Friday, April 30, 2010


E Ku Ale Readers! I was browsing over at Amazon recently and came across the above pictured book. Of course that cover shot caught my eye and reminded me of many of Panty Maven's posts. The publisher Taschen seems to specialize in erotic literature and photography books. I own some of their other works which are of good quality, although one book did have pages that were stuck together where the ink hadn't fully dried. It doesn't look good when your guests are thumbing through your erotic coffee table book and some of the pages seem to have been stuck together at some point! ;^P Awful isn't it, but the book came in shrink wrap plastic, so I'm quite certain it was new when I received it.

I do find it interesting that they chose an image of panties on a clothes line to capture the essence of a book filled with erotic pictures. That's really saying a lot when you think about it. Panties must have a very powerful meaning to the erotic centers of our brains. Perhaps it's like in real life, when a couple comes together and the panties are like a fine wrapping paper separating a wonderful gift from your eyes and hands. I suppose in that light, panties would make perfect sense as a cover shot for this book.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rabecca's Secret

Mija Readers! I'm afraid I have a bit of bad news for you today. In the past I have written about Rabecca's Secret and Panty Belles, two sites run by the same couple which featured mainly pictures of the wife, Rabecca. As you can see from the pictures above, she is a stunningly gorgeous blond who modeled various full cut satin and nylon panties.

Rabecca's Secret has been gone for a while, and I had assumed that Panty Belles would continue on in it's place, but sadly it too has disappeared from the web. I'm not sure if they ever signed off or if it just disappeared one day. I hope they're both doing fine and that the lovely Rabecca will continue thrilling us with her pictures in the future.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Panty Review

Buokaye Readers! How was your weekend? Did you get nice and relaxed? I thought a panty review would be a great way to kick off the week!

Featured above is yet another of my newer VS panties. These lovelies come from the Intimissimi line. The material used on these is very nice; smooth and soft with a beautiful shimmer to it. The feeling against the flesh is exquisite. The cut is semi low rise, yet full in back, almost a tap or boy short in style. I've put on a few pounds recently, but they still seem just a tad snug for their size in my opinion.

A seam runs up the center of the back panel, very nice design element which accentuates that area well. Matching colored lace runs from the outer hips down around the leg openings. Where the lace meets the waistband at either side, the two sides join as it follows the edges of the front and back panels forming a little lace flap overlap at either hip and giving them a more sheer and light appearance.

The waistband is gathered and has a nice rippled pattern to it and is pinch sewn at it's base in such a way as it creates a very cute crease and distinct separation between waistband and body sections. Lastly, there is the signature VS bow at the front of the waistband accented nicely with a tiny sparkly crystal making the whole piece so irresistibly feminine and cute. To my eye they have a Victorian or old fashioned look to them that I find pleasing. I apologize for the wrinkliness of the panties in the pics, but I basically just pulled these out of my drawer and took pics of them, no time for ironing.

One last thing to note is that coming from the Intimissimi line of lingerie, they have the long info tags inside which stick out during wear if one is not careful. Most likely they're meant to be trimmed or removed all together, but I like to keep the tags on mine, so it can be a problem when walking about in public. I have a few panties from this line and they all seem to share that trait with each other. Not a big deal, but I thought it worth mentioning. Oh, and also of note, the crystal can occasionally get caught up on the inside of your pants if there is anything there to grab. This happened to me a couple of times when it got entangled with a loose string on the waistband of my cotton pants. Not the panty's fault at all mind you, but again something I thought you might want to know.

All in all, I really love these panties from both design and comfort aspects. As far as I know they should still be in stores near you, although they have been around a little while, so you might want to get down there fast if you want them.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hey Buddy...The Bird's Up There!

Nangga Readers! As some of you already know, I like erotica both new and old. I have a few old magazines that date back as far as the 70's. Some even have black and white pictures in them, something I doubt you'd see nowdays. Anyway, it's really interesting to look at those old magazines and see what the norm was back in those days. They're kind of a documentation of the sexuality of their time period. You see women (and men) with full on pubic hair, that's one of the main things that's changed a lot. The pics are more explicit now I think, although I wouldn't say that much more so that it's shocking in any way. Also, the hair styles and clothes are something that stand out as well, then again, lots of that is coming back too. If there are any panties, it's never a thong, mostly you see nylon grannies or bikini style. I just love the way they look, hugging and framing those feminine curves so beautifully.

