Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm Back!

Hi everyone! The panty of the day is this lovely sheer pink thong. These are another store brand knock off of popular fashion panties. These nylon beauties feature a nice shimmery material that is edged with a lighter pink border around all the openings. The material itself is not all that stretchy, but it is very sheer as you can see. I bought these about five years ago and they seem to be holding up quite well. Although I've never worn these for any lady friends, I'd like to imagine that they'd like the view from the front if I did!

It's been a while since my last posting, things seem to get away from you quickly. I seem to be in one of my panty dry spells right now due to a lot going on around me. Fear not, I will always be a panty enthusiast, I've tried hard not to be one in the past, but have decided to enjoy it instead. I tend to not buy panties around this time of year anyway, as I know that tons of people are out shopping and there's a good chance someone I know will see me. I have no desire to expose my fetish publicly to people I know as I doubt they'd really understand, let alone approve of it.

Did anyone catch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on TV last week? If you missed it, I believe it will be repeated this coming week in some areas on the CW network. Check your local listings. I certainly enjoyed watching it, but for me it doesn't get me all that worked up. Like when I go to a strip club, I enjoy being there and looking at the girls, but I don't tend to get sexually aroused by it. I guess I prefer a more intimate environment. Ross' recent postings have got me thinking about my own used panty collection. I know he doesn't like buying soiled panties, but for me that is something I enjoy. Somehow the thought of it turns me on, although I'd say that generally the actual product received is less than my expectations. Still, I seem to be doomed to repeat the same mistake whenever I get too much libido calling the shots.


Pantymaven said...

I've been tempted but haven't made the "plunge". Your comment about the product being less than expected is my primary fear as well. I guess I'll continue to remain "celibate" in that area.

BTW: thanks for your continuing comments at my blog. It IS appreciated.

ross said...

welcome back, dude.

Anne said...

Hi sweety. I got rid of my sexy blog. It was too much mental work. You can still visit my other 2 blogs if you want, and I will come visit you too. As always, feel free to ask anything you like.

Today's undies are very nice, and I imagine the view from the front would be spectacular. Fashion shows don't do much for me. I agree, they're anything but intimate. I went to a strip bar once with a bunch of friends. Lots of fun, but I've always been too intimidated, as a woman, to go into a strip bar alone.

Now about buying used panties... (I love fetishes, they can be so interesting and fun) it the fact they're used, or the fact of paying money for them that turns you on? In what way are you disappointed?

badside said...

PM, I really do enjoy your postings, very good reading.

Hey Ross, have been having problems posting to your blog recently. Now I can't even look at it. I don't have a google account or whatever it is they want. I assume you have switched your blog over to the new google one that they've been pushing on the log in page? How is it? I was thinking of doing the same, but still not sure.

Anne, sorry to see your naughtier blog go. I'll stop by your other ones too, always up for your witty humor. I'll post more details of used panty adventures in my blog later.

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