Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

HHhhhiiiisssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've cum to suck your....well you know what I want! ;^P Happy Halloween everyone! I thought you'd enjoy the Frederick's of Hollywood panty ghost I made for the occasion, just for you. Any naughty costume ideas this year? For ladies, the pussycat, naughty nurse, French maid, and cheerleader are obvious ones that always seem to be a hit. For guys, I'm not sure what's the best. It'd be pretty funny for a group to do the Village People or something, especially if they're all straight guys, LOL! Of course there's no need to wait til Halloween to play dress up, is there? Have a fun and safe time!

Monday, October 27, 2008

End of an Era

Happy Diwali Readers! Diwali is an Eastern holiday celebrating Good over Evil, which to me sounds like a great reason to celebrate. Apparently the celebrants light candles or lights signifying the victory over evil.

On a down note, it is with great sadness that I mention that one of my favorite stores is closing. Yes, Mervyn's, the retail chain, located mostly on the West coast has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and will be shutting the doors on ALL of its locations after the holidays. I have great memories of shopping for panties at various Mervyn's. They often had great sales and they carried their own in store brands of knock off versions of Victoria's Secret fashion panties. Alas, my collection outgrew the meager space available for my delicates and I haven't bought much lingerie in recent times. I guess my own shopping habits have added to the burden. The majority of my collection was purchased at these stores so I guess in the future, I'll have to find a new place to shop. Kohl's is very similar in look and feel to Mervyn's, but it's missing something that the older chain had, although I can't quite put my finger on what that was exactly. If any of you are near a store location, go in and have a look, maybe treat yourself to some lingerie there while you still can.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Problem at Home?

Welcome readers! The pic of the day comes from yet another lingerie fetish site; Mistress Jessica's. As I said, the site caters to lingerie pervs (myself included), so lots of silky nylon panties, slips and such to ogle there. Give it a look sometime, although once again, I'm not a member, so caveat emptor.

I spotted this in the paper and found it pretty funny coming from my perverted point of view, but I could see how a "regular" guy might not find it too comical to be in that situation. At any rate, I couldn't have asked for a better topic to post here on my blog, read on.

DEAR ABBY: I am in my 70s, on Social Security and in my second marriage. My wife, "Irene," is in her early 50s and holds a good job. She also holds the purse strings, and allows me $5 a week for coffee with my friends. I drive a little scooter, and Irene has given me a gas credit card so I can get around.

Last week, I told her that I need some underwear and asked her for her store credit card. She said she has a drawer full of nylon panties and that I should wear them instead. She said when they are worn out she will buy me some new men's underwear. She also said she didn't want to waste any money on me since the panties are still wearable.

What if someone finds out? Irene says that since I'm over 70 it doesn't matter. Do you think this is right? -- PREFERS BRIEFS

Sounds like "Prefers" is actually into humilitation seeing as to how he wrote into a nationaly syndicated column about his little problem. Add to that the fact that he lets his wife humiliate him in front of his friends by giving him his piddly $5 allowance. How the heck does this guy last a week on $5 for coffee? Around here it can cost $5 for ONE cup of joe and that's with NO tip. LOL!! That's why I don't drink coffee! ;^P Anyway, me thinks Prefers should try on his wife's silky undies. You know you want to and you secretly want your friends to know about it too!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Greeting Readers! How's things? Posted for your pleasure today is a lovely lacy white thong from the adult amateur web site Only the Real Deal. I'm not a member there so I couldn't tell you if it's any good, but I sure love this pic.

I applaud X Files star David Ducovney for coming forward with his porn addiction. I can imagine that it must have been very difficult for him to make that particular type of addiction public knowledge. I think people have now grown accustomed to other addictions and can understand them, but there is still some stigma or shame connected with sexual matters, at least here in the US. I wonder though, if there truly is such a thing as a porn or even sex addiction. We are prewired to long and crave sex. It's a natural tendency and one that has kept the human race procreating since forever (hmm that's a lot of fucking!).

I have a coworker who said his wife doesn't like watching porn. I have sometimes wondered what it is exactly that makes us (or is it just me) want to watch other people having sex. We don't watch other people eating although it's also a pleasurable activity. No that would probably gross us out, wouldn' t it? Somehow watching sex is a turn on, yet at it's core, it is just a bodily function, nothing more. So why is it a turn on to watch? Do monkeys get horny if they see monkey porn with two (or more) monkeys going at it? I wonder. Come to think of it, I guess watching someone else eat can make us hungry, so perhaps watching fucking makes us horny in the same way? Food for thought.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Not So Free Flight

Hola! How are you, my readers? I hope you all had a wonderful week! Did you happen to watch the Prez debate? I did. I won't comment any further than that, as I'm sure you're getting sick of all the politicing going on. No, you come to the Badside to escape from that stuff right? You know, like when you surf the net looking for something naughty to look at or read? Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but I've been reading about how the airlines are now blocking porn access through their WiFi networks on the planes. I could see how that might be problematic for the flight attendants, but it saddens me to see the walls being put up in yet another place. Found a great article about it here, give it a look as it's very entertaining, written by sex columnist Violet Blue. I'd just think it'd be bad etiquette to surf for porn on a plane, at least if there's people sitting next to you. Either that or it's the ultimate weapon to get the person next to you to stop oozing over into your space!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Floral and Fluttery

