Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Story for PF

The following is a little tale I wrote for my compatriot in panties The Panty Fiend. He recently posted a very nice picture of his wife's delicious butt and asked people to write in and tell him what they'd do to her. Being the horn dog that I am, I seem to have gotten caried away! Anyway, I really don't know what PF will think of all this, hopefully he and all of the rest of the readers here will enjoy it. Note to PF, if you feel this is inappropriate, I will be happy to remove the story.

It's the Nymph's birthday and the Panty Fiend has a special evening at home planned. The living room is softly lit with candles and a gentle fragrance floats in the air. He hands her a delicately wrapped box, it's beautiful, almost too beautiful to open. She looks at it for a moment, trying to take a picture of it in her mind. Inside, there is soft tissue paper, she pulls it aside to find pretty new lingerie. They both know how much she loves lingerie. PF tells her to put on her new things, as there is something more to come. She's already feeling heated in anticipation of her surprise.

"This is hot, honey, what have you got in mind?” she asks him as she secures the hooks on her new bra.

"Remember what we talked about that time we made it in the car?"

"Yeah! but I couldn't, I mean I can't do that!"

PF watches her slowly pulling her new silky stockings up one long leg then the other.

"You can and you will, and you're going to like it, I've got someone who's perfect for the job too."

Nymph can hardly control her excitement, she's not yet sure if this is a joke or real, is PF testing her, she doesn't know. She decides to play along imagining it's a game.

"So, you've got someone waiting to come in here and fuck me?"

"That's right, it's someone you don't even know, I checked him out, he's clean, no disease or drug use, good looking with a great body too".

"Oh, he's not gonna want to fuck me, he doesn't even know me." she replies, pulling her new panties up over her new garter belt.

"Did I mention that he reads my blog everyday and that I've been sending him pictures of you, nude pictures?"

"Oh my lord! Please tell me you didn't do that, I'm so embarrassed!"

"There's no need to be embarrassed honey, I even send him your used panties to enjoy, he says he loves your scent...and flavor".

"Oh god, you didn't do that, please tell me you didn't".

"Oh, and he's not the only one either, there's a whole group of guys with your used panties stroking their hard cocks right now."

Her initial shock was now turning to excitement as Nymph's mind began to imagine all those hard cocks waiting to fuck her. There are legions of men were out there, smelling her personal scent and pleasuring themselves.

"Hard cocks, waiting to fuck me? Guys cumming to pictures of me?"

"Yes, lots and lots of guys, pumping gallons of cum to your pictures, smelling your pussy while they're cumming."

"Oh, baby, don't say that, you know how much that excites me!"

"I know baby, I want you to be excited. I want you all hot and horny because I wasn't kidding, I really have someone here to fuck you."

Nymph doesn't know what to do, she's so nervous at the thought.

"I can't do this baby, I can't"

PF hugs her tightly, "Sure you can baby, we've been talking about this for a long time, this is something we both want."

"Are you sure? I don't know."

"Don't worry baby, you're gonna thank me later"

She reaches down to PF’s crotch and feels his panty covered hard prick through his trousers. “I guess he’s okay with this after all”, she thinks to herself.

PF asks her if she's ready and she nods yes. "Turn around then baby and face the wall, your surprise is coming." She turns, and over her shoulder asks one last time, "Are you sure about this honey?” He doesn't answer, just walks away quietly. She hears him talking to someone in the hall just outside the door. They're speaking in hushed tones and she can't make out what's said. Nervous excitement rushes through her body.

She hears the door close behind her. "Honey, is that you?"

A deep masculine voice sounds out, "No, honey's gone out for while, but he's left you in good hands."

Nymph begins to turn around, but the voice stops her, "NO, don't turn around". She turns back facing fully toward the wall. I reach into my pocket and pull out a small soft cloth. Then I walk over to her and tell her to close her eyes. I run my hands through her hair several times, then gently blindfold her.

Nymph is incredibly turned on. You see this has been an ongoing fantasy for her, something that came out during lovemaking with her husband. It turned him on too and he could hardly wait to make her fantasy come true. Even though she felt a little guilty, she knew PF was behind her all the way and was really going to enjoy hearing what happened later. She decides to give herself fully to the stranger and relaxes.

