Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

G'day Readers! I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! You guys didn't think I'd miss posting today of all days did ya? I think as far as lingerie goes, Valentine's is one of those days near the top of the list. What girl in her right mind wouldn't love to receive a pretty and sexy gift of panties?! Of course I've picked out a special pair of panties to celebrate the occasion, a Victoria's Secret satin full back bikini. These feature a lovely sheer front panel with pretty little hearts embroidered all over it. These were purchased in the early part of the 00's and are holding up quite well. They are put together well and the elastic and other materials are all quality items.

So, on the topic of gifts for Valentine's Day, I have personally bought lingerie for past girlfriends. Women seem to like being thought of in that way. I knew one girl who's boyfriend was so lame, he didn't even buy her flowers or anything like that, a total romantic dud. To me it seems like a no brainer to buy your girl some little things so she knows you're thinking of her. So let that be a hint to anyone out there who hasn't bought their s/o something for today, go out and get something! That includes you ladies too, get some sexy lingerie and wear it for your guy, that's a gift for both of you!

BTW, I've switched over to the new Blogger, so we'll see how that goes. Let me know if you guys have any problems. See y'all again soon!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More Random Thoughts

Willkommen Panty Lovers! Hope you all had fun watching the Uber-Bowl over the weekend. I was actually hoping Chicago would win, even though I like Peyton Manning, I'm always rooting for the underdogs. The panty of the day is from my personal collection, made by Victoria's Secret back in the 90's sometime. These are some of my favorite panties for several reasons. Number one, is that the material is very thick and luxurious as well as smooth and silky. Now take a close look at the details they added like the gathers around the top leg openings, the exquisite lace at the top front panel and of course the cute little bow at the waist. These are very well made with elastic that is still stretchy. If you can find some on E-bay, I highly recommend you add them to your collection. I bet our good ol' panty collecting pal Ross would have loved these babies!

I thought I'd elaborate more on the subject of my love of panties and lingerie. I stated in my last post that these items act as a highlighter for the erogenous zones, but it's even more than that. They also hide the most private parts of a woman's body. I think I really enjoy the teasing aspect of it all, sort of like seeing that big box under the Christmas tree and wondering what's under the wrapping paper. You go a little crazy imagining how great it's going to be to get into that box (ha!).

When I was a kid I remember sneaking peeks up my teacher's skirt! She was wearing pantyhose and I could see right up to the cotton crotch. I wasn't alone either, my friend and I took turns sneaking peeks. I guess I was curious about women even way back then.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Vulnerablity and Innocence

Hola panty fans! The panty of the day is a Victoria's Secret Garter belt thong with little lace aprons in baby blue. I don't actually own a pair of these, but I do find them to be extremely sexy. I just love garter belts! I don't know what it is about them that makes them so hot for me. Maybe I saw a lot of porn with women wearing them and it left an impression, I don't really know. I knew this girl back in college who got a job in the lingerie department of a popular clothing store. She told me she bought a ton of lingerie including garter belts. She was the ex girlfriend of my old room mate, a really nice girl, fun and very pretty with a nice figure. When she told me about the garter belts, it was like something snapped in my brain. I started asking her all about it, like are you supposed to wear your panties under it or over? She said you could do either, although over makes it easy to go to the bathroom. I told her that made sense. I lost contact with her over the years, I wonder what became of her.

I was watching "Cape Fear", the remake version with Nolte and DeNiro, an excellent film. Scorsese uses some interesting camera angles and tricks during the course of the tale. You know someone like him doesn't put a single frame of film into a movie unless it has some sort of meaning. In one scene we are treated to Juliette Lewis laying on her bed in her white cotton panties. I took that scene to represent that she was innocent and vulnerable. It made me think of other instances where panties were used to the same effect, such as "Face Off", the John Woo film where Travolta's daughter is shown in her white panties as well. As often happens, this made me wonder about my own motivations for enjoying panties so much. Is it the vulnerability that I like? I actually think that it's an aesthetic that I enjoy. The way panties accentuate a womans curves and body, like a high lighter for the erogenous zones. Food for thought anyway.