Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More Bernadette

Here's a few more pics of lovely Bernadette Peters from that Playboy spread.  Apparently there may be more behind the curtain over at their site but you'll need to subscribe to find out.  These are from the December 1981 issue.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Bernadette Peters


Hola Readers!  How was your weekend?  No football feels weird, I'm gonna miss it after next week!  So I'm not sure how this happened, but I was thinking about Bernadette Peters recently.  I had a crush on her when I was a kid.  Always thought she was so cute and bubbly with her squeaky little voice and those big eyes and her tiny mouth.

I did a little research and found she was actually in Playboy.  Now I'm not sure she ever posed nude in Playboy, but she was featured in a very tasteful spread where she is donning some period pieces and looking her usual beautiful self.

Friday, January 25, 2013


Happy Friday All!  This was a short week for most, but that's always a good thing isn't it?  Remember the No Pants Sunday event I posted about recently?  I found a few pics from this year's happening that I thought you might enjoy.  Looks like it was a lot of fun.  Girl in the leather coat, black panties, white stockings and tan heels, if you're reading this; love your selections and nice butt!  I'll send you off on your weekend with that.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kylan Wenzel

Welcome Readers!  Well it's hump day again.  Speaking of humps, there's a bit of controversy in the beauty pageant world (again).  There's a girl from Century City (the LA area) that is running for Miss California.  The controversy being, you guessed it, that she was not born a she.  Her name is Kylan Wenzel and she is a post op T girl, so physically a woman all the way.  Anyway, as you can see by the pics she is more than passable and actually very attractive.  Not sure if it's fair to allow her to take a spot from someone else, but then again she would have to beat that person out for the spot, so you could say she earned it too.  What do you think?

Monday, January 21, 2013

New Cami

Welcome Readers!  How was your weekend?  Today I thought I'd continue with where I left off last week, the new camisole I bought.

The cami is made by Jezebel, which is apparently the same company that makes Felina.  I've always thought of Felina as a more upscale or premium brand or at least a cut above more ordinary brands, so this is a good thing.  I can't recall owning any other Jezebel items although I could be mistaken.

The top is called the "Animal Attraction Camisole" and comes in a variety of animal prints as well as solid colors.  Some of the prints include giraffe, cheetah and panther.  Mine is a panther pattern and the color is a grey, not the usual warm brown/orange hue.  The edges are finished in a cute pink lace.  The material is stretchy nylon.  It's fairly soft and smooth.

The main attraction here is the large matching pink bow on the front center cleavage area.  Super cute!  I do worry that the bow may get wrinkled if I'm not careful in storing this or when it gets washed.  The tops of the breast cups and the bottom fringe of the cami have that eyelette lace edging.  The outer edges of the cups and the top of the back piece have a toothed edge that is also very cute and a nice touch.

To me, the piece is a little tight, so I'd say it may run small for the size.  The material itself is smooth and thin with no lining in the cups, just the way I like it.  As for build quality, it feels well built and should hold up well through some playtime.  The ad for it online says it can be inner OR outer wear.  Would LOVE to see a woman wearing this out somewhere, that'd be really hot!

I was lucky to find it on sale and then it was further discounted beyond the marked down price.  It ended up being $12.xx, a great value in my opinion!  Since I just got this the other day, I'm guessing you can find one at your local store on sale as well, so hurry on down to Macy's if you like what you see here.  Happy hunting!

Friday, January 18, 2013


Hola!  It's Friday Everyone!  Not sure why, maybe it's the stress, but I've been on the boil lately (horny wise that is).  I bought those panties I posted about last week and now I went out and bought a camisole too.  I really took my time shopping too.  I was in an area that was new to me and spotted this mall.  Since I had time to kill and was horny as heck, I decided to look around for some lingerie.

The mall had quite a few places I thought might have something I might like.  I first looked at Macy's.  As was the case last week, I really wanted to find a nice unpadded bra.  Something simple and feminine.  I know what you're thinking, how can a bra not be feminine, right?  Well, believe me some of those everyday type bras are hideous and totally unflattering.  No lace, very utilitarian and plain; in other words, ugly.

