Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Party

Once again, my fellow panty blogger Ross has provided the inspiration for today's posting.

It was a Friday night as I remember, when a good friend called and told me he was going to a house party and that I was welcome to tag along. I've never been one to refuse a house party, since at the very least, there is almost always some cold beer at those things. Of course my real motivation for going was the fact that it's often easier, at least for me, to meet ladies at house parties. I'm not much of a pick up artist, I'm much too shy, but after a few drinks of bravery elixer, I usually do ok mingling with the ladies.

We joined several other friends and went to the party which was quite crowded with people. Unfortunately, it seemed most everyone there knew each other and were confined to their respective little groups. This made it hard to meet new people, so I pretty much just hung out with the friends I had come with.

After a few drinks I was ready to relieve myself so I headed for the bathroom. There were at least three or four people waiting to use it and my situation was getting to red alert status, so I decided to head upstairs to look for another bathroom. As I climbed the stairs, the amount of people thinned considerably until I reached the bedroom level (it was a loft), where there wasn't anyone around.

I found the bathroom and thankfully there was no one there so I was able to relieve myself immediately. I turned to wash my hands and noticed a wicker basket hamper in the corner next to the sink. My heart went suddenly into overdrive as my blood pressure rose and I could almost feel my pulse in my throat. Should I look? As any panty pervert will tell you, it's very hard to stop the compulsion, and so I really didn't get to choose.

I hadn't planned on looking for a hamper, this was just a chance happening, but here I was getting ready to look for panties. I saw my hand reach out and remove the lid. The room was fairly dark as it was lit only with candles, so I couldn't see that well. I was tempted to turn on the light, but was afraid people may have come and would notice the bright light, stupid I know, but I wasn't really thinking straight then anyway. There were some dirty clothes on the top of the pile and I remember feeling initially disappointed. Then I dug through the pile gently, trying not to disturb it too much so they wouldn't know what I'd done later. I reached around and BINGO, found a pair of gray panties! I examined them quickly, then stuffed them in my pocket. I tried putting the cloths back in the hamper so they looked like they hadn't been disturbed and replaced the lid. I opened the door, and luckily no one was there waiting to use the can, so I rechecked to make sure the panties weren't hanging out of my pocket and went back to the party. The panties kind of formed a lump in my pocket and I was worried one my friends would notice and ask what the heck was in there. No one noticed, or at least they didn't ask me about it. I didn't take them out until I had gotten back home later that night by which time I was pretty tired and drunk.

The next day, I felt bad that I had taken them, but was smitten with my new prize at the same time. This was one of the few times that I actually took panties from someone and was many years ago. I wonder if she ever noticed and if so, was she turned on knowing someone was out there getting off on her panties.

The panty of the day is, you guessed it, the same pair from that story. They are a microfiber nylon and cotton stretchy material, gray color thong by Maidenform. These I would file under the everyday comfort category. Even the color is not very exciting by my standards. A little glimpse of this person's daily life. They do seem to be well made and the elastic is still stretchy. BTW, I didn't know the hosts of the party although I vaguely recall my friend pointing her out from across the room at some point during the party. I know, bad boy, I still feel bad about having taken something, but in reality I doubt she ever missed them.


Panty Fiend said...


If we should ever meet, I'd be insulted if you didn't take a pair of Nymph's panties. :)

I've pawed through panty drawers before; all men probably have. But the media's shoddy treatment of panty thieves, I never took that chance. I remember watching a home video on the local news of some poor sap ganking a few pairs of panties off of a clothesline. Nevermind that around that same time I had over $1000 worth of CDs stolen, which never even made the police blotter. Nope, let's instead focus on $20 worth of panties, and brand some guy a sex offender in the process...

But, the urge can be overwhelming sometimes. Not long ago, we visited a friend whose frilly little thong (baby blue, totally sheer) was plainly visible on her clothesline... Another friend left her wash out, exposing a satiny pair of leopard print panties to me ever-watchful eye.

ross said...

I love stories like this. I real turn on for me. Thanks a lot.

Pantymaven said...

Of the panties I've "borrowed" in my life, the ones where I never saw or knew the owner have allowed me to fantasize what they may have looked like... and sometimes that's a good thing!

Hampers and clotheslines... two very vulnerable places for panty peekers, for sure.

Good story!

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