Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Peeping Tom

G'day Readers! How is your week shaping up so far? Going well I hope. The picture of the day comes from a site called 1 If By Day, a strange name for a porn web site if you ask me. Anyway, they seem to have some pretty nice content. I am not a subscriber there, so I can't say how good the site is or isn't.

A friend invited me to be a guest at his gym yesterday and I jumped at the chance because this is a ritzy place where one normally doesn't get to see the inside walls. It was very swanky with nice new and well maintained equipment. After our workout, we went to hit the showers upstairs in the men's locker room. There were stacks of clean towels there, shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc. The showers have individual stalls with frosted glass doors that swing open and shut with no lock or stop, but the door is high enough off the ground that it's pretty obvious if someone is using the stall. So I was washing my hair with eyes closed and thought I sensed the door open. When I rinsed the shampoo from my eyes, I looked and the door was askew. Weird, I seem to have been the victim of a peeping tom! Too bad it wasn't a woman! LOL, hope whoever it was enjoyed the view! ;^)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Inhibitions Lost

Namaste Readers! How's the weekend shaping up for you all? Hope you are having a good one. Yesterday, I watched a DVD at home called "In the Cut", starring the cute and lovely Meg Ryan. Meg spends half the movie running around topless, much to my delight. The story, I think, is meant to be a sort of "Basic Instinct" from a female perspective. She is a writer, a romantic poet who perhaps lives her life out through her writings. Her character, through dark serendipity, comes in contact with a mysterious man who opens her inner doors, doors she has always longed to be ripped open. During the movie, she has her pussy eaten and fucked as well as masturbated a couple of times, very nice. I can't recommend the film based on the story alone, it was just ok in my opinion, but if you are a fan of pretty Meg then you'll probably want to rent it. As I have stated in the past, I find women who are sexually uninhibited to be the biggest turn on, so the character here unleashing her sexual fires is quite exciting to me, enough so that I relieved a little sexual tension of my own after the movie. ;^)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cougar Snares Her Prey

Howdy Readers! Are you all having a good week? Being naughty little boys and girls I hope. Pictured today is one of the original MILFs, a character that rocked the world by seducing a younger man and making that fantasy bubble in every man's brain from that point on. Yes, I speak of the movie The Graduate and of the character Mrs Robinson played by the sexy Anne Bancroft. Her silk stocking covered leg, stretched out in front of a quivering Dustin Hoffman is perhaps one of the most iconic pictures in all of film history. I wonder how many loads of jism were shot thinking of this scenario? It occurs to me that I've never had the pleasure of making love to a woman over the age of 30. Gasp, this wasn't some diabolical plan to avoid so called older women, it just has never happened...yet. Of course, I suppose I'm too old myself to play the part of a young man being seduced by a cougar, oh, but it's still a nice fantasy. I find mature women sexy as hell, knowing what they need and getting it, knowing what their man needs and giving it. The term cougar, meant every bit as a compliment, a celebration of her accomplishments, another notch in her lipstick case. So here's to you Mrs Robinson...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

At the Races

Hola mi Amigos y Amigas! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty darn good. I was lucky enough to attend the MotoGP motorcycle race, a fantastic event. The machines are nothing short of amazing, producing the most incredible sounds you may ever have the pleasure of having blast your eardrums out (I had earplugs on and it was still loud!). I also attended the Cannery Row bike fest the night before in Monterey. I've never seen so many motorcycles in one place before, each one outdoing the last in flash and pizazz. And of course, why keep you waiting, yes, there was the ladies. Everywhere you looked, beautiful ladies floating about. I guess they like bikes too. Got a couple of nice glimpses of lacy waistbands and such. It's funny, I don't purposely look for panties, but they seem to pop up when you least expect it and I can't help but peek (not stare). The lady in front of me on the grandstands was a MILF (hope that's not being disrespectful, but I mean it as a compliment), she had a great body and her low rise shorts revealed a lacy dark rose waistband. Took my focus off the race for a sec as I imagined what cut they might have been. Her daughter was a twenty something, short and cute with jeans shorts on and the cutest butt. And of course the professional models were out in full force, gorgeous creatures sent from above. Oh and there was one girl who had long tanned legs ending in white shorts. You could see her tanned butt right through the thin material and it was obvious she was not wearing panties. Although I am a panty fanatic, the sight of her pantiless perky butt in those shorts was a turn on to me. I imagined how nice it must feel for her boyfriend when he slips his hands up the leg openings and pleasures her pussy.

