Tuesday, November 27, 2007

DVD Review

Howdy Readers! How was your holiday? Hope it all went great for ya! I enjoyed some turkey and all the fixins'...scrumptious! I attended the local auto show which always coincides with the Thanksgiving weekend. I love looking at the new cars, sitting in them and smelling that new car smell! Sorry, no panty news to report from the show, although there were some very attractive ladies there with the cars. The ladies at the car show are dressed much more conservatively than their counterparts at the bike shows.

Thought I'd throw in a DVD review today. The movie as you can see is titled "For the Love of Pleasure". It's another "classic" porno from the late seventies or early eighties I'd guess. It was actually filmed as though it was a real movie and so there is a plot and story. Most of the ladies are very beautiful and really seem to enjoy their on camera "acting". The main character is a man named Simon, played by porn legend Jamie Gillis. Simon is a scumbag. The film starts out with him prowling the streets of San Francisco, stealing a car, then sneaking up a fire escape into an unlocked window to rob the residents. The resident is a large chested woman who awakes during the break in and pulls a gun on Simon. She tells him to come nearer and upon inspection decides that she can have some fun. They have a nice romp on the bed, and before poor Simon can shoot his wad the clock strikes 1 AM and the lady's hubby comes home from work. She hears him coming up the stairs and tells Simon to split, but Simon can't since he's about to cum. He shoots his wad just before the door opens and grabs his clothes and begins to run. The door opens and the husband shouts "WTF is going on here?" at which point wifey decides to shoot scumbag Simon in the back, killing him and yelling out "rape".

Cut to the afterlife and Simon is greeted on cloud nine by the beautiful Annette Haven (a woman with near perfect breasts, I might add), who proceeds to train Simon on how to pleasure a woman. Simon goes on to fuck every fantasy girl he has ever dreamed of including a rich socialite type and a virgin cheerleader. At the end of the film there is a twist as (I doubt I'd be ruining it for you, but if you don't want to know, skip to the next paragraph), Simon finds out he is actually not in Heaven at all, but in Hell and the devil, by making him fuck everything in sight has taken away that pleasure from him and made sex a boring and tedious task.

Why on Earth did I choose this movie, you ask? Let me take you back to my childhood. I was in maybe 8th grade or so, hanging out with my cousin and his buddy David. His buddy David has an older brother who of course had some pornos on tape. Dave snuck some out and we watched them in amazement and wonder. This was one of those movies he brought out that fine summer afternoon. I had remembered it with rose colored glasses on and when the opportunity came along, I bought my own copy on tape years later. The video tape I got was a truncated version, missing some of the most kinky and delightful aspects that made the original so good. Gone was the shooting of Simon (OK, now the movie makes no sense at all), gone was the rich lady's long strand pearl necklace being slowly pulled from her vagina, and on and on. Apparently, the censors had scared the crap out of the porn industry during the 90's with their witch hunts and the result was editing such as this.

When I saw that the movie was finally on DVD after many years, I looked for a review and as far as I could find, those long lost scenes had been restored in all their original glory. I HAD to see for myself, and that my friends is what brought me to this movie in particular. You are wondering, I suppose, were those scenes there, restored for my kinky sexual delight? The answer is YES! There is a catch to it all though, and that is the over all quality of the transfer to DVD. I don't know what source material they used for the master, but the quality is HORRIBLE! It's almost unwatchable at some points. Trying getting off to a picture that is completely washed out and over saturated, it ain't the greatest turn on. My OLD VHS version of this movie (which I still own), is BETTER than this DVD in terms of picture quality...MUCH better! So loyal readers, I will leave you with this half enthusiastic review. The movie is in my opinion one of the greatest porn flix ever put to celluloid (yes it's a true film, not a video), but the transfer to DVD is far less than desirable. A film of this caliber deserves much better, so I can't endorse you wasting your hard earned dough on this DVD. Perhaps if you all write in to the company and complain, they'll take it seriously and do a new transfer, one that is worthy of the material. BTW, the cover has nothing to do with the movie at all, not sure where the original went, but that is not it.

Well, that'll do it for today. Hope you all have a great week, see ya soon!

Monday, November 19, 2007

German Yellow Naughtiness

Welkomen Readers! How was your weekend? Getting prepared for your Thanksgiving? The picture of the day is from the German version of GQ magazine. Everyone's favorite girl to love/hate is the subject matter on the cover. I always think it's remarkable that someone can be famous for being famous and for no other reason, but that's a whole other discussion. Anyway, the artists over there at the magazine have selected a delectable, mouth watering pair of yellow ruffled panties. The panties mixed with the teddy bear are a nice combo that make the whole set up seem naughty, always a good thing.

