Thursday, May 22, 2008

Let's Go Shopping!

Howdy Readers! How's it going? Almost the weekend! How 'bout some panties to cheer you through til tomorrow? The panty of the day is a pair of Mervyn's boy shorts in black stretchy lace. These hug you in all the right places, I really don't see how a girl could make it through a day wearing these and not be horny. This brings up a good topic, feeling good about yourself makes you horny. If your love life is a little slow, maybe liven things up a bit by buying your lady friend some sexy lingerie. Better yet, take her shopping and help her pick out some naughty things to wear! Past experience has shown me that women sometimes feel intimidated by gifts of lingerie, perhaps feeling they won't measure up to our expectations. Ladies, let me tell you, don't worry about that at all, you will always exceed our expectations if you go with it and have some fun being sexy. Anyway, getting back on point, guys, it sure doesn't hurt to bring your lady to the store and pick out some tasty items together. That way, you know she feels good about the choices of items and she gets an idea of what you like as well. Everybody wins! And when you get home...well, you know what's gonna happen! So, if your lady feels sexy, she's gonna get hot, and guess who is the lucky recipient of all that pent up sexual energy at the end of the day?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sheen's Trip

Hola readers! How is your week going? Longtime readers of this blog probably remember some of my past postings where I wrote some short stories. I like to get a feel for a person and tailor the story for an individual's personal tastes. I spun this particular tale for my pal Sheen V, hopefully he (and the rest of you) likes it!

You can do better than that, the female voice said condescendingly. The sound was sweet, but a little shrill due to the loud speaker system. He couldn't see anything with the bright lights in his face. How long had he been here? He didn't really know, but it felt like an eternity.

Don't I get a phone call or something?

You get nothing, that's what you get.

I have rights.

Not in here you don't, now answer the questions.

All right, the panties are mine, they're mine, is that good enough?

NO it's not good enough. Why would you be carrying panties for yourself, you're a man?

I, you know, I mean...for personal stuff, you know.

No sir, I don't know what you mean.

Look, I don't get it, what's the big deal?

The big deal is, maybe you're not who you say you are. You've already lied at least once. You said the panties were a gift for your girlfriend, but that wasn't true was it. What else might you be lying about?

I just want to get back home from my business trip. You can call my boss, he'll tell you I'm OK.

We tried that number you gave us, there is no answer and no one has replied. Looks like you'll be here a long time. Now tell me what you were doing with all those frilly little panties?

Oh well shit, do I have to spell it out for you? I use them to jack off. I like the silky feeling against my cock.

His voice sounded desperate and angry now.

No need to raise your voice, you look nervous, that's not a good sign. I tend not to believe the nervous ones.

Oh fuck off you bitch!

What did you say? You know I can send you off to holding in a heartbeat and well, let's just say there ain't no coming back from there.

Well fuck, what do I have to do to prove it?!!

There was a long silent pause, then the click on the mic button.

IF you can provide some evidence, we might be inclined to let you go.

Alright, alright, what do you need?

You'll need to demonstrate this fetish for us.

What? Are you people insane?! I'm not going to jack off here!

Would you rather spend the rest of your life in holding? Think about it sir.

Sheen bit his lip, and sat quietly for a moment. No one knew he was here, if he were sent off there'd be no help coming. Fuck it just do what they want, get it over with, he said to himself.

All right, I'll do it, OK, fuck does that make you happy?

This brings me no joy sir, this is merely for security purposes. Bring in the panties.

He heard a steel door open somewhere beyond the lights, the lock clicked solidly open and then again when the door closed. He smelled some soft sweet perfume and a dainty hand reached out holding several pairs of panties. He recognized them immediately as the new ones he'd bought for himself on his trip.

The figure backed away into the light and vanished without saying a word.

Sheen sat there for a moment staring down at the panties in his hands. Last thing he remembered was being stopped by security and led through a side door and down a long, dark, narrow corridor. He thought again about what he was thinking of doing. He was nervous.

Well, what are you waiting for, get to it sir.

I just can't start all of a sudden like that, gimme a minute here.

Time's running out sir, I don't really believe you anyway, maybe we'll ship you off.

No, wait! OK, Ill do it, just gimme a second here.

I'm waiting.

Sheen began to undress, first his shoes and socks, then his shirt and last his pants. He sat on the table in his underwear, his cock was limp.

Looks like maybe you need some help there sir. Sandy, can we get him some help in there?

The figure returned with some hard core porn magazines.

We found these in your bag with the panties.

Sheen began to flip through the pages, but it wasn't helping.

You're going to do this or it's holding. The voice sounded harsher now.

Somehow, that began to turn him on. He felt his cock begin to harden.

Oh, does the little slut need to be told what to do, is that it?

His cock was plumping up, getting hotter.

You cheap little tramp, why don't you show us what a slut you are and jack off with those silky little panties?

He began to stroke his cock with the panties. The sensation sent a shiver through him as his cock became fully erect.

Oooo, that's it, show mommy what a dirty whore you are.

The pictures in the magazine seemed to come to life now with each stroke.

That's it, make a nice cum for mommy.

No, I won't do it, haven't you seen enough?

He heard the door open again, but it didn't close immediately like the last time.

No, we haven't the voice said from somewhere in the room now.

You don't stop until we tell you to stop, you little sissy.

Suddenly two women appeared from the sides and held him down.

