Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thoughts on Panty Nabbing

Hanik Readers! I was watching an old recording of Law and Order LA the other night and the story revolved around a man who enjoyed cross dressing. He had escalated his crimes from stealing panties and lingerie to rape and murder. In the course of the investigation against him the police found pictures of him wearing lingerie. The cops didn't seem all that shocked about it.

I wonder how many panty thieves there are out there. I bet there are a lot if you include crimes of opportunity; people who would take a woman's panties if they were easily available. I wonder if a girl would feel slighted if she had left her panties out and a man didn't steal them? Or conversely, would she feel somehow complimented if a man did steal her panties? At least she'd know he thought of her sexually. I guess it'd be a mixed bag in the end, her perhaps feeling creeped out or violated and yet somehow satisfied knowing she was sexually relevant.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Babydoll

Howdy Readers! I had some spare time, so I went down to the mall Saturday. This mall has a Frederick's so whenever I'm there I like to stop in there and browse. I had actually been looking at their web site recently, so I was kind of hot to buy myself a new babydoll. They had two long sale racks right in the middle of the store, so I dove right in. There were a few items I liked, but I decided that I'd try and keep any purchasing to a minimum. Long story short, I found several babydolls I liked, and the one that went home with me was really cheap, only ten dollars.

The babydoll comes with a matching g string panty, both are smooth white satin. For some reason g strings can feel really good when you wear them. Something about the snug fit over your sensitive spots? Getting back to the top, the breast area is a stretch lace with little opalescent sequins scattered over it. The shoulder straps are flat spaghetti style thin and I like how they come to a V when joining the front lace. The joint at the V is covered with a pretty bow, a nice touch. The bottom of the skirt kind of flares out which makes it perfect for layering with a nice ruffle panty underneath. I wore my skirted ruffle garter panty with this and it matched perfectly. The bottom edge of the skirt has a slight scalloping which gives it a slight wave.

The materials used on this item are nice although ever so slightly on the heavy handed side. The satin is smooth but has a thickness to the touch and the lace could be a little softer, although both of these may change for the better after the item gets laundered.

Overall I'd say this was nothing but a successful purchase, a bargain at $10 for sure. Run on down to your Frederick's and get yourself one before they are gone. There were probably four different style babydolls there on sale when I was looking. Most of the others were around $20 after discount, still a great deal and considering they were a little more fancy than this one is, priced appropriately.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hola Readers! Went down to the beach recently when the weather was just right. There were lots of pretty girls laying out. One thing I love about women is how feminine they are in mannerisms. Men tend to be such blunt instruments in comparison. Take for example the simple act of walking to the car after a day at the beach. A man throws on his t shirt and walks off. Women on the other hand will put on a sarong or skirt and top over their bikinis. I noticed that many women do this. I find it not just interesting, but somehow cute or sexy that they are so different then men. I loved watching the girls get dressed to leave the beach. I guess women are a lot more fashion conscious than most men which might explain it, but I think it's more than that. There are differences between the sexes in the ways we do things, but that's a good thing. I wonder if women like the way men act as well? Do they like a mans man who just throws on his t shirt?

Friday, May 06, 2011

Stroke It!

According to my friend and fellow blogger Sheen, May is "Masturbation Month". And here I was thinking every month was masturbation month! Actually I'm off to a good start (or is that got off to a good start?!) having jerked it almost every day this week so far.

So in following Sheen's theme, how do I do it? If time is not a constraint, I like to draw it all out. Best case scenario, I take a shower to get relaxed and comfy. I'll use my Victoria's Secret body wash which smells really good and gets me in the mood. Then I'll put on some lingerie, as Sheen pointed out, the tactile sensations are wonderful and highly stimulating. If I have a lot of time I might even spritz on some VS body spray as well, man that stuff smells so good and it's stimulating another sense.

At this point I'm usually extremely turned on because to me lingerie is a huge turn on (duh). I'll usually be wearing some stockings, a garter belt, panties, maybe a mini skirt or slip and lately my new babydoll top or camisole. By now, I'm oozing and rock hard and I'll either start looking at pictures on my computer or select some porn discs to watch on TV. I feel most comfortable sitting in front of the TV on my nice soft chair which I put a towel on to keep any messiness from ruining it.

I like to stroke the sensitive parts of my body with a silky pair of panties and sometimes I'll sniff a pair of used panties while I'm pleasuring myself. I'm lucky enough to have a pretty good collection of used panties that women have given me and nowdays there are lots of women who sell theirs online. I feel the more senses you can stimulate during play time the more intense the whole experience is and to me a woman's scent is highly stimulating.

Now as I said earlier, if there is no time constraint (which is almost never) then I will edge myself for hour after hour, giving myself multiple mini orgasms without fully releasing. The sensations get stronger and stronger and very stroke can feel like doing a line of coke (not that I'd know exactly, but that's what I think). I have found that you can go too far sometimes and that the orgasm at the end may not be as powerful as it could be if you edge too long. There is definitely a point where the orgasm is strongest after a perfect amount of edging. Your results may vary, but hey I'm sure you'll enjoy all the "research" time you put in.

In honor of nat'l jack off month, I'm going to try and finish my review of the Fleshlight which I started working on long ago and never finished (ironic ain't it?!). So look for that in the near future.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Who Knows?

JamieLin recently posted about not wanting the men in her life to know about her little sexual deviations. I think that it goes without saying that most of us are in the same boat on that one. In fact I'm sure some part of the thrill is getting away with it under these people's noses. Wearing those sexy panties to work or a dinner with friends. I'm sure even women get the same thrill too, having a pretty lacy bra or some sexy lingerie on under your work clothes, what a thrill, right?! A personal victory right there under your clothes, it's somehow empowering.

JL's post made me ponder who knows what about me. I mean we've all had friends over to our places. Did they open a drawer and see some panties? Perhaps they used our computer and found evidence of a lingerie search or some naughty pics? Or maybe it was just our behavior outing us; that little sparkle in your eye whenever someone mentions panties. Or the time you wore a thong to the party and someone noticed the VPL through your pants, but never said anything. What do they know? How do they know? Am I just being paranoid?

I used to wear panties to work occasionally and my job allowed me to wear shorts when the weather was hot, a nice perk. As many men's shorts are, the ones I wore were rather loose around the legs, even though the length was long enough not see anywhere near my panties. The problem was that I'd often hit the workout room (another great perk) after work wearing these same shorts. I suspect that at some point some of the regulars in the gym may have seen up my shorts at some point or perhaps a lacy or frilly waistband when my t shirt rode up.

The reason I suspect they knew is that one day a new guy was in the gym. I knew him from around work, although I never worked with him directly. Anyway, I was wearing a wife beater tank under my t shirt and when I began to sweat, I guess my shirt began to stick to it and reveal the tank underneath. The guy looked at me and nervously asked what I was wearing. It wasn't like a matter of fact question, there was definitely more meaning to his question than "what are you wearing under your shirt". I pulled up my shirt and showed my wife beater and said it was just a tank top and the guy looked relieved; a strange reaction I thought. I suppose I could have probed and asked why the hell he cared what I was wearing, but I left it at that. Perhaps I was afraid to know the truth; that the guys were talking behind my back; that everyone at work knew I wore panties. I guess I'll never really know as that job is ancient history now and most of those guys have probably long forgotten about me, but I'll always have my suspicions. Who knows about you? Maybe you don't even know!