Monday, March 31, 2008

A Day at the Beach

G'day readers! How are you lot doing? Had a wonderful weekend I hope. The sun came out pretty good here, so I took a walk down by the beach the other day. Guess what? I got a really good peek! I was down by the parking lot area where they have these cement barriers that double as benches separating the beach from the walkway. It was sunny, but cold so most people had their jackets on. I saw this lady, who looked similar to todays model above, sitting on one of the benches with her legs facing toward the walkway that I'm on. She was about the age of the model above too, attractive, well dressed in a short to mid length skirt and black panty hose. I was pretty close to her, maybe fifteen or twenty feet at the most. Our eyes met, then she slowly put one leg then the other over the bench and swung her butt over to face the beach. Wow! I got a really good view of her black panyhose crotch! I wonder if she did it on purpose? I don't think I've ever gotten that long of a look in public (from a stranger at least). She had on matching black panties which I couldn't really make out well through the pantyhose. Perhaps it was just pure luck on my part, or maybe I was the victim in her trap and she gets off giving men free peeks up her skirt. I guess I'll never know for sure, but I'll always have the memory of her in her black pantyhose to keep with me.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Are those Panties in your Pocket?

Howdy Readers! Just stoppin' in for a quickee post today. I was watching that Bachelor show on the idiot box the other day and there was a very interesting scenario that came up. Let me back up a second and clarify, I watch the show because I am and always have been somewhat of a voyeur and to me it's fun to watch the people interacting with each other. Basically, the show is about one (lucky) guy who gets to work his way through a boatload of ladies to find himself a special someone. The girls meet him in some mansion and are supposed to get to know him and one another on the introduction night. Well, as in most cases where the bubbly is in a never ending flow, a few people tend to go a little overboard, and in this case this Stacey girl gets tipsy for the camera. Poor thing is probably embarrassed to heck now, but she slips her panties to the bachelor, who then takes them out and shows the camera and says it was a no no to do that. I wonder, what would his reaction have been if there wasn't a national audience watching? Take a look here.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ode to Pocket Secrets

Hola Readers! How are you all? Having a fine week I hope. I followed a link on Sheen's blog to a posting on the Pocket Secrets blog recently and was moved by what I read there. The postings are like erotic poetry, I feel the words because I know the feelings from where they sprang. I was so inspired that I thought I'd try my hand at such a post.

Sex. Listen to it. See it. Taste it. Smell it. Feel it. It's everywhere. It runs my life. It ruins my life. It is everything to everybody. The essence of who we are. I smell it in the leather seats of a car. I see it in the soft pastel color of a far away flower. The sun in her hair, showing shades of color you would not have known were there. The way her skirt glides over her smooth skin and silky panties. The way the wind blows against her clothes and makes them cling to her skin. When cold air surrounds you and skin tightens in heightened sensitivity. My hands gently caressing your skin through your clothing. My lips and tongue on your skin, making you gasp and want more. My breath on the back of your neck, warm, tickling the tiny whisps of hair. Sweet tender kisses. Her mouth engulfing me to the base, pausing there before rising. Her unique scent. The way she moans when I stroke her through her panties. Pulling her bra down and attacking her nipples, or feeling the lines on her skin left behind by the bra that cupped her breasts, then gently cupping those same breasts in my hands. Feeling the warm weight of them in my palms. Holding her from behind, smelling her hair, feeling our bodies meld, synchronous. Tasting her moist love. Not having the ability to think of any other thought but of her. Wanting to be there in that place forever, hoping time never passes.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Panty Raid!!!

Howdy Readers! Guess what? It's Friday...Woo Hoo! So who would like to look for some Easter eggs with today's model? Hmm, I know a few places I might check for some goodies!

I found a something fun for you to do if you happen to be bored this weekend. Why not go on a panty raid? Well, actually it's a virtual panty raid, not as fun as a real one, but hey, still fun. Remember that great old classic comedy "Revenge of the Nerds"? The panty raid scene? Yeah, that's where this game comes from. So after playing a few rounds, go pop in that nerd DVD and relive one of the funniest movies around!

