Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Never So Deep

Hola Readers! Today, I'd like to introduce you to yet another classic porn film, Never So Deep, written and directed by Gerard Damiano, the same guy who brought us Deep Throat. The film stars the very beautiful Loni Sanders, a former Penthouse pet as Ginger Trueheart, PI.

As the film begins we see Ginger starting her day, emerging from her morning shower, fresh and sweet as a spring flower. She goes to the kitchen and is somehow able to cook a bacon and eggs breakfast in an entertainingly cute way. Her boyfriend Sam comes home from hang gliding and is treated to a little lingerie show. This leads us into a warm and magical love making session between Ginger and Sam. These two, Loni and Mike Ranger (Sam) were an item in real life and it shows in the tenderness and warmth they give to each other. The scene is highly erotic and yet not cheap in any way, as though we are witnessing two people in love, very nice. The director took his time with this scene and it paid off.

The phone rings and Ginger is asked to come to the mansion of Huge Heffer, nude magazine mogul. Sam and Ginger make their way to the mansion driving over the Golden Gate bridge in their little convertible, where they learn that Mr Heffer is not happy. Despite being surrounded by gorgeous women, he is lonely and his heart pines for a girl he once fucked. He doesn't even know what her name was, only that she had a tattoo of a butterfly on her ass. While Mr Heffer is filling Ginger in on the details of his lost lady love, Sam gets a special tour of the mansion from one of the girls, who ends up fucking him. This scene is pretty good too, with some nice camera work. The girl urges Sam to come in her mouth, always a turn on for me. I should mention that because this movie was released in 1981, there isn't a fake tit to be seen in the whole flick. Everyone looks quite natural, and of course most of the women are sporting trimmed, but full bushes. None of this hindered or took away from my enjoyment of the film in any way.

The search for butterfly girl begins as Ginger goes down to Broadway street in San Francisco. She asks around at some strip joints and gets a lead to a brothel. There she helps out the madam by giving a guy an awesome double suck blow job while probing the madam for leads. This is one of the better blow job scenes I've ever had the pleasure of watching, with excellent camera work here again. The camera is locked in and we see lovely Ginger and the milf madam sucking cock in a multi split screen until he pops his load all over their pretty faces.

Meanwhile back at the mansion, poor Huge Heffer is feeling quite down, even refusing a four way with some of the models. Girls have their needs too though, so they go on without him in yet another beautifully shot scene. Again, this is a very warm and loving, yet hot and sexy scene. If at this point in the movie, you've already shot your wad, don't feel bad at all, as I'm sure you may have to watch this one several times to see the whole thing, if ya know what I mean!

The tips lead Ginger to an escort service, where the madam, played by famous stripper Carol Doda, dispatches three girls with butterfly tattoos to meet Sam. Of course, in order to find the right girl, Sam must do his due diligence and fuck all three girls, at once. This scene is super hot and includes a fantastic anal shot and an awesome three girl blow job. Simply amazing, it's mind boggling how the camera and lighting could have worked so well, but it came out beautifully. Unfortunately, all that fucking was for not as it turns out the girls had fake rub on tattoos, poor Sam.

Ginger has drummed up another lead though which brings her to the advertising business, which they joke is "worse that porn". Here she is fucked by the director and his associate on an office desk. This was the low point of the movie for me. I would guess the logistics of the small room got in the way here, as we never get to see Ginger's pussy or any penetration. Loni looks and sounds smoking hot as she moans while being fucked and sucking cock, but the camera is unable to get behind the guy fucking her, so that angle is lost. I suspect they picked this room to film because you can see the film crew in the background through a window, setting up for the commercial they are about to shoot. In that respect, it's a great shot, but it came at the cost of losing the raw sexuality that would have come with seeing Ginger's pussy being filled with a hard cock. Too bad.

Ginger goes on to film the ad (for a double headed dildo), and in the process meets butterfly girl, who happens to be working behind the scenes on the set. Ginger tells her all about how Huge Heffer has been searching for her, and we learn that the feelings were mutual between butterfly girl and Heffer. The dream couple are reunited and close the movie with a nice fuck scene, which in my opinion was pretty good, but not nearly as torrid as what came earlier in the film.