Interestingly, there has been a lot of talk lately on various blogs regarding oral sex, or more specifically, do you swallow or spit. This question being aimed at the ladies. I have to say that I find a girl who swallows to be very sexy, the act itself is very intimate and hot in my opinion. I do find that a good blowjob is not hard to find, but a great one is next to impossible. I rarely get off fully from a BJ although I love the sensation of having my cock sucked (duh). When I return the favor, I like her pussy clean and at least partially shaved. I find the lack of hair very sensual in both visual and tactile ways. Although I admit to a penchant for sniffing dirty panties, I DO NOT generally like licking a stinky pussy (although I have and am sure will again). I will lick you til the cows cum home if your pussy is nice and clean, but a stinky pussy is not so sexy to me. I hear that women complain of guys who have a dirty butt. C'mon guys, what are you in kindergarten? You can do a better job wiping your butt. How can you expect a girl to be turned on when you have a dirty butt?! Yuck! Let me pose a question to the ladies in the audience, do you like a guy with a clean shaved groin, neatly trimmed, or Grizzly Adams? Points to those who correctly guess my status in this area. ;^) Fellas, what's your status downstairs and what do your partners think?

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Howdy Readers! Well guess what? I finally shot my load yesterday. Yup, one day shy of the seven week mark. It was very nice and soothing. Feeling stressed out, I decided to stroke off to completion, so I popped in a DVD, slipped on some silky panties and got out the panties that were sent over to me. I sniffed at them while I watched the pretty girl enjoying herself in front of me. I imagined my lady friends were there with me, enjoying the show I was giving them. I fantasized about them getting off to me. I fought off about three orgasms, stroking my engorged cock with some silky satin panties. The sensations were mind boggling, tingling somewhere deep inside of me. I rubbed my nipples with the panties (that always drives me wild). Alas, the whole thing only lasted a paltry 40 minutes, but the release was magical after such a long wait. I guess the stress got to me and I just couldn't concentrate fully, so I let myself go over the edge. The cum was vast in quantity, being released with a powerful force and an unusually large amount of clear precum. Interestingly, it made a kind of hissing noise as the cum sprayed out. The cum itself didn't have the usual scent (or really any scent for that matter), nor was it the pearly white color that I'm accustomed to seeing. No, it had a yellow or even slightly orange tint to it. I think perhaps this was an indication that it was past it's expiration date. Sorry, that doesn't sound very sexy does it? Figured you curious types would like to know all the gruesome facts. Alas, there is still a lot of cum left in the sack which I plan to drain soon. If I had to guess I'd say it may not be all that healthy to hold out as long as I did, perhaps regular milkings are better, at least get the fluids changed. I would have taken a picture of the lake of cum, but my camera is with a friend on vacation, so no can do (same goes for the panties, for now at least...sorry Ross). I was hoping to cum at least two times in a row, but I was too stressed out and didn't have the time anyway. I've got to thank A Secrets for sending me her sweet lil undies and to my other panty patron (who shall remain anonymous) who sent me her sexy scented delicates...this cums for you!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bang a Gang!

Aloha Readers! How was your weekend? Hope you all had a great time. I didn't have much alone time so still no cummy for moi. It's getting dang close to seven weeks, but don't expect me to hold out much longer! Six weeks, five days...YIKES! Anyway, went to another summer street event and saw lots of pretty girls, ran into a few old (female) friends who I haven't seen in a few years there too. The ladies were still just as pretty as I remember.