I was cruising the web the other day and came across the above pictured magazine for sale. I think the ad said it dates from the late 50's. I can't help but wonder what the pics are like inside. That cover is hilarious to me. Wouldn't you just love to have this for your coffee table or to frame for the guest bathroom or something? What really kind of shocked me was the fact that Swank magazine had been around so long.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Funny Undies

Demat Readers! How are you all doing? I've been a fan of Fox's animated shows for some time now, probably because they seem to hold no person or thing sacred. Family Guy is especially devious and twisted. Yes, they do push the envelope on decency and good taste, but being a deviant person myself, I just love it.

Another favorite of mine is American Dad, which follows an uptight suburban character and his family through various comical adventures. Hmm, could I have made it sound less funny! LOL! Anyway, if you've never seen it I encourage you to tune in and watch, very funny stuff. The wife of the main character (Stan Smith) is named Francine; that's her pictured above. I'll admit to having a little cartoon crush on her, she's such a cutie! ;^)

As I've stated in the past, I think someone over at Fox has a thing for panties because this past weekend's episode featured a little Francine panty flash. It happened so quickly that I barely caught it, but luckily I did, as I was able to go back with the slo mo and verify what I'd thought I'd seen. They even included a little camel toe! How can you not like that! Anyway, if on the off chance that one of my readers is the guy who orchestrated that or had any hand in it, I congratulate you on a job well done, keep up the good work!

PS: Sorry for the crummy pic.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Album Art

Leh Readers! Did you get your taxes done yet? Still got one more day. Maybe you need some music to listen to while crunching those numbers. I was browsing some music online recently when the cover art that you see above caught my eye for obvious reasons. That's classic rock band Roxy Music's "Country Life" album if you didn't already know. I listened to the samples, but it wasn't really for me, although I'd dang near buy it just for that cover! Somehow I doubt today's artists are daring enough to feature such a bold cover, too controversial. Let that thought soak in. Props to the band for selecting such an image to represent their work. The bra and panties are exquisite, so sheer and lacy you can clearly see what's underneath, love it!

Friday, April 09, 2010


Aupa Readers! How are you this fine Friday? Ready for some weekend fun? I know I am, but let's see if the weather will agree. I finally got around to resnapping some of those panty pics I mentioned previously. Pictured today is the first fruits of that labor.

What you are seeing is a garter panty from VS. I absolutely love the way these look, but the material is slightly hard or stiff and not quite as smooth as I'd expected. It's not coarse in any way, just not as satiny and smooth as I thought it would be. Also, the animal print is very cute but is of a lower quality than I've become accustomed to from VS. It's hard to describe, but I think when you find a really good print, it's often hard to distinguish that the pattern is a print at all when viewed up close. With this it seems kind of obvious, although this may have been intentional, I don't know. It's not bad at all, just not what I was expecting given some of the other animal print things I own from VS. Come to think of it, it may actually be the pattern itself that causes this effect, I don't know, it's still cute, just could have been executed slightly better.

On to build quality next, which to my eye and hand seems very good. The panties are cut very low on the waist, can you say LOW rider? Depending on your backside this may give a spectacular view to your audience. The garter straps are well constructed having nice metal clips and are removable, a feature I like when executed correctly as they are here. Sometimes removable garter straps have loops that are too loose and the straps can come off unintentionally, but in this case they hang on nice and tight.

Lastly, let's focus on some of those lovely details I've come to look forward to from VS. I like the lacy sections which are very soft, the floral edging around the waist and leg opening and the ruched back panel. Next, we have the cute little bejeweled waistband bow. I really like that as it just makes the whole thing pop, it's just an extra little something that makes these even cuter. And on top of that they even put a cluster of stick on amber colored rhinestones spelling out VS on the front left lower hip area, SO cute.

I bought these babies on sale so there's a good chance you won't find them if you go looking, sorry. The panties themselves seem to run a bit small in sizing, so keep that in mind if and when you buy yours. I do recommend them if you happen to find them, I doubt you'll be disappointed!

Friday, April 02, 2010

2 Year Party!

Shani Readers! Got big weekend plans? I'll be hanging out with family friends for Easter. Before you start dying those eggs, why not enter Treacle's big 2nd Year Anniversary celebratory lingerie giveaway?! Yes, lovely Treacle is going to be giving away $300 in lingerie, courtesy of Kiss Me Deadly Lingerie, so don't miss out. Have a look and be sure to enter!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

The End

Adios Readers! Yes, the time has come to shut down this little blog. I think I've said all there is to say about panties and lingerie over the course of the last few years and I doubt you want to hear more. So I bid you all farewell. Not. April Fool! LOL, Did I getcha?! Actually, I'll be torturing you all for a long time to come or for as long as my brain can think up things to write about. Pictured today is a pic I pilfered from Pandora's Choice (found through Treacle's link of course). They are lovely ruffled panties available there along with many other sexy delights. Have a peek.