Had a good time at the motorcycle show over the weekend. They had some pretty girls there modeling at the displays. One girl in particular caught my eye, a brunette beauty. They had her wearing a tight red top with a very tight and short black skirt. When she sat down on the stool at the display, you could almost see her panties, but not quite. Anyway, I'm never one to stare, so perhaps if I kept looking I would have gotten a nice peek, but I didn't see any panty. Well, have a great short week everyone!

PS: Not sure what happened to my catalog pictures from a few posts ago, they seem to have disappeared somehow. Maybe the company complained and they got pulled? Anyone know about this stuff?

Friday, November 16, 2007

V for ?

Howdy Readers! The weekend is upon us! I'll be going to a motorcycle show over the weekend. Hoping that there will be some scantily clad models there for me to take pictures of. Of course I'll be happy to share the treasures here with you all, should there be any. Speaking of treasures, the picture of the day is a capture shot from the movie "V for Vendetta". I watched this movie a long time ago when it first came out on DVD and wasn't all that impressed. It was just OK for me, probably good enough to rent, but not to own (gladly, I rented it). Anyway, whilst reading an article about Natalie Portman and how she doesn't plan on doing any nudity in future films (a shame), I was reminded of a scene in V for Vendetta. The scene for me was the highlight of the film and this capture is from it. I'm sure you can guess why exactly I was drawn to it. IIRC, Natalie Portman's character poses as a naughty girl prostitute and goes to the home of a high ranking religious official who is into that. Anyway, from what I remember she was looking pretty hot in that outfit. The outfit was leaning too much toward "Little Bo Peep" than naughty school girl for my liking, but she pulled it off (the look, not the outfit). Probably not enough there to make you sit through a whole movie just for that minute of visual delight, but hey, I won't stop you if you want to either.

Now if I could find a playful lass who would like to have some dress up fun with me, I'll be one happy camper! Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Car Show Chick

Hey Everyone! How's your week looking so far? Almost over, hang in there! Found this anime style picture on one of my internet surfings over to the S Spot. Anyway, when I saw it, I definitely thought it'd be good material for the blog here. If only I could see this kind of thing in real life! Actually, I have to admit this illustration is a turn on to me somehow. The artist seems to have captured a near perfect view and angle for we lucky viewers.

I attended a car show a few weekends ago. It was pretty kool, lots of auto eye candy to see. Not sure if any of you are car buffs, but I've been to a few car shows over the years. At this one there were some car model girls standing by some of the cars. I wish I'd had my camera because there was one girl in particular who really took my breath away. She was wearing a naughty schoolgirl outfit complete with the ULTRA short plaid skirt. I couldn't turn away from looking at her, she was SO sexy! There was a bunch of guys taking her picture too, many of who were kneeling down in front of her, I'm sure getting a wonderful view of her panties! Best of all she didn't mind at all and was really playing it up for the cameras. Ah, such a nice memory for me to lock away in the brain for later!

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Catalog

Big Howdy to my readers! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good, caught up with an old friend over some drinks. Saw "American Gangster", a very long (2.5 hours not including credits and trailers), but good movie. Outside of one "brief" (ha...gotcha), moment there isn't much to report on from the movie in terms of lingerie. I do have something else to report about on the lingerie front. Pictured today is the cover and inside cover of a wonderful catalog from clothing retailer Nordstrom. The entire catalog is devoted to my favorite category of clothing, lingerie! My eye's nearly popped out of their sockets when I found this puppy (that's not all that almost popped!). The catalog is 59 pages of elegant lustfulness all done in very tasteful photos. I'm having a hard time getting good pics of this baby, but in the next few weeks you can expect to be seeing more from this catalog. Something to look forward to I assure you.

Notice the hint of bra showing there on the cover? Whoever took that picture sure knows the art of tease! Great shot!

I've personally never bought lingerie at Nordstrom, but I can testify to having seen some very nice lingerie behind their doors. They tend to carry slightly upscale underthings than some of the other stores. If there's a Nordstrom near you, have a look, I'm sure you'll find something you'll like. Well, that's it for now, hope you all have a great week.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Just a Hint

G'day mates! Hope you all are having a great week. Found this picture recently, and knew I had to post it here for all of you. I love these teasing shots like this one where you just see a little of the panty peeking out the top of her pants. It's so voyeuristic to get a little hint of panty like that. Things that turn me on about this pic? First of all, white panties are my favorite color. Second, love the cute little bow. Third, lacy satin panties! Lastly, I just love being teased, so just a hint of panty can keep my attention for a very long time. Chime in with your opinions, yes, no maybe?

Went to a house party a few weeks back and drank WAY too much. It's hard to stop drinking when you get past a certain point I guess. Anyway, as usual there was a line waiting to use the toilet, so I checked the master bedroom, BINGO, there was a master bathroom in there. The hostess of the party was a real cutie, so I was hoping maybe she'd left a pair of her undies laying around for me to inspect. NO, I didn't plan it out that way, either. Anyway, there were no panties to be found, too bad! Well, had a good time, just would have been SO much better if I had only found some panties!