Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Terinch Readers! How was your weekend? Any guesses as to what I was up to on Sunday? Yeah, OK, I know I'm about as predictable as wet during a rainstorm, but I just love watching football! Anyway, thought I'd throw up this pic I found for your viewing pleasure. Great shot eh? You can just make out a little something under that skirt...YUM!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Funk You!

Nyang Readers! Well, the week is at a close once again my friends. Why not fix yourself a cool, relaxing beverage and put some music on? And what to listen to? How bout some good ol' fashioned funk?! LOL, I spotted this album cover over on Amazon and something about it just grabbed me. I guess I like the idea of a woman lifting the hem of her dress and slowly teasing me by showing me what delights are hidden up under there. First you see some legs, then the top of her stockings, then the garter straps, and after that, uh well, you get the picture. Anyway, the song is free (today), it's just OK to me (and yes I do likes the funks). Now, go make that drink, make it a double and make one for me too! ;^)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Daughter of the Dinner Lady

Kumasta Readers! How is your week going? I seem to be caught in a mental fog lately and can't seem to snap out of it. I guess that happens to all of us at some point or another. To help keep your mind from gelling over take a look at the pic above. Today's lovely is Keeley Hazell, a former page three girl form the UK. I learnt something new today, Keeley's mum is a "Dinner Lady" by profession. What's that you ask? It's what we in the US call a Lunch Lady, except that a dinner lady in addition to upholding health codes in the school kitchen, must also patrol the recreation yards during recess periods. Leave it to the Badside to further your education!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

See Thru

Foche Readers! Your week is almost over, hard to believe as it may be. Surfing the intranets, I happened upon these yummy pics of sexy singer Rihanna as she took a stroll in NYC. I just love a celebrity nipple sighting or panty peek! Thought you might enjoy it too. When I see pics like these the first thing I think is "Oh Yeah!". Then later on after my heart rate goes back down a bit, I start thinking that these celebrities must know that people can see their pert titties through the skin tight top they have on. I really don't care what the motivation is for them, as I enjoy the heck out of it all, but really though, we the public are getting played somewhat. I guess it doesn't matter since they get publicity and we get some cheap thrills; everybody wins!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hey, What was that?

M'bote Readers! How are you, my friends? This blog passed a milestone a little while back. Any guesses as to what? Your very own Badside has passed the 100,000 hit mark! LOL, that's probably peanuts compared to many other blogs, but it's still kind of mind boggling to think that many people have read my horny thoughts over the last couple of years. Anyway, big thanks to all the regulars out there who have been cumming here, it's you guys that keep me motivated to continue writing (even you lurkers who don't leave comments). Believe me when I say my mind is always spewing out dirty, nasty, horny thoughts so the well may never run dry in that department, but it's still not easy to come up with posts on a regular basis. I hope you all stick around for more and keep my dirty mind going strong! Oh and in case you were wondering, the above pic comes from VS and their new "The Lacie" line of panties.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Early to Rise

Jama Ngaam Readers! For some reason I've been extra horny again for the last couple of weeks. Maybe it's my body reacting to increased exercise or something. I did lose a couple of pounds. Anyway, I've been afflicted with a serious case of "morning wood" which gives the words "getting up in the morning" a whole other meaning! LOL, I actually have to lay in bed trying to think of other things before getting out of bed! ;^)

In related news that might get you up, I've cum across a new source of panties. Pictured above are three examples of what is available at Forever 21 an online and physical store mainly selling hip fashion clothing for women and men. The prices are good, but I have yet to sample the products so I couldn't tell you about the quality at all. Judging by what I saw on their site, they have some really cute things and the prices are pretty good too.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Pampered in Lingerie

Waqaa Readers! How did your long weekend go? I had a great time, had a few drinks and a lot of laughs along with plenty of good food. Pictured above is a lovely lingerie set from Pampered Passions, a lingerie site I discovered some time ago. This place has a playful Frederick's type vibe to it. They offer all sorts of fun lingerie to frolic in with your playmate. Have a look when you get a chance. I've never bought anything from them, so I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has as to the quality of products and the customer service, etc.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Labor Day

Kudeu Readers! I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful holiday weekend. Hope you all enjoy yourselves, blow off some steam and do a little naughty misbehavin'! Maybe you'll get a chance to see what panties are under those cute little skirts. Let's all raise our glasses and toast those hard working people who brought change to the industrial machine and made it a little more human friendly. Happy Labor Day.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Walama Readers! I was cruising the web and dropped in on a certain retailer's site to check out their lingerie offerings. In the past I've had pictures pulled because I suspect the store didn't like my little blog, so I'm a bit more careful about my postings now and thus not naming the store except to say it rhymes with Grey Sea Benny. It's strange because you'd think with sales all in the tank these stores would welcome any free advertising they can get. Plus my/our pervert money is just as good as anyone elses, right? Anyway, that's a whole other post for a different day (rant). Getting back on topic, they have some tasty bits there, on sale no less. Pictured above is the store's own brand of panty, very nice! Stretchy nylon to stimulate your aching flesh as it hugs all those sensitive parts of your body, Mmmm! Love that lacy waistband, so pretty!