Friday, March 30, 2012

Accent the Positive

Wimafa Shoo Readers! Just a quick post to kick off the weekend. I found this lovely pic of Rihanna over on Frankfufoto's blog. I've long thought of her as sexy, but I recently saw an interview of her on one of those entertainment shows which further cemented my opinion of her. Until then, I'd only really seen her in pictures and performing, but here she was herself, a real person.

She spoke with a sweet accent, not too heavy that it would impede communication, just enough to be sexy. Apparently she's from Barbados, that's where she gets that. It wasn't just that accent though, it was what she said. Somehow they'd gotten on the topic of Snookie from the Jersey Shore TV show and how she is supposedly pregnant. Rihanna said that it was a good thing and that we are put on this earth to reproduce, that our bodies are baby making machines and so her pregnancy should be celebrated. I forget her exact words, but that was the gist of it all. I liked what I heard though. She seemed a lot more grounded than I expected, a good thing as a lot of people with instant fame and wealth seem to go nuts.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Hola Readers! How are you all doing? So as you probably already figured out by now, I have a pretty strong libido. That means I need to cum regularly or I start getting whacky (as in super horny). So to keep myself regular and sane, I have a healthy collection of porn as you might have guessed. I do know people who have MUCH larger collections than I do, so I wouldn't consider myself to be a fiend or porn addict, but then again who knows?

Anyway, I was watching a favorite scene of mine recently staring Belladonna, pictured above. To me she has a real beauty to her and even though she does some really dirty things on film, I see sweetness to her as well, kindness and a goodness within. I think that's part of her appeal to me, ahem, amongst other attributes as well. Anyway, that's who I was jackin' to recently or is that TMI?

On another note, as I've stated in the past, I'm not really a foot fetish guy or shoe person, but man are those shoes she's wearing sexy or what? I love how they compliment her lingerie and highlight her lovely legs and pretty feet. Oh and in case you were wondering, the scene I watched was from the DVD Rampage 4. It's pretty intense including some rough sex. She really shines though and appears to fully enjoy the experience.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Modern Woman

Welcome Readers! How was your weekend? How about starting the week off right with some pics of lovely Sophia Vergara. I think maybe if you looked up the definition of a bombshell in the dictionary, her picture would be next to it. She's one of those women who can just wow any guy, pretty, buxom in the perfect way and even funny. These pics come from the Esquire magazine interview which can be found here. Also, I need to give credit where it's due to Slip of a Girl blog where I found out about these pics. Her's is one of my regular reads, if you haven't checked it out do so, it's a must see for lingerie fanatics.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Love Exposure

Hola Readers! How are you all doing? Ready for the weekend? If you're looking for something to do, I just watched a DVD called "Love Exposure". Hmm, what does that title bring to mind? Perhaps something kinky or perverse? Well, you're on the right track if that was your first thought, however if that's all you thought of, then you're selling the movie short.

I like to keep an open mind when watching foreign and art type films, at least give them a try and then decide after if I liked it or not. With this movie it was a mixed bag for me. The movie does indeed focus on a young man who becomes an upskirt panty picture expert, but the story is guided in such a way that the character is actually quite innocent and comical in his ways. Besides this comical aspect, there is also some action, drama and underneath it all a love story. Because of the way the panty mania was handled it really doesn't come across as erotic or naughty as it could have, something done on purpose I'm sure to keep the character likable. The most erotic image is one of the love interest touching herself through her panties while fantasizing on her bed alone at night (as seen in the second pic above, lower left corner). This scene lasts only a few seconds, but was highly, um, stimulating to me.

The movie is not for the faint of heart or those who can't dedicate themselves to a story as it is quite drawn out. Don't get me wrong, the story takes all these twists and turns and keeps moving along, but the sheer length of the film is daunting for those with short attention spans; I think it was around four hours total. I had to split it up into several days as there was no one chunk of time I could dedicate to watching this thing in a single sitting. If you do as I did and split it up, I'd suggest you watch it on consecutive days so that you don't lose track of the story line. Oh, and it's in Japanese with English subtitles, so you'll be doing some reading as well. It was pretty easy to keep up though, not like some movies that give you so much to read that you end up missing the picture or some of the wording.

I don't think there's a panty freak out there who could resist watching this movie for obvious reasons, but it's a good mix of elements that could keep even a non pervert interested. Also as I said, the perverted parts are kind of handled in a comical way so as not to turn the whole thing evil or a straight up porn movie. If you want to see a real porno you already know where to get that, this one is not like that at all. You might get a raised eyebrow if you bring this home to a female audience to watch, but I think the story will draw her in and she will end up realizing it's not totally what the title brings to mind at first.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pink Panty Peek

Hey Y'all! How's your week shaping up? In the second post this week about people who are famous for being famous, we have one Bethanny Frankel. She is on one of those reality "Housewives" shows, which I've never watched (although I've seen a couple of eps of the Atlanta version).