Did you think it'd be that easy, that you'd get some cake walk out of here? You little bitch, you don't get to leave here until I'm satisfied you're telling the truth.

Girls, teach the perp a lesson.

A third woman appeared in a skirted uniform. She climbed up on the table lifting her skirt. She straddled his face and lowered her panty covered pussy on his mouth. Sheen pretended to object, but his warm moist tongue lapping her panty crotch told the truth.

No, I won't do it.

You will do it, you'll do it to all of us.


The girl had pulled her panties to the side now and he was licking her pussy while she was stroking his cock with his panties.

It went on for hours, with the girls taking turns having him lick and suck their cunts. He had come close to orgasm many times, but the girls knew just when to stop and had left his poor cock jerking in the air, unable to release it's cum.

The whole time the voice remained behind the lights, unseen, commanding and orchestrating the entire dance of delight.

Now, we'll see if you are telling the truth or not. She stepped forward revealing herself. She was beautiful. Her medium length chestnut colored hair framed her face perfectly. Her pert breasts were held in place by her tighter than regulation uniform.

You, you're the one behind all this? Sheen struggled uselessly against the handcuffs holding his wrists and ankles.

She didn't say a word, just squatted over his face and slowly lowered her pussy to his mouth.

She moaned loudly at the the sensation of his tongue riding up and down her slit.

It didn't take her long before she had a powerful orgasm. She smiled as she ground her hyper sensitive pussy into his face.

As she climbed down from the table, she rubbed against his stiff, still unreleaved cock.

Oh, poor baby wants to cum, she said as she lowered her cherry red lips to it's head and gave it a gentle kiss. As she pulled away, a drop of precum from the tip of his cock formed a string to her lips. She licked it with her tongue, then placed the panties on top of his hard cock.

She faded into the lights and he heard the door open and close.

Then over the loud speaker, I guess you'll have to wait until tomorrow, maybe you'll get to cum then.

Nooooo!!! Please let me cum! Please, I'll do what you want, please!

He pleaded, but there was no answer.

Friday, May 16, 2008

In The House

Hola Readers! How have you all been? Hope everything is going well for you all. I've been a little busy, as you may have guessed, and so not too much posting going on here lately. Pictured today and the subject of the post is one of my favorite TV shows, House on Fox. Why do I like it? Well just have a look at the pics! LOL! Actually, they don't usually show scantily clad women on a regular basis, but this last episode was just a ratings booster (or is that pants buster?). The girl in the black lingerie is a stripper, not a regular part of the cast. The second woman is "Cuddy", House's boss at work. Here he is fantasizing about her while running through a diagnosis. Ah, the naughty school girl strikes again! Oh how I adore that outfit. They even got the ruffled panties right, bless the wardrobe department on that set! Sorry the pics aren't very good, I had to resort to taking snaps of my TV screen. You can watch the whole episode on the web too. Oh getting back to why I like the show. I like that House is a pill popping obnoxious jerk who really deep inside isn't a jerk. He does and says things that I bet we'd all like to do sometime, but of course this is the real world and we can't go around offending everyone without consequence. If we all acted like him, the world would not be a very pleasant place to be. Anyway, enjoy the pics and if you don't already watch the show, give it a try you might just like it. I would suggest that you rent the DVD's and start with the first season, as that's the best way to introduce yourself to the characters and story line, but it's not completely necessary. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Hola readers! The following is yet another ode to a girl who knows how to push my buttons A.Secrets. Hope you like it.

That Bitch! She controls me with her charms, leading me with invisible strings, gently guiding me to do her bidding. She knows just where to go, to my center, to my core, to a place that the primitive me resides. Deep down, a caveman with lust that is pure, passion uncorrupted. The thought of her cunt stiffens my cock as the fire begins to burble up from my loins. Soon thoughts of fucking her are consuming me and I'm unable to think of anything but her. The smell of her perfume, her hair in my face, hearing her breathe as she coos gently from pleasure. I smell my fingertips and there's just a hint of her scent there. I want to lick my hand to taste her, but I can't, I'm in full public view right now. My cock is straining against my underwear and pants, trying to fully harden, but unable to. She knew this would happen. That's why she put her used panties in my bag for me to find. That's why she called me and told me all about the dirty little things she wants to do later. I long for the taste of her cunt, smooth shaved so I can grind my face into her, the perfect glaze. To feel her soft lips on mine, our tongues dance like swans on a lake. I use my fingers as I eat her pussy, licking and finger fucking, she screams with pleasure and it makes me want to do it more. I love watching her suck my cock. She makes love to it with her mouth, caressing it, cradling it in her hands treasuring it like heaven's gold. She longs for my cum the same way I long for her cunt. The smell, the taste, watching my face when I explode deep inside of her, our eyes lock, there he is, that caveman. When she crouches over my face I am looking up at all that is, all that I need. I see her cunt open and longing for my mouth, her tits swaying above, nipples erect and aching to be touched. She feels my hot breathe on her and she lets out a lustful growl from deep inside. Passion is everything, it's a magic potion that can transform the unattractive into the person that everyone at the party wants to fuck and fuck again. Bitch! You've made me so horny.

PS: The picture above is from the Panty Princess, a former panty seller, who as you can see is very pleasing to the eyes. Unfortunately, it seems she has given up the trade. I shall await her return with much anticipation.