Wednesday, December 26, 2012

VS Sale

Howdy Readers!  Hope your Christmas went well.  In case you didn't get what you wanted (ahem lingerie), you might want to check out VS' semi annual sale going on right now.  There's a few nice things in there I wouldn't mind getting.  I believe the physical store sale starts right after New Year.  I went to the store before during the sale and it was a mad house!  I got a lot of funny looks, but don't let that stop you! :^D

As you can see they're offering free shipping on $100 or more orders (code SHIP100 at checkout).  I think that's their standard rate though.  At any rate go over and have a look, it's always fun to browse, even if you don't buy anything.


Pantymaven said...

If what's in the picture was delivered in my package, I'd be willing to pay! :-)

badside said...

PM: That'd definitely be worth it!