Anyway, she was on Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show and gabbing it up about dance moves and how she doesn't have a signature move for herself so she drops down and does push ups on the dance floor. Anderson then challenges her to a push up battle and, well, she drops down a little too quickly for her short skirt to keep up. Voila, we have panty! Unfortunately, it's been blocked out for our viewing displeasure, but it's still fun to watch.

On the long version not seen here, she makes light of the situation which I thought was cute. She cracked a few jokes about "How'd I look?" and "At least I was wearing panties". Nice recovery!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Art of Self Promotion

I know a lot of people criticize Kim Kardasian, but whatever you may think of her, you have to hand it to her; she is a master of self promotion. Last week she posted a late night tweet of herself topless, wearing only panties in bed, the top pic you see above, with the caption "Can't sleep tonight". Of course that pic was a set up for her Kardasian Kollection of lingerie at Sears. The other pics show some of the items available from the collection, er "kollection".

Being the lingerie pervert I am, I went to the site and checked it out. There are a few nice items there for sure, but they aren't cheap in price like you might have expected coming from Sears. The prices are decent though, competitive with other stores like Frederick's. I'll have to go to the store to see the merchandise in person to know for sure how good the quality is though. Anyone out there seen these in person yet or live near a Sears?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lace Nouveau!

I'm sure it wouldn't surprise you to learn that I'm a member of some lingerie internet groups (as I'm sure more than a few of you out there are as well). In one such group, a member was kind enough to share the following links to some wonderful little video clips featuring Vanity Fair panties. Long time readers here know that I really like the Lace Nouveau panties and they look spectacular in this video. I find it to be a beautiful panty, so sheer and smooth, a thin material that lets you feel what's underneath, and those lace inserts are the piece de resistance.

Here's the links so you can enjoy them yourself! I'm leaving them as cut and paste and not direct links in case they don't like being linked here, so it's a little more work than usual, but well worth the effort.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hot and Yummy!

Welcome Readers! How was your weekend? I like watching my sports on the tele and even though its the '10's, most of the ads during the games are still geared toward the men folk. One company that seems to know it's audience and always seems to hit home runs with me is Carl's Jr/ Hardee's. They are responsible for the Kim Kardasian salad, the Paris Hilton car wash, the Audrina Patridge bikini burger, the Miss Turkey Burger and now perhaps they're most ultimate burger ad, the jalapeno burger with Kate Upton.

I think I had to push the eye balls back into my skull the first time I saw this ad. Then it got even better because I found the ad you see her; the internet version which is much longer and steamier.

In case you were under a rock for the last couple of months, Kate is the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl this year, she wearing a very tiny bikini on said cover. I saw her on Jimmy Kimmel live a couple weeks back and she really has a cute and bubbly personality and is very charming. She seems to be popping up all over the place, even on an MLB 2K12 perfect game challenge ad. I'm not complaining! Expect to see some postings here featuring her in the near future.

Thursday, March 08, 2012


Howdy Readers! Just wanted to throw up a quick post before sending you off on your weekend. As a lingerie fanatic, I've been surfing the web for a long time seeking out lingerie sites to indulge my fetish. One site that I found many years ago, that I know some you also look at, is Sheerio. This guys has been at it for a long time and I gotta say his stuff keeps getting better every year. Above is a newer pic from this year. I just love that pic, so sexy! Go over and have a look if you haven't already. He updates his site daily and to top it off with a cherry, the site is free! Well, that's it for now, have a good one everybody.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Undie Party

Hello Readers! How was your weekend? Last Friday in San Francisco, the city that's always doing something fun, they had an Undie Party for the grand opening of the Desigual store. Apparently this store always does this at their grand openings, but the first 100 people in line in only their skivvies gets a free top and bottom and the next so many get a big discount. Looks like fun. I would have lined up in something hot, maybe a nice garter belt and stockings and some cute panties. OK, truth be told, I probably would have chickened out and wore some cute boxers if I was. LOL, I have some cute Scooby Doo boxers, probably would have gone with those.

So above are some pics from the event plus a video clip below, looks like it was fun. I definitely see some hotties that would have made it worth going.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Katy Panty

Hola Readers! How are you all doing my friends? Not sure how many music fans are out there and what subset of those like Katy Perry's music. I consider myself a fan. I used to not like her because I thought "I Kissed a Girl" was pandering and a cheap way to get attention, but I have to say that Katy really won me over with her last album. She has that kind of face that's both cute and pretty, and her eyes, so lovely.

Anyway, here's some pics I found of her at Fashion Week in Paris. As you can see, she chose to wear a sheer dress that shows off her lovely panties. A lot of people were panning her for this outfit, but I don't need to tell you I'm definitely in the crowd who likes it. I really like the softness of it all, including the color which actually goes with her blue hair. I do think she'd be more fetching with her black hair though. Let's hope this sheer dress look catches on!