I have a bunch of porno movies that I like to watch, but I seem to have certain ones that are favorites. One that I watched over the weekend was a gang bang. I used to not really like this genre, but now I find it much more of a turn on. The difference being my own train of thought, namely, it must be great for the girl to have all that male attention focused on her. Being a guy, I guess it was somewhat off putting to see that much man meat in the video and only one girl. The girl in the video is quite cute (the reason I bought it in the first place, ah, fooled by the cover again?). She takes on seven or eight guys in the movie and incredibly takes two not only up her vagina, but in her butt AT THE SAME TIME. One disappointment was that she didn't go "air tight", a term I recently learned which means one guy in each orifice at the same time. This is surprising because she does have guys in each hole at any given time of the movie, but never achieves the act of air tight. I'd like to think that if I were a girl, I'd want to try air tight at least once in my lifetime. Actually, I'm a little jealous that the ladies can do this, but there's no real equivalent for straight guys with three girls. I'd guess that in reality, it may be hard to get off for the girl because there's just so much happening at once. On the other hand maybe it's easier since she has less control and can maybe let go easier? Any of you ladies out there ever tried this? Would love to hear ALL about it! ;^) Oh, another turn off is that a couple of the dudes in the video are friggin' gross. One guy even wears a calculator watch, can you believe that? How freaking unsexy is that? I never really realized it because my focus is almost exclusively on the ladies, but a good looking and well groomed guy really does make it a lot easier to watch porn, even for us straight guys.

Lastly, the pic of the day comes from down under (sounds naughty doesn't it?). It's an Australian site called AbbyWinters.com that features girl next door looking women. If you like the natural look, then you may be interested in becoming a subscriber there. Once again, I'm not a subscriber to the site, just thought I'd turn you guys on to it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Helping Hand

Hello Readers! Today's count, six weeks, three days. Yes, I am still abstaining from cumming. I was going to shoot my load off back at the six week mark, but ran out of time. It wasn't for lack of trying, I had stroked my cock for over an hour while watching some hard core porn. I wanted to make the action last at least two hours, so I just had to stop and wait til I got a nice long stretch of time. My poor cock was pretty sore anyway from all the stroking it's been getting, so I suppose it was a nice rest for it.

The main purpose of today's post isn't really about me at all, but to alert you all to a fellow blogger in need. I speak of "A Slip of a Girl" blog, where she is trying to raise some capital for a trip to see her friend Jewel who is now in hospice. We are all aware of the skyrocketing price of gas as of recent, so I'm sure that it's quite understandable that she might need a few buckaroonies to help get her to her destination. I'll try and ride my bike a few times instead of drive and give the gas money I save to her. If you can, it's pretty easy to give via Amazon and it's completely anonymous if you so choose. At any rate what better way to feel good than helping others in need?

Be back soon, til then thanks for stopping in.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What to do?!

Welcome Readers! Guess what, today is exactly one day shy of SIX friggin' weeks of agonizing orgasm denial. I'm trying to hold out til tomorrow to make it the official entire six weeks, just so I can say I did it (or is that DIDN'T do it?). The bad thing is, I have some stuff scheduled for tomorrow, so I might not get to do it then either! I haven't even been sleeping all that well lately. Not sure if it's the sperm buildup or what, but it's making me tired (and cranky....ggrrrr). Yesterday, I stroked my turgid cock for about forty five mintues watching some Marilyn Chambers porn (but of course, who else). Gawd that girl turns me on! I just love her small titties and shaved cunt. She kind of looks like Sybil Sheppard a bit. Anyway I must have fought off several orgasms during my stroking, my cock was on fire, every nerve ending tingling with delightful pleasure! My balls have a padded feeling from all that cum floating around in there and I have to sit with my legs spread wide to ease the discomfort. So dang horny!

Today's photo credit goes to the I Spy Camel Toe website. Are those panties to die for or what? Is it getting hot in here? I think I need to go take a cold shower!

Monday, July 07, 2008

No Regrets

Hola My Friends! How was your extended weekend? I hope everyone had a fun, relaxing and safe time. I had some fun, watched "Wall-E" (great movie BTW) and took in some sun, enjoyed margaritas and sangrias, yum, and best of all saw lots of pretty girls. In case you are wondering, I'm still in my holding pattern, 39 days worth of jism is captive in my aching balls, waiting for release. I almost came a few times, but was able to fight it off, although considerable amounts of precum was excreted from my cock, oozing out of it's engorged head.

