Monday, August 31, 2009

So Tempting!

Sveiki Readers! Another weekend gone by, eh?! Can't believe the month is coming to a close already! Where does the time go? I bet the time would go even faster if you had some of these delightful panties from B'Tempt'd (great name for a lingerie company, don't you think?). These cute lil numbers are available at good old Fresh Pair, where they're on sale for 3 for $30. You know how I adore ruffled panties, so I'm sure you can already guess I have an extra big weak spot for these...YUM!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Kailas Readers! Wanted to send you off on your weekend on a lighter note. My friend sent the above pic to my e-mail today and I thought it was stupid yet funny and cute all at once. Hope you get a chuckle out of it. In other news, I was reading about how CBS has once again scored the coveted Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, due to air at the end of this year (can't wait). The article mentioned that the show each year is one of the highest rated programs as far as viewership numbers go, but is also one of the most complained about shows as well. I guess all the uptight people who only get one channel on their TV's write in every year to complain about scantilly clad super models traipsing about their screens at ten o'clock at night. Apparently, their TV's do not have off switches or power plugs they can pull out of the wall to stop the horror. LOL! Have a great weekend y'all!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Losako Readers! How are you all doing? Just stopped by to give you all a quick fix for the day. Featured above is a very cute jammie set from PJ Savage. It looks so comfy and snuggly and yet somehow so irresistibly naughty too. Available at Fresh Pair as you read this. Me likes the back view, very nice!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yes, Mam!

Degitte Readers! Hope I didn't scare away all my readers with that last post. Well, for those who were nice enough to stick around I have something exciting for you today. Recently, I found something completely new to me and something I thought some of you here would definitely be interested in.

Maybe you've heard of the acronym CFNM? I hadn't. It stands for clothed female, naked male. So what the heck is that, you ask? It seems to center around the fantasy of the females controlling a male. I stumbled across this web site and was very much intrigued. I happen to believe that we all have both dominant and submissive sides to our personalities. This cators to the male submissive and dom female.

Above are two pics from a set that has the ladies tying up a guy and making him wear panties. Then they tease him until his cock is hard and force him to beg them to let him cum. After they've had their fun, they leave him tied up and the hotel room door open so that the maid can find him and have her fun too! Sounds like something I bet a certain reader I know would love to have done to him, ahem, cough, Sheen! ;^)

Anyway, I have to say this is totally new to me and has me wondering of this is going to become a trend in the future as far as themes for web sites. Also, I'm curious as to whether this material is intended for a female audience or male. My guess would be the submissive male, but who knows. Perhaps this sort of thing can become a cottage industry aimed toward women.

I'm not a subscriber to the site, so I have no idea how good it might be or not be, but if any of you know, please feel free to comment for us. At the site, there are a bunch of sample sets to look at complete with video clips as well.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Celebrity Sex Tape, Again

Tawnshi Readers! How is your week going? Sorry, meant to jump in here yesterday for a post, but didn't get around to it. Now, I was going to post about cutie Rebecca Gayheart and hubby Eric Dane's so called sex tape, but I somehow got a conscience and didn't feel it was right.

Long time readers know that I just LOVE celebrity upskirts and nip slips, but those things happen in public and the celebs are asking for it. I think they actually get off on the attention and are practically daring the paparazzi to snap pics of their panties. This sex tape is another matter entirely. Why? Because it was filmed in private and clearly was not meant to be shown to other people. It's an invasion of privacy.

In the interest of reporting to my readers here, I went ahead and watched the little film clip (What?! I'm not a saint for gosh sakes!). OK, I did enjoy seeing Rebecca's perky breasts, they're quite lovely indeed! But even I have boundaries and I felt a little guilty after when I thought about this clip being posted on the inter-webs for all to see. I just don't think it'd be right to post a link to the clip so I'm not going to (it's easy enough to find on your own if you really feel the need). Sorry if that seems like a let down for a blog that claims to be representing your Bad Side, but I think this kind of falls into the category of hurting others and that's something I won't contribute to. Oh, and for the record, there isn't any sex on the tape anyway, just some casual nudity, which obviously isn't the same thing as sex, at least not in my opinion.

If there's lessons we can all take from this tape, I'd say the biggest would be don't let a third party tape you getting high whilst naked, and if you do, don't let them keep the tape. Secondly, we learn that even the most beautiful looking people have kinky cravings that may not necessarily be satisfied within the confines of a conventional marriage. Third, said cravings can be something fun that a couple can share together, instead of being something that acts as a wedge between them. Fourth, even the pretty people turn to the pros when they need to get their freak on. If someone like Eric Dane can't get a hot chick to join him and wifey for a threesome, what chance do us regular jamokes have? Yes, I'm once again standing on the soapbox and ranting about how prostitution should be legalized.

Lastly, since I know folks come from all over the world to my little blog to see sexy pictures, way up there at the top of this post you are looking at the beautiful actress Peyton List. I watched a horror movie named "Shuttle" a while back that featured her in one scene in a white bra and panty set with matching high heeled pumps. Oh Joy!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Como Vai Readers! Just poppin' in here for a quickee post to let ya know about this soon to be gone discount over at Victoria's Secret. In addition to the above they're also offering $15 off 100 orders. Pictured is the lovely Australian Miranda Kerr, one of my favorite VS models, she has such a bubbly personality! Don't forget to enter code 4for2 for your discount; Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh Yeah!

Epa Readers! How's it going? The time of year is here once again where we hold our ice cold brews tightly in our hands as our hearts pound rapidly and we scream at the TV. Yes, the football season is upon our doorsteps. As long time readers already know, I relish the football season. The preseason has kicked off and the new season is just around the corner...Yay!! So in honor of football, I post today's hottie, one Jenn Sterger, known to lucky Jets fans as the sideline interviewer. She is truly a person who turned her five minutes of fame into a career. Pic one is from when she was spotted in the stands back in college at Florida State. From there she went on to spreads in Maxim and Playboy and on to broadcast TV. Wow, you see how looking your best at the game can pay off?! Mind boggling isn't it? And just take a look at those ruffled panties...yum! Enjoy!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

We Are Borg

Pujamik Everyone! How is your week going? I found some really cute panties that I thought I'd share with you. How can you be anything but happy when you see these, right?! They're made by the Bjorn Borg apparel company and can be found at one of my favorite stores, Fresh Pair. The material is some sort of elastic cotton, so they're probably pretty comfy and practical. They're a bit pricey in my opinion, at $26 for two pair. And here you thought Bjorn was just good at tennis, eh?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Mall

Waachiyaa Readers! How are you all doing? I was pretty lazy last weekend, but did go shopping at an outlet mall with a friend. Sheen's latest post made me laugh to myself, as his experience at the beach reminded me of my outing at the mall. The place was crawling with these 15 to 18 year old girls, many scantily clad (it's an outdoor mall and it was a hot sunny day). I'd see some hottie, then she'd turn around and I'd realize it was some teenager. Embarrassing! There was this trio of two girls, maybe 20 or 21 and their mom. I gotta say mom was a serious MILF and held her own with the girls, very nice. They were speaking French to each other, so maybe they were from Canada. We kept crossing paths and they seemed to take notice of me too. I think maybe they enjoyed the attention.