Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring in Your Step

Hola Readers! As I've stated in past posts, I seem to be extra horny in the Spring. Today is no exception, as I awoke with some nice morning pine. A dirty thought came immediately to mind. How about slipping on some silky panties to start off my day. It felt so good to slide those panties up my legs and over my throbbing cock. It's so nice to go about your day whilst having your cock cradled in glorious soft panties. So if you want to give yourself a little pick me up, slip on something sexy. You'll be glad you did!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Here's one post I never thought I'd be putting up. On April 12th Marilyn Chambers was found dead at her home in SoCal. Long time readers already know that I'm a huge fan of Marilyn and her work, so this was a really sad thing for me to learn about. I guess somewhere deep inside I always fantasized that I might meet her and get to fuck her, but alas that fantasy will never come to fruition.

What set her apart from other porn actresses was her raw sexual energy, she loved fucking and it showed in every frame of film she was on. There were other girls who may have been prettier or more voluptuous, but Marilyn had it all over them with her sexual heat exploding from every pore on her body. When she fucked on screen, it was always the real thing and she aimed to get off. She knew what buttons to push to get a man hard and I admit to having shot many a load of jizz to her.

I've read many interviews she gave and she always seemed to be a straight shooter. If she liked or didn't like something or someone, she'd just say it. She never made up excuses or felt embarrassed about her porn career either. She was a pioneer in that industry for sure, having come from mainstream movies and modeling (Ivory Snow girl), she honestly thought the world was ready to embrace porn as mainstream, but was sadly mistaken. Still it didn't seem to hurt her career as she would later go on to star in several rated R films. She was the first woman to really capitalize on porn and wield power in the industry. She reportedly asked that all actors and actresses be screened for STDs before filming and asked to be paid a percentage of gross sales as well, both firsts in porn. It's rumored that she made millions of dollars off of "Behind the Green Door", the movie that started her porn career, this in the early 1970's when that amount was astronomical. Thus far it seems she died of natural causes with some stories saying that she had fallen and hit her head the day before her death and may have succumb to a brain injury.

Here's a few articles I found in case you're interested to read more:

After the shock of all this wears off, I'll probably have a nice orgasm or three to some of her movies, I think she would have appreciated that. Thanks for the good times Marilyn.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Idol Minds

Wina Jai Readers! I was watching American Idol the other day and was surprised when Paula Abdul made a reference to cross dressing. Specifically, men wearing ladies undies. She was commenting on how one of the male contestants decided to sing a song made famous by a female singer and said something along the lines of there being lots of females who shop in the male section, but not many men who shop in the female section. Simon Cowell chimed in and said he didn't know what the heck she was talking about and she kind of implied that he wears panties, specifically La Perla. He feigned ignorance to the whole topic, but hmm, makes me wonder. Perhaps our boy Simon has a thing for things silky! And judging by the mischievous way she brought it up, maybe Paula likes to take her play time with boys in panties (or at least finds it sexy). Pictured above, a beautiful lingerie set from La Perla, naturally.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Mahisse Readers! How is your week going? Need a little pick me up? Maybe it's time to go shopping for some new lingerie perhaps? I've found yet another purveyor of things slinky and sexy, It's an online store so you can go there and check it out at your convenience. They have some very nice things there, but the prices are quite indulgent, especially in these economic days. Right now they're offering an additional 40% off on their sale items until Friday, so do have a look as there are some bargains to be had. Pictured above a lovely bra and panty set by Kenzo which I found on the site.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bringin' the Heat

Hola Readers! How are you all doing? Did ya miss me? I took a little time away from the blog (I seem to be going through a dearth of ideas for posts). Spring is the start of the street fair season around here, so I attended my first of the year over the weekend. It couldn't have been nicer, the weather was almost 90 degrees and beer was icy cold! The combo of too much liquor and heat always gives me a headache eventually, but I had a great time wandering through the crowds while my buzz was on. There were tons of people, the heat always seems to draw people outside and even better the ladies dress to impress. Lots of skimpy little shorts and tops, cute little flip flops, sorry no panty sightings to report though. Today's pic is not one of my own, just kind of reminded me of spring breaks past.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter

Welcome Readers! Just thought I'd send you off into the weekend with a Happy Easter wish! Hope you all get to spend some time with the people you love. Now go see if you can find some eggs! Here bunny bunny...

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Is This Seat Taken?

Tzu na' readers! How is your week going so far? Or how is your relationship for that matter? I sometimes watch the Home and Garden TV channel (I swear I'm not gay). I suppose I enjoy living vicariously through the people on that channel, buying a vacation home in an exotic country or remodeling their humble abodes to something you might see in a movie. Anyway, I noticed that they have been running ads for Ashley Madison, the cheaters website. I was kind of shocked to see the ads for a couple of reasons. One, I guess is that I wouldn't imagine that the site was so popular that they would have a budget to spend on TV ads. Then I was shocked that people would respond to an ad on TV to cheat on their spouse. Anyway, I was wondering who these ads are aimed at. It has to be bored wives, since the main character in the ad is a woman. Perhaps the HGTV channel has a lonely housewife demographic? And I guess that means I fit in with them somehow. Honest, I'm not gay (not that there's anything wrong with that), I've never even tasted an appletini! ;^P

Monday, April 06, 2009

King of the Jungle

Acateco! How's everybody doing? Did you have a good weekend? It seems that spring is in the air. I always seem to get extra horny in the spring for some reason. What do you think, is it nature taking her firm grip and telling me to reproduce? I saw this show about lions once on the Discovery channel and they said that a male lion will copulate hundreds of times over a very short period, two days or something crazy like that. Of course each fuck only lasts a few seconds, but still, I don't think any man could do that! I wonder if only a tiny amount of lion cum squirts out each time, thus ensuring that he can give his sperm to as many females as possible. Maybe those lions are on to something! ;^D The above picture has nothing to do with lions fucking, just thought maybe you'd enjoy it more. Have a great week!