Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thongs for Justice

Hey Everyone! It's just before the witching hours when all the little ghost and ghouls come out to grab candy. Stopping in for a quick post for ya. Pic of the day is a thong being sold by that lady who is being sued for downloading music off the internet illegally. If ya ask me, I think the music companies are really doing themselves a disservice going around suing the little guys. They really need to rethink the whole music sales channels and come up with some solutions instead of thinking they can just sue their problems away in court. I'm still a dinosaur who buys CDs (the music kind, not cross dressers!) on "New Music Tuesdays", so I guess I'm in the minority, but I gotta tell ya, I'd be buying a lot more if the prices dropped to say $5 an album. I mean how can DVD movies be down to the $5 to 10 range and music CDs be $18 when not on sale? Anyway, here's a link to her sales site if ya want to support her.

I was browsing Sheen's links today and came across a new one (to me anyway) that really tickled my feather. It's called "A Slip of a Girl" and from what I read, is very well written. I only had time to read a couple of her more recent posts, but I liked what I saw. She had one about her hubby wearing panties posted on Sunday, October 28th, LOVED it! Anyway, have a look over there, I've added a link to her blog over there on the right. Well, have a great evening, hope you're homes don't get "Tricked"!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! The picture of the day is the cover of a book I saw on TV. I actually found a small pic of the dogs on a blog last week and thought it was hilarious, but didn't know where it came from. When I saw it on TV, I recognized it instantly. Anyway, Halloween is probably the sexiest holiday of the year. I mean it's your chance to be whatever or whoever you want to be for the day/night. I'm sure many people take advantage of the day and come out of their closets. Who can resist a naughty nurse, naughty schoolgirl, naughty librarian, well OK a naughty anything is pretty dang good to see! What will you be this year? Aw c'mon...go crazy and have fun!

PS:The small pics are from Playboy's site where you can buy your lovely one some sexy costumes, that BTW are good for fun all year around!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Big Easy

Are you ready for some football? I am! Thought I'd stop in and drop a quick post on ya before I begin my binge of Football and World Series watching. The picture of the day is from a flickr page I found somehow. Not sure if she'd want me to post a link so I will err on the side of caution and not do it, sorry. Again with the ruffles! Yeah, I know, I'm a sucker for ruffly lacy panties and these are so adorable in pink on top of it all. Not sure of the brand so can't help you out there. Do let me know if you have any ideas as to who makes them.

Reading PM's latest postings brought back a memory of my own. It was a cold and windy night down in the Big Easy. This was pre-Katrina so everything was still going good there. I was staying in a hotel near the famous French Quarters right near the casino. Of course me and my buddy would wander over to the casino at least once a day to check it out. I've never been much of a card player, but I enjoy a few games of chance now and again. It was late, maybe one or two hours past midnight, I'd had a few drinks and was enjoying a game of blackjack. A woman came and sat next to me. She was pretty, a brunette, I would guess she was in her mid thirties, slightly overweight, but attractive overall. We made some small talk, and right away I knew she'd had a few drinks before sitting down. What I didn't realize was just how drunk she really was. She actually fell off her stool, twice if I remember right. I helped her back up onto the stool of course. After a while, I decided to call it a night and went to the restroom. On my way back out toward the door, I noticed the girl was gone from the table. When I neared the exit, I spotted her near the door, there were two scum bag types hanging around her and trying to talk her up, hoping to get laid or rip her off I'm sure. She was obviously not interested in them and was trying to get rid of them. I quickened my pace and walked up to her and said "There you are" and grabbed her arm (she was walking unsteadily). She smiled at me, looking quite relieved and gave me a big hug. The two guys looked at each other and then walked off into the casino somewhere. I asked her if she was alright and decided to take her across the street to my hotel to sober up and rest. She agreed and we began walking across the street, but she changed her mind and wanted to go to her hotel instead. After a block or so, it became clear she didn't know which way her hotel was. Luckily, I was able to flag down a cab and I put her in and made sure the guy knew where to take her. I never saw her again, but sometimes I wonder if she remembers me.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

World Series

Welcome Readers! Can't believe it's midweek already. The World Series is starting up tonight, should be a good one too. Stopped in here to post a quickie for ya. The panty pic of the day is of pop celeb Lindsey Lohan. Here we get a nice shot of her changing into some panties. I find this type of shot extremely erotic even though there is really nothing showing but her panties around her ankle. I think it has something to do with the voyeuristic quality of the situation. Like looking into a fish tank and observing the fish as they go about their daily lives, here we are spying on her and seeing something we wouldn't normally get to watch. By the looks of the panties themselves, I'd guess they are boy cut bikinis with what looks like a ruffled edge, but then again that could just be me projecting my lustful wishes onto her panties (hey, that sounds dirty!).