From behind her, I slowly run my warm hands up and down her body being careful to avoid her nipples and pussy. She's going wild after several minutes of this, her hips unconsciously making little circular gyrations and pelvic thrusts. She feels my breath on the nape of her neck, tickling those soft feminine hairs that I love. I kiss her neck softly, slowly. Her breasts heaving up and down as she gasps for air. Her legs are parted in the hopes that my hands find thier way to her moist pussy. She's pleading for me to rub her cunt, grinding her ass on my hard cock, which now has left a sticky streak of precum on the back of her panties. The friction is marvelous as her ass cheeks form a warm bun for my cock to glide in.

I guide her over to the couch and stop to admire her body. She's nude except for her lacy white demi bra and full back bikini panties with a matching garter belt and back seamed stockings. The bra is barely covering her nipples, which are very hard and semi visible through the sheer lacy fabric. I turn her around and kneel in front of her. She feels the warmth of my face as it nears her tender flesh, but never quite touches her. Goosebumps form on her skin as she listens to me inhaling her pussy scent.

"Mmmm, your pussy smells good baby. Your husband told me it would. Did he tell you what a bad boy he's been? He's been sending me your pictures for months, teasing me, telling me that I can come over to fuck you. He even sends me your panties...your USED panties." Nymph is going crazy with excitement hearing this.

Her mind is picturing all those hard cocks out there ready to spurt hot cum. "Did you like the pictures he sent? Did you cum to my scent?"

"Oh yes baby, my cock gets hard when I smell you."

I remove her bra and her magnificent breasts hang free. She feels vulnerable and it's exciting to her. I stand up and hold her tightly, my hands glide down her back and over her ass. She gasps as I knead the flesh of her firm butt, softly yet strongly. Then she feels my hands on her hips, my hands gently stroke her skin through the silky fabric of her panties. "Mmmm, so smooth...your pussy's smooth too, I know because your husband sends me pictures of it. Why don't I take a look and make sure". I kneel down and pull the crotch of her panties aside, "Look at that, I just knew it was bald as an eagle, I really like that when a pussy is bald like that…and wet. Are you hot baby, do you want me to take off your panties?”

My warm breath on her exposed vagina is driving her wild and she bucks her pelvis forward toward my mouth in a desparate attempt at some contact.

"Is that your way of telling me you want your panties off?"

She feels my fingers slip under the silky material of her panties as I grasp the waistband and remove her sopping wet panties, slowly and gently pulling them down over the curve of her ass and sliding smoothly over her silky stockings.

I stand up and hold her tightly as she instinctively presses her body against my hard cock.

I turn her around so her butt is facing me.

"Now, would you bend forward for me sugar?" Her hands reach out trying to feel her way, and she discovers she's right at the couch. "Why don't you bend over that couch there and stick that pretty ass of yours out for me?"

Nymph bends over the armrest, her face buried in the cushion. I place her freshly removed panties on the cushion so her face is in them, pausing to take a whiff of her scent before doing so.

"Smell yourself", I tell her, and she breathes her own scent in deeply.

I tell her to spread her ass cheeks open and she reaches back and opens up wide. Her pussy is now dripping wet and I still haven't even touched her there yet. I hear her moaning and purring softly, trying to get me to touch her.

She begs, "Please touch me, please".

I tell her to tell me what she wants, "Do you want me to fuck you?”

"Oh yes, please fuck me" she says, almost in tears.

"Maybe I should lick your pussy, it looks very wet, are you hot baby?"

"Oh yes, I'm so very hot, I need you, I need your tongue, I need your cock."

"You need my tongue and cock to do what?"

"I need your tongue to lick my pussy."

"You mean, your wet hole?"

"Yes to lick my wet hole."

"I'll only lick you if you tell me you'll be my whore forever."

"Oh yes, I promise, I'll be your personal whore forever and ever."

"Forever and ever?"

"Yes, forever and ever, I promise, I promise".

"Alright, I'll lick your little cunt baby, spread it open nice and wide now, show me how much you want me".

"Oh, I want you SO bad baby, I want you to lick me and fuck me so bad".

