Friday, October 27, 2006

The One That Got Away

Greetings Panty Lovers! To kick off your weekend, I end this week with one of my favorite pairs of panties. These are a Victoria's Secret full back bikini model number 134207-694. They are made of a VERY soft, silky nylon and lycra blend and have a wonderful sheen to the outside of the fabric. The color is a gold-yellow with soft hues of baby blue blended in on the detail areas. The elastic is just the right combination of stretchy firmness that feels just right, snug but not too tight. The front panel has a beautiful scroll lace pattern going up the two leg openings and pretty baby blue bow at the top front waist band. I only have one pair of these and they were purchased I think about four years ago. I wish I had gotten at least one extra pair, but at least I have these. I highly recommend that all you panty perverts buy these if you can find a pair. The material and detailing is so nice, I thought I'd include a full sized detail shot for these. I'm guessing that Ross will appreciate the style of these panties, hope I'm right!

Speaking of ultra soft panties, Stringlover brought up a very good point the other day on his blog. Panties do seem to get softer as they age. I think this is due to the laundering process breaking down the little fibers. I have several old panties which are quite soft now after having been washed many times. I can't hang dry my panties, so they go in the dryer, on low heat. I think that putting them in the dryer is not good for the panties, as they sometimes start to fall apart. The panties pictured above were very soft from the begining, but I do have others which have gotten very soft with age. There's almost nothing that feels better against the flesh than silky, satiny, nylon panties. It's almost a crime that more women don't take advantage of having such wonderful panties available to them. Why choose a cotton thong when you could wrap yourself in the sexy feeling of a silky panty? Women should embrace they're femininity and wear sexy lingerie. I doubt your boyfriends and husbands would object. My girlfriend in college would surprise me with new panties all the time. Oh, how I loved that girl! It's one of the biggest mistakes of my life that I didn't marry her. Yup, she's the one that got away.


ross said...

Oh, yes these are right up my alley. Love the color. I have a pair like these. Or I did. I slid them into my wife's drawer and she wears them. Love that bow.

That one may have gotten away, but there are others, my friend.

Keep up the good hunt.

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