Getting back to the story, so I was on the hunt for that elusive bra.  So I tried Macy's.  There were a few cute bras there, but they were all the padded variety.  I tried to avoid looking at panties, since I already have too many of those and was afraid I'd find yet another pair I found to be cute.  I ended up browsing the sale rack and found several cute items, but not the bra I wanted.  I made a mental note of the things I might want and moved on out to the main mall.

I checked Kohl's next.  They didn't seem to have anything I was interested in.  This was a smaller Kohl's, but they did have a fairly large area for the lingerie. Again, no magic bra there.  There were a couple of cute nighties, but I decided against buying anything as I still wanted to look at the other stores.

Next I tried F21.  This was a smaller store as well and it didn't have the lingerie section that the bigger stores have.  In retrospect, I probably should have checked out some of the clothes racks, but I didn't as I was on a lingerie hunt and my mind was locked in on that.

The next store I tried was JC Penny.  The lingerie was upstairs in a medium sized section.  Again I avoided the panties and just stayed on target for a bra.  Nothing.  They had some nighties that were cute too, but they were made of that stretchy cotton, which is comfortable and practical, but not what I was looking for.

I then tried Sears.  Sears had a decent sized lingerie section.  I found a small amount of things from the "Kardasian" line of lingerie.  They were pretty cute, but a little more than I wanted to spend, despite being on sale.  I would have bought one cami/nightie thing, but they didn't have my size.  The bra section was a mess (in the employees defense, it was the end of the day).  Again no bra.

As I was walking back to the other end of the mall, I noticed a small non chain store with wigs and cheap costume jewelry.  I could see some lingerie hanging on the back wall, so I did what any lingerie freak would do and went right in.  I walked straight to the back and found some cute clothes hanging there.  The stuff looked like things strippers would wear to work, in other words, stuff I liked!

They didn't have any stripper shoes, (another thing I'd like to get) and the lingerie was very limited in selection.  They didn't have anything that appealed to me enough to crack open my wallet, so I left with the thought that I'd try this place again in the future.

I stopped by VS on the way back and checked out the entire store, paying special attention to the sale rack.  A pretty girl came to help me.  She must have been 6'2" with her shoes on, very tall.  She was very helpfull, if a bit on the pushy side.  She made suggestion after suggestion and I would tell her if I liked the item or not.  I pretended it was a gift for a girl, not being brave enough to fess up to me actually wanting something for myself.  In the end I decided against buying anything, telling the girl I'd come back another time.  Most of the things I thought were cute had the dreaded foam cups lining the breasts, yuck.

After leaving VS, the idea became cemented in my head that I would now buy the cami at Macy's that I'd seen at the beginning of this trek.  I went right upstairs and found it still there on the sales rack.  There were actually three to choose from in the right size.  They all looked the same, so I picked one and walked to a register.  A pretty sales girl spotted me and came over to help.  She was very nice and I asked her if she liked the camisole.  She said she'd love to sleep in something so pretty and that she liked the bow detail.

Since this post is getting long, I'll save your eyeballs and do a separate post to review the camisole itself.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nerd Up!

Happy Hump Day Readers!  I came across this video a while back and completely forgot about it.  Somehow it popped into my mind today.  Anyway, I thought this might be something that readers of this blog would enjoy.

NEAR and FAR WARS from cinema by moses on Vimeo.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Buying Bras

Howdy Readers!  How are you doing today?  Bummed that it's back to the salt mines again for you?  Aw, it ain't that bad.  At least your getting paid, right?!  And what better way to spend those hard earned dollars than on lingerie?

perfect71ps asked me recently for some advice on purchasing a bra.  Now, let me start by prefacing this advice with the warning that I am no expert at all.  I can only tell you my own observations and things I've found out in the short time I've been a bra buyer.  Also, take it with a grain of salt as I have my own tastes and you yours.  OK that being said, lets get to the advice part of things, shall we?

The first thing I would suggest would be to buy the bra in person.  That way you can feel the materials and get a good idea of it's build quality and the textures of the materials.  You can also eyeball the cup sizes as well and know whether it will fit you or not.  If you're gutsy (more so than me, for sure (although that ain't saying much)), you can ask the sales woman if you can try it on right there in the store.  As I've said, I'm not into the humiliation aspect of this fetish so this does not appeal to me, but it may you.

