Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer is the Season!

Welcome Everyone! Sorry for the recent lapse in my posting schedule. I've been trying to keep up with at least two per week, but last week and the beginning of this one, I had quite a bit of serious stuff to deal with. I actually pulled an all nighter on Monday night trying to get the latest phase of this project completed. Haven't done that since the good old college days!

Summer is festival and street fair time around here. There's at least one if not more of these every weekend around town. I usually hit certain ones every year with my friends. This year I missed one of my faves, but attended a new one (to me anyway) about two weeks ago. The sun had come out and the weather was spectacular, sunny and warm, but not overwhelming or too hot. We grabbed some food and people watched (well, mostly girl watched) while sitting on the grass soaking up some rays. There were just tons of lovelies out that day. It's really amazing how the sun seems to bring them out! Got to see tons of eye candy. Lots of VPL and DP's to see!

The panty of the day is a Hilliard and Hanson brand. These are cotton string thongs/ G-strings. I liked the lacy detailing and cute little bow, plus the baby blue color is a turn on for me. On the right butt, the G-string can be quite tantalizing. The small triangular piece of material at the top of the back waistband is a nice way to accent the back side. I bought these about 6 years ago and they are holding up very well, with stretchy elastic. The cotton is a little on the hard side, but other than that, no complaints here. I've included a front and back shot so you can get a more complete idea of what they look like, the right picture is obviously the back side.

Thanks for stopping by, I'll try and get in here again before weeks end and give you guys another posting.

Friday, June 15, 2007

It's Friday!

Hola readers! Did ya think I'd let you escape the week without one more update? Ye of little faith! ;^) Pictured for you today is a lovely ivory colored, string bikini cut panty made by Frederick's of Hollywood. These charming panties feature a full back panel connected to the front by two thin elastic straps. The panties are made of a nylon blend and are quite light feeling in weight. As you can see in the detail shot, there are pretty little flowers in the fabric. I bought these, I would guess, maybe 10 years ago, so I doubt they have them around anymore. In fact I've been to the local FOH and they don't even seem to have this style/cut of panty anymore. A shame really, as I would have considered these to be a staple item. If ya see some for sale, buy 'em!

Don't know if it's the warm weather or what, but I've been extra frisky lately. The hotter it gets, the more revealing the clothes get too. I'm sure that helps! I rented the movie, "Code Name: The Cleaner" the other day. It's a comedy starring Cedric the Entertainer. He was quite good in it, funny stuff without being raunchy at all. I think a lot of comedians try to be over the top for shock value, so I appreciate it if someone can make me laugh without having to go in the gutter (although that kind of humor can be amusing as well-sometimes). Anyway, you probably already guessed that this movie does include a panty scene. We are treated to Nicolette Sheridan in a very lovely pink bra and tanga set. Her body is incredible, toned and muscular, but still feminine. She must work very hard to keep that up as you don't even see people in their 20's looking as toned. My one gripe being that her cute little butt is a little on the flat side, but that's nit picking.

OK class dismissed! Have a great weekend everybody...enjoy that sunshine!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lucky me!

Hello Readers! Hope your week is going well. The panty of the day is quite special and was sent here to the Badside for all of you to enjoy from a friend who shall remain anonymous (you know who you are...thank you!). As these are used panties, the label is worn off, so I can't tell you the maker's name or the materials used, although they do feel like a nice soft satin nylon with a touch of rayon or spandex for stretch. They are a full back bikini style in a lovely emerald green (should have saved these for St Pat's).

Went to a BBQ at my buddy's place over the weekend. The weather cooperated and the sun was in full shine mode, very hot. The party got to be a pretty good size, and some cuties rolled through in their summery outfits. My buddy has a motorcycle, so a few of the girls wanted him to take them around the block for a ride (nothing beats the air blowing on you on a hot day). I just happened to be in the right spot to enjoy wonderful views of their panties as they climbed on and off the bike. Of course you know me, I felt a little embarrassed, so I didn't really stare or anything, just a quick peek here and there. Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Another Movie Reference

Hola Readers! The panty of the day is a soft cotton bikini in a classic string cut. As you can see the front and back panels are printed in a very cute plaid pattern and surrounded by white elastic piping. The waistband is just a string joining the front and back. These are a good panty to go with for a phase two of introducing your loved one to you wearing panties. They have a nice cut to them, and if you're in decent shape, they should look pretty good on you. These are made by Partners brand and were bought maybe 8 years ago. The way these hug you feels great, highly recommended.

I watched a terrific film over the weekend called "The Dead Girl". I know, that's not the sort of title that brings thoughts of panties or sex to mind. The movie is however superbly acted and includes some of the heavy hitters in the acting world including Marcia Gay Harden, Toni Collette, Giovanni Ribisi and Rose Byrne to name a few. It's one of those films that has overlying stories where the characters are connected through a commonality. I won't say more than that as I wouldn't want to ruin it for you. The reason I mention it here though is that there is a scene where we encounter a panty (and other items) collector. Unfortunately, the guy is to say the least, a creep and weirdo and that's putting it mildly. It's too bad because this sort of thing reinforces the stereotype that all panty enthusiasts are perverts or worse. I sure wouldn't want to be categorized with the likes of him! The characters are so real that you'd imagine the guy would really be like that if he was an actual person, so in that respect, I have to give the writer/ director Karen Moncrieff credit for doing a fantastic job. Maybe next time she can make the panty guy a lovable character?

Thanks for coming through, see ya!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Street Fair

Howdy Readers! How was your weekend? Too short you say? Well here's a little pick me up for ya, a lovely satin panty made by my old pals at Frederick's of Hollywood. These are panties in the most minimalist sense of the word. A tiny satin panel makes up the front panel and the rest is just spaghetti straps which tie at the waist. I'm sure you can imagine the fun you and your s/o would have with these!! I picked these up around six years back on one of my panty buying missions. They came in several styles and colors, of which I bought several, so you may see others of this line in the future.

I went to a local street fair over the weekend. The sun was playing hide and seek, but mostly hiding, so the ladies were dressed in more concealing wears. Of course there was still plenty to see, but not many short skirts. I got many a fine view of some delectable derriers. One girl had on some skin tight, white pants giving me a wonderful view of her tiny thong panties. Thank you whoever you are! I know lots of people have no qualms about taking pictures of strangers in public, but I always feel a little self conscious about that and don't feel it's quite right to snap someone without permission. Anyway, the down side of that is that I have no pictures for you readers to see, sorry. Thanks for stopping by again, have a great week!