She practically screams in ecstasy as I run my hands from her shoulders, down her back, over her hands holding her ass cheeks wide open, down to her ankles and back up, ending with my warm wet kisses on her pussy.

"Oh, that feels SO good, please lick me, please lick my pussy". I give her a good tongue lashing using every trick in the book. My tongue tracing her slit up and down, stopping to make little circles around her clit, then back to her hole where I make a few more circles. She's going crazy with lust and it's all too much for her to take when I insert my finger into her sopping wet womanhood. She screams out, arching her back, wet panties clinging to her face as she cums hard. Her face crashes back into the soft cushion of the couch.

She's still quivering gently, basking in the afterglow of her orgasm when I insert my rock hard cock into her wet cunt. She lets out a scream and tenses at the sudden sensation. As if a light switch had been thrown somewhere inside of her she is instantly back in the game, meeting my every thrust by shoving her ass back toward me. My balls slap her clit and she loves the feeling.

"I told you to spread that ass,” I say and she reaches back and spreads her cheeks open again. "Who do you want to fuck you?”

"You, oh baby, I want you fucking me, I want you to fuck all my holes".

With that I pull out and stand her up, my cock riding her ass crack. I turn her around and guide her to her knees. I trace her lips with the head of my circumcised cock, gently circling her mouth, leaving a pussy juice lip gloss behind. She pleads with me to let her lick and suck it. I tease her for a short while then give in and she immediately goes to work. She grasps my cock at the base to hold it steady and licks the head just under the pee slit. Then she runs her tongue up and down the underside of the shaft. My whole body is tingling as she takes my cock in her mouth. I feel it slip down the back of her throat. The friction is amazing and hearing her slurping and watching her pretty little face sucking my cock is almost too much to take.

"That's it baby, suck it good, lick your own pussy juice off of it. Tastes good doesn't it baby?"

My words are driving her mad with lust and she feels like she just can't get enough of my cock.

I fondle her breasts and nipples as I watch her head bobbing up and down on my cock as she uses her free hand to play with her pussy and clit.

I stop her before I cum.

"I want more of that sweet pussy".

I lay her back over the armrest of the couch and continue my oral assault on her pussy. She begins to moan again loudly as I finger and tongue her.

"You want that cock inside again baby"?

"Oh yes, please give me that cock, I need that cock".

"You gonna fuck me good"?

"Oh yes, I'll fuck you good, I promise, I'll fuck you so good".

"You gonna show me what a slut you are"?

"Yes, I'm a slut, I'm your slut to fuck anytime you want, to use as a cheap fuck toy."

With that I can hold back no longer and I slip my cock back in her. I grab her hips and slam it in rough and hard.

"Play with your tits while I fuck you."

She diddles her clit with one hand while the other is tweaking her own nipples.

"Oh, that feels sssooo ggg ggg gggoood baby", she screams, barely able to get the words out.

"Are you gonna cum for me baby"? I ask.

"Oh yes, I'm almost there, almost there, oh!”

I thrust into her quickening my pace and she meets me, keeping perfect rhythm. She knows I'm about to cum now, and she tells me she wants my load inside her.

"Fuck me hard baby, cum inside, I want your cum inside my pussy" she screams.

Her words push us both over the edge into complete white blinding bliss and my cock swells and then pulses as gob after gob of my cum shoots deep into her convulsing pussy. I collapse on top of her, completely spent. Our sweat lubricates our glistening bodies. We kiss, deeply, passionately, our tongues intertwining with one another.

She reaches for her blindfold, but I stop her with my hand. I quietly leave the room. She'll never know who I was, or when her husband will arrange for my return.


Panty Fiend said...

Holy Shit! That was HOT! wouldn't happen to be available, would you? :)

Bravo! Great story!

Panty Fiend said...

badside, Nymph liked the story! She especially appreciated the part about being blindfolded.

ross said...

Jesus, man. What a ride. Terrific.

badside said...

Whew! So glad to hear that you guys liked it. Have to admit that I was a little worried that maybe I'd gone too far. Your wonderful responses have inspired me to write more in the future.

Cherrie said...

Quite arousing, Badside!

badside said...

Hi Cherrie,

Welcome to the blog. Glad you enjoyed the story! Check back for more in the future.

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