Another good thing about buying in person is that sizing seems to vary wildly.  I'd suggest measuring you chest and writing down what you find.  You want to measure your chest just under your "breasts", the area directly beneath your pectoral muscles.  Try and keep the tape measure or string level around your back as well, as if you were cutting a cross section through yourself, straight across.  This will give you an accurate measurement.  Oh, and round up to the next even number.  This is your band size.

Next do the same measurement, but around the fullest part of your chest, just above where you just measured, most likely right around nipple height.  Keep that tape measure straight!

Next subtract the smaller measurement from the larger and you will get your cup size.  Each inch of difference is one cup size, so if you measured 38 and 36, then that's 2 inches difference.  2 inches would be two cups sizes, so you'd be a "B".  If it's one inch , then you're an "A".

Make sure the shoulder straps are adjustable.  Most are, but I've run across some nighties and such that weren't.  This is important because the straps will really help you get a customized fit for your body.  They help get the cups to fit properly or at least much better anyway.

As for material, this will be a preference thing on your part.  I personally, want a bra that's thin and light.  I don't want a thick foam pad between my nipples and the silky nylon material.  I have sensitive nipples and enjoy playing with them through the bra, so the foam is definitely something that impedes my pleasure.  I also find the foam to be aesthetically displeasing to my eyes and often it has a rubbery odor that I don't like as well.  I also hate feeling a woman's breasts through a foam bra...yuck!

I look for bras that are labeled as unlined.  This means that the bra will be thin and light usually.  Many bras of this type are often called bralettes.  Bralettes often have an extra lacy bit of material below the cups, wrapping around the body.  You can also try a bandeau style bra.  These are without shoulder straps, but I find that the "vee" shape of a man's body causes the bra to slide down to the abdomen without the help of shoulder straps.  Your body may be different, but I tend to stay away from bandeau style bras for that reason.

Lastly, expect to pay a good amount for a really pretty bra.  When and if you find one that meets your tastes in design and style and it fits you well, pay for it.  Don't wait for a sale or think you can come back and decide later, because bras often are just made in a limited quantity and once that exact bra is gone, you won't find it again.  Bras are ofter expensive too, so do expect to pay a tidy sum for the one you fall in love with.

I think that pretty much covers it, but if I missed anything, drop me a comment and I'll try and adress it in a later post.

Happy (bra) Hunting!

Friday, January 11, 2013

No Pants Sunday!

Hola Readers!  The weekend is upon us!  So what have you got planned?  Maybe some football watching?  I know something else that's fun to watch and unlike pro football, you can actually participate.  It's No Pants Sunday!  You just need to drop trow and head on down to your local subway to be a part of the event.  Show off those cute panties you've got stashed away, they deserve to be flaunted!  To get you in the spirit, here's a video from last year's event in NYC.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

More New Panties

It's Hump Day Readers!  How are you all?  In continuing with my recent purchase post, I present to you, my second pair of F21 panties.  As you can see they are a lovely soft pink and white thong.  It's actually a white floral lace over a pink see through background.  The front features two pretty pink bows at the bottom front at the leg openings. 

The shiny ribbon material of the bows continues up to the waistband through two eye loop channels forming the edges of a pretty triangle accentuating the crotch area of the panties.

The back of the panty is all white and made of a mesh type material which is double sided to give just enough see through to hint at the tender flesh beneath.

At the top of the back waistband is a pretty pink bow, contrasting nicely with the white of the mesh and a cute little ruched channel below the ribbon itself.

And at the hips they have added an extra bit of flair with the little wisps of white lace hanging there, accentuating the hip area.

I could see these panties looking excellent with a French maid outfit or going very well with a pink or white garter belt and stockings.  They certainly caught my eye in the store.  The price is cheap at $3.80, the same as Monday's panties.  About the price though, one thing to note, if I had bought one more pair of panties, the price would have been $9.60 or something and I could have walked out with three pairs for less than $10!  I didn't see any signs stating that, but when I looked on line later I was reminded of the fact.  I didn't really see anything else I wanted though, so I suppose it's not like I really missed out.  At $3.80 per panty, there's not a whole lot to complain about price wise.