Hola Readers! How is your week shaping up so far? A happy Thanksgiving to my neighbors up North in Canada. Haven't posted a panty from my collection in a long time, so today that's what you're gettin'. The panty of the day is a flutter-kini in a lovely floral print. These are a variation of a thong having no elastic in the leg openings. You can imagine how easily a hand can slip into these or how they can be pulled to the side with little effort. The material is a satin nylon, very silky to the touch. These were purchased at a Mervyn's store about nine years ago and are no longer available, long gone as a matter of fact. They were a copy of the Victoria's Secret version that were available around that same time. They seem to have held up fairly well, the elastic is still stretchy and no loose strings coming undone anywhere. Hope ya like 'em.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Classic Review

Greetings Readers! How was your week? Well, don't cry, the weekend is here to make it all better. And what better way to spend some of that weekend time than a nice porno movie at home? Yes, it's time for the Badside to review another blast from the past (in more ways than one). The movie is titled "Amber Aroused" and stars of course Amber Lynn, porn queen of the 80's. Bet you didn't know that Amber actually had a sibling in porn, her brother (Buck Adams) was in many a fuck film himself, although, thank goodness they never fucked each other. I guess even porn stars have some standards!

The story starts with our lady driving along when suddenly her car breaks down. A fake Burt Reynolds stops and picks her up and is rewarded with a nice cock sucking while he drives. She gets to her destination, a big house in the hills where she is applying for the live in maid position. Of course she wins the job and moves her things in right away and that night decides to celebrate by masturbating in her room. This scene has an orgasmic fantasy sequence where she imagines herself fucking the couple who hired her. She finishes herself off with a nice vibrator cumming on the bed while the pervy neighbor watches from the window.

The next day she seduces the lady of the house (played by Crystal Breeze) after "accidentally" touching her in the privates whilst giving her a full body massage. Not a bad scene to tug your man meat to given that both ladies are very pretty with sexy bods. One thing of note, the movie is from the 80's so there are actual pubic hairs on the ladies. I know, some of you didn't even know that grown women have pubes, yes, it's true and the evidence is right here on the movie. Anyway, our little Amber is all about equality so she goes on to suck the man of the house to a nice orgasm as well.

The pervy neighbor, played by Ron Jeremy (who else) ends up getting to play submissive to Amber in the pool, eating her pussy underwater. That scene didn't do a whole lot for me, but the next one did. After Amber serves dinner, she sneaks back into the dining room on her hands and knees and proceeds to eat wifey's pussy under the table unbeknownst to hubby. The visual on this scene is great, with Amber in her French maid outfit lifting wifey's skirt and pulling down her silky panties. After wifey has her secret orgasm, she excuses herself from the table and Amber goes to work on hubby's stiff cock. Mmm, what a way to cap off a meal!

Next, we find out that Amber is here for a purpose and that purpose is to get the couple to loosen up sexually. You see, wifey has been refusing to suck hubby's cock, telling him to just get on top like usual while she lays there like a rubber doll. Well, beyond her oral lessons that they have been getting individually, our Amber has something else very special in mind. Yes, the cocktail party at the house shall be more fun than any of the guests had imagined. Amber puts her special love potion in the punch bowl and voila, instant orgy. This includes the stupid robot that's on the cover picture above. They glued on a dildo to it and made it fuck some girl at the party, not very convincingly I might add.

Her job now complete, Amber packs her bags and is off into the night to find another couple in need of some lessons.

I give this movie seven out of ten stars. The fantasy scene did it for me, with soft focus and good lighting, great editing and pacing, it was by far the best scene in the movie. The other scenes were just OK and typical. Amber is lovely and I find Crystal Breeze particularly fetching with a slinky, sexy body topped with natural perky breasts. Of course I could be biased because I just loved seeing her spread her panty covered crotch open for Amber under the table. I say give it a rent if you can find it.

Well, that's it for now, have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, October 06, 2008

I'm Baaaack!

Hola Readers! I apologize for the long hiatus, just needed to get my head straight as life has been a little haywire lately. OK, the noggin isn't really right, but then again, I doubt it ever was or will be. To distract you all, I've posted the above pic. Lovely, no?! The pic comes from a place that you lingerie fanatics will want to bookmark. It's a company that makes all sorts of naughty lingerie that will make your mouth water, Leg Avenue. Just take a peek at the "Role Play" section of goodies...I could go insane thinking of the fun!

Are any of you fight fans? Did you happen to catch the Kimbo fight last Sat? What a let down. I haven't seen anything that bad since that Tyson fight back in the day. Anyway, I have to say that I was somehow turned on by the two ladies who fought one another. One is pretty and thus dubbed the face of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), the other looked more like the tough chick who knows how to take care of herself. They were both a turn on, but somehow, the less attractive girl seemed like she might be hotter in the sack. Maybe it was her attitude, I loved the pre fight scowl she gave the camera. She looks like she can take it rough and hard, that's something not all girls can do. I think a lot of women make the mistake of thinking they must look like Charlize Theron and weigh not one pound more than Kate Moss or men won't find them attractive. Wrong! I can't speak for all guys, but I'd say the majority of us like all kinds of women. What one man deems unattractive another calls exotic (or erotic). It mostly boils down to attitude and demeanor (and perhaps her lingerie collection and whether she minds sharing it with me...;^P ).