand go broke. VS panties are usually very well made too. The materials they use seem to be good quality and the construction is usually good as well.

I saw some really sexy panties online by a company named Spoylt. They have some really special panties in designs that I've never seen before. Unfortunately, they are extremely expensive, as in $80 to over $100 a pair! This is WAY too far out of my price category, but wow, they were very sexy. Below is an example of one of their panties. I think they have some really great stuff and am hoping to add some to my own collection someday. Their website is: http://www.spoylt.com/Common/frmHome.aspx

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Movies

The panty of the day is a white Warners Little Hugs Nylon and Cotton blend stretch lace panty style 55649. As you can see they are a full cut style with a lacy trim around the leg and waist openings. The material is stretchy and follows curves very nicely and is soft against the skin (although not the softest lace I've ever felt), the flowery lace trim is also soft. They are a nice thickness and allow the skin tones and shadows to come through the fabric well, and the lace has a cute flower/star pattern in it. These I bought maybe two years ago or so and at the time were pretty popular and widely available. I have not seen these on any of my panty forays recently, so they may be gone from the stores. Hope you like them.

I love to see a nice butt crack through panties, there's something very exciting to me about seeing everything and seeing nothing at the same time, it's like a tease or appetizer before the main course. I really like sheer panties as well. I find it extremely sexy to see soft female flesh through the panty material, be it nylon, lace, acetate, or what have you.

As an avid panty lover I am always checking out panty web sites. You can always tell if the people running it are true panty lovers or just some sleaze trying to take advatage of us panty fetishists. The telling sign is always the pictures themselves. Panty people seem to enjoy looking at panties from certain angles. I hear panty folk always talking about the gusset, a word that probably is causing a few erections just from reading it here. Most people wouldn't know what the heck a gusset is, but a panty pervert knows of and loves the gusset. Panty people are varied in their tastes and I feel this is mostly due to the fact that panty fashion has changed rather rapidly in recent years. I think for many years the nylon briefs were the only thing around, so a lot of guys associated these with sex and femininity, think Betty Page. Then at some point the bikini style became popular and again a new generation of perverts became attached to this style. The panties still continue to shrink and now that the thong is king, I'm sure all the younger guys forming their sexuality are bonding with images of thong clad beauties.

I love the way panties hug a girls curves. The soft, smooth material shimmering and glamorous against perfumed skin. When I watch movies, mainstream or adult, I always look for a great panty scene. Almost always, the scene is too short. In adult films the girl usually removes her panties way too quickly. In mainstream films, we usually only get a quick glimpse of the panties. Not sure if any of you have seen "The Human Stain" starring Anthony Hopkins, but there is a scene in there where his girlfriend removes her clothes and we are treated to her wonderful old style bra and full panties (it supposed to be the 40's if I remember right). In another film, I think it was Body Double, I remember the main character following a beautiful woman (Melanie Griffith, I think) he'd been watching through a telescope. She throws her used panties in a trash can and he digs them out and pockets them. Or in The Crush, the star enters Alicia Silverstone's bedroom while she is showering and finds her used panties on the ground, he kind of nudges them with his foot, almost as if to say he'd want to pick them up and take them so badly, but he resists the temptation. Seeing references to panties in mainstream film makes me think that there must be lots of panty fetishists around hiding in the closets. How about you readers? Do you have a favorite film, mainstream or adult, with a panty scene in it?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Tale of Two Panties

Today, I thought I'd entertain you readers with a little story from my past. When I first got out of college, I was pretty much broke and not making a lot of money. A buddy hooked me up with his buddy for a room to rent. The place was not in the greaetest neigborhood and didn't have much parking, not really too much going for it other than cheap rent that I could afford. Anyway, the owner/roomate was a cool guy who a few months after I moved in got a permanent girlfriend. She was pretty cute and a little thick with a nice butt. Well, I knew once he was together with a chick, it would only be a matter of time before she went from staying over night, to moving in. Sure enough after a month or so, she was there all the time.

They both worked early in the morning and so they'd be gone by the time I got up in the morning. Well, being the panty lover I am, one morning I checked the laundry to see if it was available to use and much to my delight, found her laundry in there. My heart just about came up my throat with excitement as I contemplated digging through to find her panties. I can't tell you what a rush all things panty give me, so I was feeling really hot and my pulse was racing. I didn't want to get busted, so I carefully dug through the dryer, trying not to disturb the pattern the clothes had fallen in. To my surprise I found a pair of white satin tanga/thongs with lace trim. Why was I so surprised? Because these were the same style and brand of panty that I already owned myself, but in a larger size than what I had. Now, that's how you know you're a real panty pervert, when you actually find a person's panties and you already have them and can name the exact store and brand name where they're sold! Anyway, after a quick inspection, I put them back, trying my best to mix them under the pile. Pretty funny though, just one of those moments only a panty lover would fall into and could fully appreciate the irony of it all! I also used to find her used panties in the hamper by the shower once in a while, but I suspect she must have worn panty liners because they never had any scent or residue on them. Just so you know, I always put her panties back after inspection as I felt that stealing them would have crossed the line from being playful to disrespectful (of her and my room mate). It did amuse me when I'd see her to think that we might have the same panties on!

Guess what? The panty of the day is that very pair of panties from the story. These I bought at Mervyn's, a regional department store, and they are their own brand called Classified. The panties are made of a soft satiny nylon with a lined lace panel in front and a solid satin panel on back. The style number is RN 79700. These were some of the earlier panties I bought for the collection and are no longer available in the store. Just for the record, I buy a lot of my panties at Mervyn's as they often have sales where the entire stock of panties is on sale, plus they have great long hours of business, so I can go before or after work (or even at luchtime). In addition to all the standard styles they also have a great selection of fashion panties in name brands and usually their own brands too which are pretty well made. I highly recommend them to all you panty fans! Hope you enjoyed today's panty talk!