I would recommend these panties to any lingerie fanatics out there.  The fit is slightly small for the size, so buy accordingly.

Monday, January 07, 2013

New Panties!

G'day Readers!  How was your weekend?  Too short no doubt?!  I had a chance to do a little shopping and picked up some new panties.  I definitely didn't need any new panties, so it was the extreme horniness in me that made me do it.  Certainly it wasn't my rational brain looking for practical clothing at all.  I guess I'm lucky in that when I start getting horny, my compulsions lead me to the store where I can easily and legally get my lingerie fix.

I walked into the store, F21, and looked around as I headed toward the back corner, where I knew from past experience is the lingerie area of the store.  I was hoping to find a pretty unpadded or unlined bra, but all they had were those foam lined cup push up types, horrible!  The selection at this chain isn't too big "in store", as their main business is clothing, and not lingerie.  So while eying the bras, I spotted some really cute panties.  I picked out two pair, the first of which you are seeing in the above pics.  I try really hard to get only panties that aren't duplicated in style elsewhere in my collection.  I have limited space to store my precious collection of intimates, and I don't need to be wasting money either.  Also, I wouldn't want to add to the landfill unnecessarily.

So I made two selections and then turned and looked toward the registers.  Bingo, no one was in line.  I know some guys get off on the embarrassment of buying lingerie, but that's not really my thing (happy for you if its yours though).  I walked right up and placed the panties on the counter.  A middle aged woman was there doing some calculations and writing something down on a paper and another was further back on the  work phone.  The lady on the phone saw me and acknowledged me, directing me with her hand to the other woman, who said nothing at first.  I said hello to get her attention and she looked up and smiled, quickly finishing what she was doing. 

The lady didn't seem to think anything of a guy being in a primarily women's clothing store, buying panties, and nothing else.  I'm quite certain that 99.9 percent of the customers here are women.  At this particular store I don't think they even carry any of the men's items, or not that I noticed anyway in my dash to the panty area.  She did joke with me though, asking if I was sure they were my size.  I answered that I was sure they were not (even though i was certain they were!).

I still had more to do, so the panties stayed in my pocket until I got home later.  Of course I was dying to try them on the whole time I was out.  I even fantasized briefly about going in the bathroom at another store and putting them on.  Cooler heads prevailed though and the naughty idea didn't get any further than that.

The actual panties are a soft pastel, minty green/blue color.  I think the close up pic is the closest to the actual thing color wise.  The panties seem to be nicely made and I love the floral lace, very pretty.  The piped edging is ruffly, which caught my eye in the store, love them ruffles!  The ruffling goes all the way around the panties on all edges.  There is a contrasting, off white bow at the top of the front waistband which adds an extra feminine flair that I approve of greatly.

Overall, I am pleased with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone who might also like the looks of these thongs.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Jessica Nigri

Hola Readers!  You made it to the first weekend of the new year!  OK it wasn't that much of an accomplishment, but pat yourselves on the back anyway.  Do you remember the girl from my cosplay post a little while back, Jessica Nigri?  Yeah, I found a nice little interview with her at the NY Comic Con.  As usual she is looking smoking hot.  She seems to have a fun and bubbly personality.

In the interview she confirms that she does indeed make her own costumes.  Kudos to her for that, as she has some real skills there.  I doubt I could make those.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Does Anyone Know?

Welcome to a brand new year everyone!  How did your New Years Eve go?  Had a little too much to drink maybe?  Hopefully you actually remember how your evening went! 

Speaking of things forgotten, I've been looking for a certain semi amateur lingerie or stocking video seller.  The reason is that I thought I remembered seeing one of Sheerio's girls on a video cover once at one of those sites.  I've been checking out the ones I could think of, JB, Bob's, Glamourvision (where the lovely above pic comes from), but I haven't spotted the girl in question yet (NOT she who is pictured today).  So does anyone have any suggestions on where to look?