If you want to see a porn film that was striving to be a real movie, with acting and a story line, yet has some of the most fantastic fucking and sucking ever recorded on film, go out and get a copy of this one. Damiano did a fantastic job of limiting the dialog to the minimum amount needed to move the story along. This keeps the viewer in the moment, rather than jarring them out of the fantasy when bad acting jumps out. I can pretty much guarantee you'll be jacking off as soon as the first fuck scene starts playing. Highly recommended!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Loving Susan

Welcome Readers! Pictured today is the lovely Susan Sarandon. When I was younger, I didn't find her to be my cup of tea. I always fantasized over the flashier women out there. Somehow over the years, I've really come to appreciate what a beauty she really is, and now I find her to be quite sexy. In fact I would just love to go at a hot and heavy session with her! Well, I found this hilarious article on the Onion that is a must read and thought I'd pass it along here for your enjoyment. Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Going Ga Ga

Howdy Readers! How is your week going? Don't complain, at least you've got a job! Pictured today is someone who has been popping up all over the place lately, Lady GaGa. She's kind of like the Spice Girls, not the greatest musical artist, but somehow has these catchy tunes that stay in your head far too long. Anyway, she has this knack for getting attention too, probably partially due to her wardrobe choices. Who knows, this mediocre chick could turn out to be another Madonna at some point. At any rate, I'm all for girls who like to show their panties off in public, so cheers to the GaGa Lady!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hola Readers! Pictured today is the front and back covers of a Panty Play magazine from my collection, circa September, 1998. As you can see this issue had some very pretty girls in it. The featured cover girl had a spread of her in full coverage granny style panties. I wasn't much into grannys back then, so I didn't really appreciate the spread as much as I do now. One thing I liked about this magazine is that they would try and cover the panty fetish topic from different angles. One thing they would do, was find internet sites devoted to the fetish. In this particular issue they featured Sweat Amber, a girl who sold her used panties and videos over the internet. Guess what? I checked and she's still at it, so here's a link to her site. Be sure and take a look at her panty of the month gallery, which features her in various styles of panties over the years, very nice. I've never ordered anything from her myself, but if any of you readers have, I'd love to hear about it from you. LOL, she even has a copy of the article from this very issue on her site, so be sure and have a peek at that as well.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Olga Rising

Hola Readers! How are you all doing? Once again, I am guilty of being plain old fashioned lazy. I have no excuse as to why I haven't been posting lately, maybe it's the weather? Anywho, the panty of the day comes from my private collection, a recent addition which I got from Fresh Pair. They are Olga Secret Hug Nylon Scoops in half pant cut. Although they are supposedly a low rise cut, they are still much higher than your usual (or my usual ;^D) low rise panties. All the more to show off that pretty lace detailing around the waist band! They seem to be well constructed and the material is a very light and thin, sheerish, bright white nylon. The material is pretty smooth, but not as silky as the Vanity Faire's I posted a while back (those are like butter). The Olga's have a cute little back seam that follows the crack of your butt (not pictured), which I like very much. Kind of an old school touch. I think they've been making this style of panty for ever and I hope they continue to as well. Go get yourself a pair or three. And as a bonus, I found a nice little video clip of these panties in high cut form being modeled. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tennis Anyone?

Pryvet Readers! How was your weekend? Did you have a nice relaxing time? Well, now that the week is in full swing, I thought I'd help you along with some recreational images. Pictured above is tennis star Jelena Jankovic. This girl has several yummy clips of her floating around the inter tubes where you can catch a lil glimplse or two of her underthings. Not really panties per say, more like athletic shorts. Still it somehow feels naughty getting a peek up that skirt of hers. Here's a couple of links for you to enjoy (copy and paste)!



Saturday, March 07, 2009


Hey Y'all! How is your weekend coming along? I've been very lazy lately and thus the lack of recent postings. So to try and make up for a little of that, I thought I'd pop in here for a rare weekend post. The topic is a movie I watched recently. The film is named "Choke" and stars Sam Rockwell and Anjelica Huston as his mutter. Pictured above we have two sex addicts and best friends in the movie, hanging out in a strip club (of course). So other than a lot of naughty images and lots of bare breasts, what titillated me about this particular film? Well, right in the beginning of the movie we get to see a girl hand her panties over to Sam who then follows her to the bathroom where they fuck right on the filthy floor. The best part of this is when Sam takes her panties to his face and sniffs them hard while she rides his cock...WOW! Well, although Victor (Sam's character) seems like a piece of shit scam artist at first, we learn that just like in real life, there is much more to him than just his seedy side. Yes, there is no all bad or all good, only grey areas in between. Let's all try and stay toward the good end of the spectrum, but keep that bad side around for fun! ;^) Have a good weekend everyone!