Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Reveal Yourself

Greetings Readers!  How is your week progressing?  Are you having fun yet?  Why the heck not?  How about this to get you past hump day, a steamy hot video featuring Monica Cruz, (Penelope's sister)?  How about if I told you she disrobes and gets down to some super sexy lingerie?  Yeah, that sure got your attention, didn't it?  This is a promo ad for Agent Provocateur, the lingerie company.


Pantymaven said...

THAT... was different!

BTW: the velvet bench that was used is actually called a "fainting couch" and goes back to the time the clip was trying to represent. Ladies wore corsets or "cinches" that were very, very tight and many women actually felt faint after being laced so tightly for a period of time. There was one in my grandparents house that, supposedly, went back to the mid 1880's.

oldblue said...


badside said...

PM: Interesting bit of trivia, never heard that.

OB: ;^)