Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Stepfather

Kamusta Readers! Hey look who got in another post...just for you! ;^) Actually, I wanted to tell you all about a movie I watched recently, "The Stepfather". It's a thriller in the "Disturbia" vein of films, slightly juvenile, yet entertaining none the less (if not overly so). So why am I mentioning it here? Well silly, because there were a couple of scenes featuring the very lovely Amber Heard (pictured for your viewing pleasure above), in her tiny little nickers or bikinis. Oh how I love a well filmed panty, lingerie or swimsuit scene! Anyway, didn't love or hate the movie, your results may vary, but if you just happen to be bored one eve and need a movie to watch, have a look at this one.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ruffled Panty Review

Yoga Noi Readers! How are you all? I finally got around to getting the pics ready for the review of those panties I posted a while back. You remember them, the chiffon ruffled ones? In case it's still not ringing a bell, they're a lavender purple pink color, made by VS.

Let's start with the chiffon material, which is a little stiff, but in a good way that makes them feel as though the fabric is strong and well made. The see through factor is just enough to reveal a glimpse of what's underneath, but without giving away too much. The cut is very cute and low rise on the hips. The detailing is wonderful, with the cute little ruffles on the back side, a pretty bow on the front hip area and a tiny and very cute mini bow at the back waistband on the inside, a nice extra touch that no one would ever see while it's being worn. Apologies on the color in the pics, but the lighting wasn't right when I took these (part of the reason for the long delay in this post). In reality the panties are much closer in color to the VS stock photo.

Unfortunately, they are no longer available, but perhaps you may be able to find a pair in your local store if you're lucky enough. If so, I'd recommend getting them, as I love mine and I feel they make a great addition to my little lingerie collection. I have other lingerie in the wings ready to be reviewed, but I'm debating whether I should do a reshoot of the photos or not, since they were also photographed at the same time as these were.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Yaa Readers! How was your weekend? Did we have a hard time getting up after losing an hour? Hate that, especially since I tend to be a night owl. Last weekend I went to Hooter's with some friends. This is only the third time I've stepped foot in said establishment. The first time was for a friend's birthday and he just wanted to go by and get some snack type food and beer. I wasn't impressed. In fact, I've always thought Hooter's was great in concept, but the reality was a little cheesey and maybe desperate, sort of like a strip club as well, except you get to see even less skin. That night there weren't many girls working and the atmosphere was rather lifeless.

The last two excursions I've taken to the big H have been on another level completely. The place was on hit and crawling with pretty girls, each one hotter than the last! The food there is actually decent to pretty good too. I had a Mahi fish sandwich (hey, trying to be healthy here) and it was very tasty and juicy (mahi is SO easy to overcook). Anyway, maybe it's just me who has changed, but I now find the place to be the Chucky Cheese of adult males. There's tons of big screens to watch the various sporting events, a variety of cold beers, cute friendly waitresses and decent food. If I lived closer, I'd probably go there more often! It's all harmless fun, where a guy can go and see pretty girls and eat unhealthy food and drink. If you've never been, I suggest going on a busy night when there are lots of people working, lots to see! It's actually fun for ladies too, I once dated a girl who was always trying to get me down to Hooters to visit with her GFs who worked there...why the heck we never got around to it is a mystery to me, especially now!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Green Day

Dia Dhuit Readers! And how are my fine friends doing? I was down with a cold and frankly feeling a bit lazy and uninspired, thus my lack of postings as of late. I shall try to get in here more often, but it seems my time is spread very thin now days.

Pictured today is the special Saint Paddy's Day edition of Mr Limpy and a Fleshlight, both in lovely emerald green! Not sure if that green color really does it for me, but it does look like fun. Of course the two pantied be-hinds are quite lovely to look at as well. I loves me some ruffles!

We have a huge Irish population around these parts, both recently arrived and long time domestic, so there's no shortage of uh, festivities for StPD. I might just walk on over to one of the local taverns for a cold one. We shall see. How about all of you, any plans? Anything particularly fun? Hmm, maybe I'll pick out some green undies to wear that day. I'll be sure to post a pick of them if I do. Of course, I'll need to compliment them with something outwardly visible as well, so that if anyone asks where my green is, I won't have to reveal my panties! ;^)