Saturday, February 27, 2010

Special Event

Uerauka Readers! Tomorrow is a big day. "Why", you ask? Because Victoria's Secret will be rolling out their latest creations in the Body collection at special events to be held in select stores. I scored a pass, but I won't be attending, sadly. You were supposed to RSVP by Friday (yesterday), so I'd guess if you havent' done so, you may be out of luck if you want to go. Perhaps you can sneak in if you try hard enough. There's supposed to be DJ music, prizes and gifts for attendees, so sounds like fun. If any of you attend let me know how it was and what you might have seen there. Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Extra Savings

Jai Jinendra Readers! Friday already...yay! Just wanted to alert you to the extra 25% off available on clearance items over at Fresh Pair right now. I found the above Callie thong panties by Fantasie still on the chopping block at $25.50 minus another 25 percent. Under twenty smackers for a pair of Fantasie panties is a steal! I have a couple of their garter belts and they're divine! Wonderful design, detailing, materials and construction. Get 'em while you can! Enter code "low25" at checkout.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ice Queen

Ezender Readers! How are you all doing? Sorry for my recent absence, I've been spread a little thin lately and with the Olympics on TV, it seems most my spare time has been zapped. I did get a chance to watch the movie "Whiteout" the other day. No, it's not about corrective typing fluids (if you don't know what a typewriter is, you shouldn't be reading this blog for a few years). ;^P The film is about a female federal marshal stationed at Antarctica who must investigate a murder. Of course the marshal happens to be drop dead gorgeous and played by Kate Beckinsale. The reason I mention this film is that right in the first few minutes of the film, we get a wonderful strip down shower scene of lovely Kate in her white panties and bra. To say her body looks spectacular is an understatement. Anyway, the movie itself is just so so, I didn't hate it, but I also thought it could have been better. Maybe save watching it for a hot summer day when you need cooling down, or on second thought maybe watching it on a cold winters night might enhance it and make you feel closer to the action. Funny, I did a little digging and saw some references to Kate using a body double in this movie, but clearly she didn't use one or need it. For those of you not willing or wanting to spend an hour and a half on this movie, here's a little clip I found on You Tube of the shower scene (no nudity)...enjoy.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Insatiable Again

Ahalan Readers! Not beat a dead horse with and old shoe, but as many of you know, my favorite porn actress is/was Marilyn Chambers. Of all her movies, I'd have to say that Insatiable was her finest and is a big part of why I adore her. If you asked me what porno movie I'd pick if I were stranded on a desert island and could only have one, this would be it. In fact, I've actually bought this movie a few times in various formats, the latest being the 30th Anniversary Edition on DVD (pictured above).

Like so many things, it seems even porno movies were made better in the olden days. This one was shot on film and had an obvious big budget feel to it, what with the helicopter, mansion, Ferrari, Rolls Royce and location shots in London. I found this version on a fluke and knee jerk ordered it on the spot. Shortly after, I began to wonder if I'd just thrown my money down the toilet since I already have a DVD of this same movie. What sold me was that it said it was remastered and had some extras I'd never seen before. I tried doing some research after the fact (I know, I know, should've done that first), but couldn't find any useful information about this new release (from the Dynasty Group).

The DVD came pretty quickly in the mail and I popped it in as soon as I had a chance. The first thing I noticed was that the menus were completely different than those of my old copy, a good sign perhaps? When I played the actual movie, to my delight (and relief), I found this version vastly superior to any I'd ever seen. The picture has been brightened and cleaned up considerably compared to the old DVD version. In every iteration of this movie that I can recall ever seeing, there are some scenes that were so dark that you couldn't really see everything that was happening. In this remaster, I could see detail that I never knew existed. All that time, I thought it was the director's intent to hide things in shadow for effect! My only complaint is that they may have gone too far in trying to sharpen the picture as it sometimes has a slight posterized look. Also, strangely they didn't clean all the scratches and such from the film. The sound is quite good, although to my ear, not as far of a jump ahead as the picture quality is.

In addition to the clean up and sound enhancements, they've also added an extra commentary track with Marilyn and a female interviewer watching the film together. This is in addition to the original commentary from the old DVD with Gloria Leonard. I know what you're thinking, who the heck wants to hear some commentary while watching a porn flick, right? Wrong, for fans of this film, it's great to hear what people who were there at the time have to say about the film, especially now that Marilyn is gone and we can never ask her ourselves. In speaking of the famous pool table scene, she tells us that it was a fantasy come true and that anytime she needed to fantasize, that scene would be what she thought of. WOW, I can't tell you how incredibly hot that scene is, but knowing that just makes it all the hotter! The commentary also gives you great insight into the woman that was Marilyn Chambers as she is very open about talking about her personal life, very interesting stuff.

I actually think the commentary track alone is worth the upgrade price, but with the cleaned up video it's all the more worth while. You also get a nice extra of Marilyn at the premiere of the movie in LA back in the day wearing Daisy Dukes that are beyond short with no undies on under them (maybe the same ones on the poster?). If you decide to purchase this, make sure you get the Dynasty Group 30th Anniversary version, as the old version is still around. Also note that the copy I got is only one disc, and it was advertised as being a two disc set (another reason I took a chance on it), so there may actually be a two disc set out there as well. If you want it, try a certain site that rhymes with P-Day, I've seen it there cheaper than anywhere else.

Friday, February 05, 2010

A Hand to Hold

Hola Readers. I'm afraid today's post is not so much fun. It seems that our good friend and fellow blogger at Slip of a Girl is in need of some assistance. Another victim of the sad state of our economy right now. I won't get into my theories of how and why we as a country are in such hot water or how to get out, that's not what this blog is about. I will say that we do need to reach out and help others now more than ever. Take a look at her most recent post and please try and lend a hand, if not financially then spiritually. I think she could use a good virtual hug right now. I would imagine anything would help right now, so if you can spare it please do. Let's hope she's back on her feet soon so she can concentrate on the silkier things in life! :^)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

VS Contest

Bziara Bbant Readers! Well the countdown to Valentine's Day is getting closer, have you bought anything for the occasion yet? While you're browsing for goodies for your goodies cruise on by VS where they're having the $500 "Wild Card" giveaway contest. It's free, no purchase necessary and you can enter up to once per day for a chance to win. I won a free panty with bra purchase so far. Good hunting!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Xla Readers! How are you all doing? I haven't been around much the last week or so, just enough to throw in a quick post here and there. Frankly, I was starting to feel a bit burned out. JamieLin has brought to my attention in her latest post (welcome back JL ;^) ) that the owner of the Satin and Lace Blog has put out a call for pictures of her fans wearing purple panties. So with that in mind I'm posting the first pic of me in a long time. Yes, that's my lil' hiny pictured above carefully wrapped in a pair of VS lavender chiffon ruffle panties. I'll be reviewing those panties in an upcoming installment BTW. So, now I'm gonna throw out an addition to the S and L Blog request and add that any of my readers who want to participate in what I'll call "Post Pics of Your Purple Panties (PPYPP)" please do so as well. Check out the S and L Blog, I've added a link to the side there, she is a woman who likes her men to wear lingerie, gotta like that! Hoping to see some of your purple panties soon!

PS: Check out Treacle's lingerie contest here for a chance to win some lingerie!