Monday, July 31, 2006

Guilt, Shame and Purging

A quick post for all you panty fanatics out there. The panty of the day is this lovely pale pink nylon and lace Fredricks of Hollywood frilly full back. They feature a wide lace trim all around the leg and waist openings and a smooth nylon panel in back. The front is kind of hard to see in the pic, but is a very sexy and thin width swath of see through lace. The cut is somewhat low on the hips, but still covering the butt area and following the curves nicely. These are style RN 73120 and I'm pretty sure they're no longer available. I picked these up a number of years ago perhaps in the late 90's or early 2000's. These are yet another example of a really cute panty that was made for a limited time only. Hope you like them!

I have felt the shame and guilt that plagues the panty lover community. Many times I have said to myself that I must rid myself of this shameful behavior. I have come close many times to purging my collection, but I never went through with it. This is a pervasive thought that comes and goes like a tide hitting the beach, over and over again. The truth is that I really enjoy panties and although a bit strange, I really shouldn't feel bad about it. At least I can say that my fetish makes me happy without harming anyone.

Panties are like a drug to me sometimes, where I almost feel compelled to buy them, but I am able to resist, so I guess it's not a true addiction. I do have some self control over it. Luckily for us panty people, our addiction isn't really illegal. You can't go to a department store and buy crack or meth! I wonder if the ladies in the lingerie department at the store suspect that the panties I buy are for myself. They are usually very nice to me and I think they are often turned on by the fact that I'm buying panties. I once asked the sales girl if the panties could be returned if my girlfriend didn't like them because she might get mad at me, and the girl looked at me with a shocked face and said "Why would she do that?", as if to say, she should be jumping for joy that her man is buying panties for her. I sometimes go to the mall or store specifically to look at panties. That's when I feel a strange rush when I'm there. My heart beats faster and I feel flushed with heat. The only way I can overcome the urge to buy is to remind myself that I already have too many panties in my collection and I can't really spend the money right now anyway. That seems to be working for me. I still enjoy my collection as I have lots of different ones. If I ever do break down and buy some, my rule to myself is that they must be unique in some way and I only allow myself to buy one pair of any style, even if they look really sexy in more than one color.

Well, that's enough rambling for today. Hope you all enjoyed today's panty talk!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Proper care of lingerie

Today's panty of the day pic. These are Vanity Fair nylon full back bikinis, style number 18-002. I got these back in the 90's and oddly, the elastic didn't last long in them. I say oddly, because I consider Vanity Fair to be a quality manufacturer. I actually bought these in three colors, black, ivory/bone (featured here), and white. All three suffered the same elastic waistband failure around the same time, which I think was 4 or 5 years after purchase. Also strange is that I would consider these to fall under the "Classic" category and therefore be available forever (like the lollipop style), but I have been unable to locate them at any stores, so I suspect they are no longer made. Despite the waistband failure, I would still recommend these for purchase to the avid panty collector. The reason is that the nylon is very light, smooth and has a nice level of sheerness to it. I love the lace detailing on the front of the waist area, very sexy. As you can see, they have a cotton liner. If anyone knows if these are still made please do let us know here at the bad side.

On the subject of panty waistband failure, I'd love to hear from fellow collectors about their care, maintenance and storage methods. Since I don't really wear these, they don't get washed much, but when they do I tend to machine wash my panties on the delicate cycle, cold water, slow in those mesh laundry bags and dry them on low heat also in the delicates cycle on the dryer. The panties are stored in a drawer pretty much piled up on one another (actually stuffed like sardines), but it's cool and dry there. Also, I don't recall any of my other panties having this waistband failure, but I'm expecting that as time marches on I will be finding more and more panties with this problem. Any experts on lingerie care out there? I'm sure there's lots of us who'd like help with this. Be back soon, until then enjoy your panties and have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Today I want to talk about fashion as it relates to panties. I have been collecting panties for quite a while now, many years, although my attraction to them goes back much farther than that. The majority of my collection has been purchased at stores. This has allowed me to observe the evolution of panties over the duration of my collecting years. What I am refering to here as fashion panties I'll define as panties aimed at style and not neccesarily comfort, something a woman might wear on a date in case the guy ends up seeing them.

It is amazing how quickly panty styles come and go. I tend to browse the panties every few months and usually I'd say that every six months to a year the panties will be cycled. That is, if there was a certain panty you find at the store, it will be gone in 6 months and likely not made anymore. This probably drives collectors to buy more panties than they should, knowing that they won't be able to find them later. I used to buy several of one style, in various colors, but as my collection grew and I began to get tight on space, I started to only buy one of each (usually in white). I now try to limit my panty buying to only what I deem as unique panties, something I don't have.

