Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars 2011

Hello Readers! Did anyone watch the Oscars last night? I don't usually watch the whole thing because it can be a little stretched out for my tastes, but I did watch it all yesterday. One thing I do like is seeing all the beautiful actresses looking like Hollywood royalty in their gowns. Here's a few I thought were standouts this year.

I thought Mila Kunis was looking so hot in in her lavender dress with the lace inserts barely covering her breasts. Wow, wish I could have seen her in person wearing that!

Gwnyeth Paltrow looked chic and stylish in her dress, that plunging neckline is amazing.

Jennifer Lawrence was stunning and fresh in her understated and sleek dress although I can see why some critics said the dress was a bit underdone for such a fancy event. I thought she looked great though.

Halle Berry was jaw droppingly beautiful as usual, elegant and sexy!

Reese Witherspoon was cute, pretty and classy in her gown, a real sweetheart.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pink Panty Review

Hola Readers! How are you all doing? I've been very busy, going through some personal things lately, so not a whole lot of time to post. Anyway, I thought I'd post a review of some panties today, just for you!

Pictured above are my Frederick's see through bikini panties. The color is a very pretty fuchsia pink shade. What really drew me in to these was the ruffling around the leg and waistband openings, but then long time readers probably were already guessing that. I do like the color a lot too as one can never have enough pink panties, can we?

As you can see the back is a full cut and these are very low rise, so you can wear them with your low rise jeans and maybe just show a hint of panty at the waist if you're feeling naughty. There is a seam that runs up the center from front to back bisecting the panty into left and right sides. I'm not sure if I'd rather have deleted that seam in favor of a larger area of see through fabric, but I suspect it was done on purpose for just that reason, it adds a little bit of area to hide in, so it's not so completely sheer. The material itself is not the softest due to the looping or size of the mesh, but not rough or uncomfortable in any way either, if that makes sense. It's also not as sheer as some chiffon, it's more of a mesh type of see through. The tag reads 95 percent nylon and 5 percent spandex. Being mostly nylon, they are smooth to the touch.

Interesting details are there too, like the tiny black flower at the front center just below the ruffling. Also of note, the edging of the ruffles is sewn, something you will be seeing less and less of in the future most likely due to the fact that they have new edgeless fabric joining techniques that leave a clean edge without the need for sewing.

The best part of me getting these is that they were on sale! In fact I found them in the bargain bin for I think like two dollars or something outrageously cheap like that. How could I pass them up, right?! Anyway, I'm pretty sure they should still have these in stores now, although the color selection may vary. If you want some head on down there and buy some ASAP.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bikinis and Sunny Beaches

Hey Y'all, Just a quick post today. Hope your long weekend is going well. I was in the bookstore the other day and spotted the SI swimsuit edition, pictured above. The cover girl Irina Shayk is a real looker. As usual the magazine is chock full of great pics of some of the prettiest girls around in the most beautiful locations imaginable. Ah, if only I was there with them! On the last page of the mag there's a cute "End" page of Irina's lovely bikini clad booty. If you go over to the SI website there are tons of pics of not just her, but the other models as well, well worth the time to browse, so do have a look.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

V Day

Hello Readers! How was your Valentine's Day? Was it romantic; sexy; naughty? Hopefully it was all of those things. I'm definitely a romantic type. I love to shower my girl with all the silly things I can think of. Part of me hates the commercialism that the "holiday" has come to represent, but the rest of me likes doing something nice for someone I love. Of course you don't need to spend much to have a great and romantic day (any time of year), just use your imagination.

I happened to see part of a local TV talk show just prior to Valentine's day and what got my attention was that they had a pretty little box with lingerie in it. It was a special teddy from VS with large hearts for the breast cups. It looked kind of silly to me and not really sexy (although on the right girl...). Anyway, what interested me a lot was that the male co host seemed fascinated by it. He kept holding it up and looking at it, feeling the material. It came with a feathered heart wand too, which he also seemed to like. The female cohosts on the set (it was a live show) seemed slightly embarrassed by it and kept teasing the male and saying things like, "you're scaring me" or "OK, that's enough of that". I found their overall reaction to the lingerie to be puzzling. They seemed to act as though they didn't like it, yet they couldn't stop talking about it. I think that they really thought it was sexy and a turn on and would like to wear it for their man, but at the same time didn't want to show that in public. To me, I would have much preferred it if they were more honest about the whole thing rather than play middle school games. At any rate, I did like that they at least showed the lingerie as a V day suggestion, and I enjoyed thinking of what the ladies might look like in that teddy!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hey, Baby Doll

Winamek Readers! How are you doing? Today I thought I'd review another piece of my lingerie collection. What you are seeing is a sheer baby doll from Frederick's. This is the one I talked about briefly in a past posting. It was my first baby doll so I wasn't sure what to expect as far as comfort and fit. I found it on the sales rack and if memory serves, got it for 2 for $25 with another item. This even came with a little matching g string thong panty which I forgot to photograph. The panty isn't anything special though, so you're not missing too much.

As for the top, as you can see, it has two shoulder straps made of the same material as the body. I like the wide yet feminine look of the straps, they just beg for a hand to gently slip them off of the shoulders, don't they? In the back they join a regular thin strap where they can be adjusted for length. Adjusting the shoulder straps is critical for a proper fit as that allows the bust area to rise or fall by a couple of inches. You want the lacy horizontal bust strip to line up just under where your breasts are (or in my case would be). Speaking of the bust area, it is made up of two separate sheer pockets framed in a pretty lace. There is a nice little gap between the breasts that I think is just the right side of naughty. I love the way the shoulder straps loop through at the collar and make that cute ruffling effect above the breasts. The lace is adorned with faux pearls on top of iridescent floral shapes. Very pretty, although I will have to see how well they hold up to casual wear and tear.

As you can see in the pics, the back plunges down showing off the wearer's creamy skinned back, begging the viewer to caress and kiss all that exposed dermis. There is a three position, double row hook fastened strap that meets at the top of the back which allows for further adjustment. There is not much stretch to the back strap, so it's probably best to leave it slightly loose to avoid ripping anything. The lower skirt area falls just below the crotch level for a nice visual tease, sure to make anyone lucky enough to see you in this mad with desire.

Lastly, for the guys who might be considering something like this piece for themselves, I recommend you buy a larger size than you might think you wear. The reason being that we tend to have a lot of upper body mass in the chest and shoulders, so even if you think you're compact you actually probably have more mass there than an average woman might. Of course, your results may vary.

As I stated earlier, this being my very first baby doll, I didn't know what to expect at all. I can say that after wearing it just one time, I was hooked. I really love this piece and am quite happy I bought it. Of course this opens the door to more baby dolls in my future, so stick around, you might just see more!