Ok, that'll do it for today, class dismissed. Now go get your icy cold beer and some snacks and get ready for the game! Play Ball!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Weekend Update

Hey Everyone! Thought I'd pop in here for a quick post. The pic of the day is of Ms. Britney Spears showing her lovely pink lace panties as she makes her way out of her car. In some ways, I feel really sorry for her and the other celebrities who can't make a move without it being captured on film. On the other hand these people get a lot of free publicity and make a lot of money from all the buzz they generate. It's a double edged sword really, and we are lucky enough to be on the outside looking in (in this case looking up her skirt). Anyway, I have to admit that these voyeuristic pictures always peak my interests. That's it for now, have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Amusement Park

Bonjour mon amis! How is your week going so far? Need a pick me up? I bet you'd like to pick up this pair of Frederick's of Hollywood panties! As many of my long time readers know, I have a thing for sheer panties. These babies are very sheer! They are oh so delicate with their lacy front panel and ruffled elastic piping around the leg and waistband openings. These were made way back around Y2K and sadly are no longer in stores. I find that a lot of the new panties I see in stores are boring to me. There's no flair for design, just the same rehash over and over. Come on panty designers, let's bring some class and elegance to the genre, let's see some sexy new styles. Even Victoria's Secret, one of my favorite stores has not really had much for me to get ga ga over lately. I want to see a pair of panties and gasp with excitement and think to myself, "I HAVE to have those panties!".

I went to an amusement park over the weekend. Rode a bunch of roller coasters, what a blast! I guess I'm an adrenaline junkie because I really get off on roller coasters (uh, not literally ;^) ). There's something about getting the crap scared out of you that's just so much fun! I get a really strong rush of adrenaline when I buy panties too, so I guess that explains a lot about my addiction to them. Lots of cuties at the amusement park, but most of the girls were in their late teens so not really my thing (felt guilty even looking at them). Most of the women were with their boyfriends, s/o or kids even. I was there for the roller coasters anyway, but sure is nice to take in some sites while there. Saw a lot of thongs sticking out of waistbands, but no upskirts to report, sorry to disappoint you all. Well, have a great week everyone, see ya soon.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What's On TV?

Hey Everybody! How is your week going? How about watching some women's golf this weekend? Above is one good reason to tune in. Found this picture of golf phenom Michelle Wie whilst surfing the internet and thought you'd all enjoy it. Sorry there is no bigger version of the pic that I could find so you'll have to be satisfied with that one.

I've been watching Dancing With the Stars again now that the new season has begun. I love the ladies outfits, SO sexy! Even without the outfits though, I enjoy watching the show. I know, I know, please don't judge me, it's a guilty pleasure, a very secret guilty pleasure! ;^) Seriously though, it is a lot of fun to watch. Well, have a great week, I'm outta here for a couple of days, see ya soon!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Reading Material

Welcome Readers! How 'bout that, two posts in one week? Woo Hoo! Featured today in the picture of the day is the cover and back of Panty Play magazine. This is an old copy from my personal collection and the first issue I ever bought. I spotted this at a mom and pop liquor store one afternoon and thought my prayers had been answered! I had always wondered why on earth there wasn't any magazine dedicated to the panty enthusiasts. I continued to buy them for several years, but the quality of the photo shoots varied wildly. This was a pretty good issue. Many of the shoots seemed to be filmed by people who weren't as into panties as I am. There are just certain angles and poses which really look great and often these angles were not used. Of course there was also plenty of good stuff too. I guess it's hard to complain when someone is at least acknowledging for the first time that there is a market for a panty related magazine.

Later, I would find a second competing magazine, but I'll save that for another posting. I'll be posting cover shots from these gems mixed into the rotation of pics in the future. Hope you all got a kick out of it. Have a great weekend!

Oh, almost forgot to mention, this magazine is still in print, so if you have a local store that carries these "specialty" magazines, you might want to look for it. There's a web site too:

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hello World!

Hola readers! The panty of the day is another frilly number. As long time readers already know, I have a thing for this type of panty. Something about those ruffles just gets me! How about you? Does this kind of panty do anything for you? These look like they're made of nylon, another fave of mine. I bet there may be a French maid top that goes with this to complete the ensemble.

So how have you all been? Hope things have been going well out there. I've been meaning to get in here and put down some postings, but didn't seem to be able to get to it lately. I think I may need to do a clean sweep and get reorganized as things are slowing me down a lot. Anyway, the weather is getting colder and the days shorter, so I guess we'll be seeing less and less of those short skirts that we love. I was at the mall recently and it was just bustling with beauties. I think I almost got whiplash from looking all around! No panty sightings to report, sorry. Have a great week everyone!