Monday, October 19, 2015

Say It Isn't So!

Hola Readers!  How are you all doing?  I've been feeling a little drained lately.  Maybe I need more coffee?! ;^)  Speaking of needing a jump start, the grand daddy of gentleman's magazines is looking for ways to get their readership back up.  Yes, I'm talking about Playboy magazine, who recently announced that starting next year, they'll no longer feature nudity.  This action mirrors what their website started in 2014.

I think that Maxim has cut into their sales significantly and they are following that publication's example and covering up their models.  I don't know that it will help their circulation, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for them anyway.  There is already an abundance of full nude porn available on the web and that was part of their reasoning, but they forgot that no one does nudity in such a classy and artful way than Playboy.  There's a reason that famous women feel free to bare it all on those pages, they trust that the pics will be done right and show them in the best way.

Well, best of luck to Playboy and may they be around for another 63 years and more.