Some of you may have noticed that I've added a new link to my short list there on the right. The new addition being a wonderful blog known as "Lust Puddle" (don't cha love that name?) and written by a very intelligent and sexy person, Jezebel Vontizzle. Have a look see if you get a chance, it's a very good place to spend some time. I have actually found many interesting people out here in blog land and through them have learned a lot about love, life, myself, sexuality, etc. One thing that has always been a turn on to me is raw sexuality. I love women who are uninhibited and don't give a rat's ass what other people think. I know blogs are a great way to let yourself go, part of my reason for doing a blog was to do just that and show myself, warts and all. The purpose was multi fold. For one, to exorcise my own demons, feeling bad about my fetish (wink wink) and also to help those who have similar fetishes or feelings regarding their own fetish. Yes, I hope that you all can get a little lift from my postings. I admit that my own fetish ain't for everyone, but it's something I enjoy and doubt I could stop it even if I wanted to. My hope in showing my little butt in drag was to excite and entice some ladies who maybe wouldn't have thought a guy's butt could look sexy in a panty, maybe open a few minds to new possibilities, hopefully that mission was accomplished.

Getting back to my topic, women with pure, raw sexuality, one lady in particular comes to mind; queen of all porn stars, Marilyn Chambers. To me she epitomizes what a sexual creature could be if one was pure and untainted by outside opinions. For those who are unfamiliar with her, she was once the Ivory Soap girl, gracing the box cover with her lovely face. Then she got into porn. Just imagine the fresh faced girl next door being in a hard core fuck film! It was outrageous back in the early 70's. Women were just starting to get some glimpse of sexual parity with men and not having to have guilty feelings over it. She opened many doors for women. She had interracial sex, lesbian sex, anal sex, bondage and S and M sex, multiple partner sex all on film and all considered taboo at the time. You name it, I'm sure she tried it, and didn't blush one time in the process, bravo Marilyn! I've read many times that her orgasms on film were not faked and that she truly enjoyed the fuckings she received, it showed too. In the many years that have passed since she brought porn out into the public eye and made it OK for the masses, there have been many women to tease us in front of the cameras, but in my opinion, there was never anyone quite like her.

She had lovely small breasts and a natural looking body. No tattoos or strange piercings, just a clean canvas to work with. Her pussy and tits screamed out to be touched. Her enthusiasm was always readily apparent on screen as she pleasured men and women from head to toe. And off screen it was even better, she never turned her back on what she had done in the past like many people do, suddenly feeling they have to be moral because they had kids, a new career or uppity neighbors or something. She was so open and honest, lovely and refreshing qualities to see in anyone, let alone in a person famous for fucking. If I had a time machine, I wish I could go back to those days and fuck her. Her persona embodies everything I crave and love about sex. I was too young to have seen her stuff when it was new, but in the years I have been watching porn (a bunch), I have come to be a real fan of not just her work, but the way she lives her life. No regrets. Not many can say that, especially me, as I tend to beat myself mercilessly for every mistake made. Anyway, I still remember fucking my girlfriend to a video tape we got from somewhere. The film was "Insatiable" and it turned us both on immensely. I'll try and do a write up on that film sometime soon. Oh, and in case you're wondering, yes, that's Marilyn pictured above.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th Everyone! For those readers (and it seems there are many) who are outside the US, July 4th is Independence Day here, the day we celebrate our break up with merry old England. Anyway, our traditions somehow involve beer, hot dogs, hamburgers and assorted junk food. Also we like to shoot fireworks into the night sky, usually most big cities or counties will have a fireworks show. Celebrating with us is Kelli Young, a cutie who happens to have her own web site with nice things to look at. I'm not a member, but thought I'd throw you guys a link to her site since I found a nice pic of her in the red, white and blue.

Tonight, I celebrated celibacy, or at least five weeks of it. I've got to tell you, my balls are very full and sitting can be uncomfortable like that. I received some panties in the mail...Oh Yeah! Thank you very much (you know who you are)! Let me tell you, there's nothing more exciting than finding a package in your mailbox containing freshly played in panties from some sexy honey. Knowing that she got off thinking of me getting off to her is an indescribable a turn on. Not all the panties are here yet, and so I'm going to try and hold off a little longer. I must admit, it may be hard not to shoot my own fireworks off soon. I think I may NEED to, it may not be a choice in the near future.

Until next time, be safe out there and have a great time celebrating!