Well, have a great holiday everyone, happy hunting!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

You Have Mail

What do you send the guy who has everything? That's an age old question, but one that seems to get harder every day. Seems like most people indulge themselves and buy pretty much everything they want if they can afford the payments. But there is something that every guy would love to get in the mail from that special someone. You know me too well, yes, I'm talking about panties! So how to send a sexy message to that special someone? Send a Pantygram of course! Here's another link to a man on the street clip, interesting reactions! Great idea, hope it takes off! Oh BTW, the picture above has nothing to do with the site, that's just there for your enjoyment.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Paddy's

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Are ya wearin' your green? We all know what the green M and M's do to ya! Pictured for the panty of the day is an English lace full back panty in a lovely shade of green. These were bought a long way back at Mervyn's and are the store's own brand. These are in fact a knock off of the Victoria's Secret brand panties of similar style and material. The lace is quite thick and the whole thing is made of some sort of nylon blend, so it's smooth inside, soft outside. There is a sheer liner that the lace is layered over giving the panty a fairly heavy weight and thickness. Sorry lads, these panties are no longer available.

So will ya be partakin' in any drinking activites this emerald eve? I might be conviced to have an ice cold brew or two me self. Please be careful, don't drink and drive! Oh, and don't forget to wear your green...unless you WANT to be pinched! ;^)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Amsterdam here I come!

Hey Yall! I spotted this pic recently and thought you folks might take a liking to it. I love those panties, sheer, flowery, strappy, very cute and the girl is a doll. Love the lavender flowers, nice touch. And of course, lovely rear end too! Speaking of butts, let's talk about Gov. Eliot Spitzer. I think this guy is a real douche bag. Not because he has sex with prostitutes, but because he was so against prostitution in his government agenda. What a hypocrite!

Now I will rant on about prostitution. Instead of being thrown in jail, prostitutes should be applauded for the services they provide. Think about it, these girls should be given a gold star for doing what some guy's wife doesn't even want to do with him. It's a sad fact, but many couples are sexually incompatible, either because of fetishes, libido, physical appearance, boredom, whatever. Why shouldn't two (or more) consenting adults be able to engage in sexual activities together? Most of what is bad about prostitution can be controlled. That is to say, if made legal, pimps would be history, disease could be put in check, rip offs and black mail couldn't be done, girls wouldn't be vulnerable walking the dark streets at night. Prostitution has been around FOREVER, it really is the oldest profession, and why is that? Because it satiates a basic physical need. Like it or not, men are wired differently than women, we are horny beasts that feel a need to spread our seeds whenever and where ever possible. Thousands of years ago, prostitution would have been bad, there was no way to prevent unwanted pregnancies or stop disease from spreading and I suspect this was the reason that prostitutes were considered to be unsavory. Hello, wake up people, there are condoms and disease screenings now! Hookers walk the earth in every country on the planet. In many countries, it is legal. It is legal here in our own country, but only in certain areas. Why should a guy have to go a thousand miles to get laid? There are always going to be people out there who just don't get laid, why shouldn't they have a chance to have sex too? Illegal prostitution breeds illegal activities, but legalizing prostitution will clean up many of these problems. Hmm, maybe I should move to Amsterdam!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Week's End

Hola! Wow, can't believe it's already Friday again! Not sure how your week went, but what better way to end it than with this lovely end! I just love those panties! Notice the ruffly edging, the lacy front panel, the low rise yet full back cut?!! All in my favorite white color too! Add in the garter belt and stockings and you've now pushed me over the top! Love it! Great angle for the shot too. Wish I could give credit, but I have no idea who took this pic or where it came from originally. Anyone know?

Well, the weather is beginning to change over around here. Hopefully it'll be warm enough to see some nice short skirts soon! Have a great weekend everyone...see ya!