When I first started going to stores, I'd say the majority of fashion panties were bikini style. Either with a string waistband connecting the front and back, or a thin strip of material. These were almost exclusively full backs. I would browse the panties and find lots of these style. My favorite were at the time were probably the satin bikinis. Thongs were around, but were still considered exotic by mainstream America. The bikini's got smaller and thongs took over a few years later until now, when I'd say perhaps 75 percent of the fashion panties are thongs, with boyleg panties being another 15 percent and misc other styles making up the rest. I do like almost all styles of panties, and think they can look very sexy, but I like the way a bikini or full back follows the curves of a woman.

I used to think grannys were not sexy, but somehow my view of them changed over the years and I find them appealing now. Perhaps it's because they're considered everyday wear and so they are a voyeuristic glimpse into a woman's life. I remember a style they called the flutter, these were bikinis or thongs which had the front and or back material around the leg holes without elastic. They would kind of float around the legs and so the name flutter. This is an example of a type of panty that seems to have vanished, a victim of fashion trends. I guess if there's a lesson to be learned about panty collecting that I can pass on to those starting out, I'd say try to buy only one of each style unless you REALLY like it, and don't pass up on a pair of unique panties, because they may be gone the next time you look.

Lastly, I thought I'd introduce something new. I noticed that Ross over at The Top Drawer often posts pictures from his collection, so I thought I'd do the same and call it "The Panty of the Day" pic or something. In reality, I probably won't be able to post a new pic every day, but I'll try and get a picture up whenever I post. In addition, in the interest of satiating the curiousity of my fellow panty collectors, I'll list any info about the panty that I have.

So for the first ever Panty of the Day we have a Victoria's Secret full back in sheer white with pink hearts and a rhinestone accent and bow. Style number 135689-296. I don't think these are made anymore. Hope you like them!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bikinis vs Panties

After watching the video on panties over at The Top Drawer blog, and reading pantymaven's comments, I thought I'd touch on the subject of panties and swimsuits and why they are different. If you think of them in a logical manner a bikini and a bra and panty are one in the same. Of course there are some differences, such as the swimsuit is usually much thicker to mask the features underneath, but the basic shape and cut of material is the same.

I think any person, man or woman, would agree that bra and panties is more intimate than a bikini. I bet if a woman walked down the beach in her bra and panties, everyone would be looking, but the same person in a bikini might not get a second glance. Perhaps it's a pavlovian reaction to bra and panties, one ingrained in our societal psyche, after all, the last layers of clothing removed are the bra and panties before most sexual experiences. Maybe it's the materials used in panties that makes them more sensual. Lace, satin, nylon, all smooth and soft to the touch, very delicate in appearance. Swimsuits are built tougher to withstand physical exertion.

I've heard many times how women get a thrill out of wearing sexy lingerie to work. No one will see it, but they themselves knowing they have a secret is somehow empowering and exciting. I don't think I'd be going too far out on a limb here if I guessed that most guys will have a positive reaction to seeing their women in a sexy set of lingerie. Men and women do in fact think very differently however. I remember quite well an incident where I had purchased a sexy set of bra and panties for a girlfriend. We had been together for a while and were intimate physically, and I had expressed verbally many times how sexy I thought she was (this was not a lie either). To my surprise, she was less than thrilled by my gift. I figured it out because she hardly wore them unless I asked. We talked about it, and she told me that she didn't feel sexy wearing it, that the lingerie didn't look right on her. I thought differently, as what I saw was an enhancement of her sexy body, I was totally turned on. Her reaction was a reflection of how deeply personal the selection of intimate apparel is to a woman. This girl wasn't a prude either. She must have suspected my panty fetish, as she would frequently thrill me by buying new panties and modeling them for me.

I think that most people have strong sexual feelings about lingerie. Victoria's Secret wouldn't be doing so well if not! Ladies, if you're reading this, don't be shy about giving a guy you like your panties. I think any hetero guy would at the very least feel complimented by the gesture.

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Begining

I've been collecting panties since I was a kid. I still remember the first pair and the very start of my collection. I was a paper boy and one very early morning I found a pair of Vasarette blue nylon panties. I remember being very excited to have found them and stuffing them into my pocket. This was near the end of my route, so I hurried and finished my deliveries and rushed home to examine my new found treasure. When I got home, I snuck into the bathroom and took them out to look at them in private. The material was shiny and smooth and the lace was soft. They were obviously well used, as they appeared to have been worn and laundered many times, the tag inside was barely legible. They were dark/royal blue colored bikinis with thin white lace trim around the waist and leg openings. Unlike most panties, the crotch area does not have a cotton liner, so they are the same material, sheerness and thickness all over. They must have been wonderful to feel soft warm flesh through the light and thin silky nylon. I'm sure I must have attempted to smell them, but do not recall them ever having any female scents (not that I'd have known what that would have smelled like at the time). I've often wondered (and fantasized) who's panties they were and what situation she was in when she lost them. Perhaps she was having a wild night in someone's car? I'll never know, but I thank you whoever you are for giving me so much pleasure over the years! I still have them in my collection, they're the pair pictured with this post. Hope you like them!
Thanks for reading!

PS: Just wanted to say "Hi" to Ross and leave a link to his blog, The Top Drawer.