Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Jaclyn Sweberg

Welcome Readers.  How is your week going?  Did you watch the VS Fashion Show last night?  I didn't have time yet, planning to watch this weekend.  Don't spoil the ending for me! ;^P 

It seems there's a lot of Jaclyn Sweberg fans out there, so when I came across these pics, I thought they'd be something that my readers would enjoy.  The full size pics can be had at the PB site if you subscribe, which by the looks of theses I'd say might not be such a bad investment!


MT said...


Pantymaven said...

Hugh can still pick em... :-)

Slip Of A Girl said...

The model and the lingerie are lovely - but I covet the couch most of all ;)

I watched Icky Vicky's fashion show. I didn't like it. (Big surprise, right? lol) I ranted at my blog about it anyway.

badside said...

MT and PM, glad you like the pics.

Slip, the couch is pretty amazing, would you say it's lavender?