Friday, December 21, 2012


Hello Readers!  Well, you made it to Friday, and guess what?  There's still a couple more days for you to shop, although I'm sure the mall parking lot will be anything but Christmas cheerie.  Don't let that stop you though! 

Well, how about a cute elf to bring up your spirits?  When I saw this pic, it immediately made me think of PM's story about the cute babysitter he had hired who dressed up in her elf costume for the kids.  Well, have a great weekend and Holiday too if you don't check in here next week.


Pantymaven said...

Went to a Christmas show with all kids as performers. When they did the Elf skit, my wife who knows nothing about my blog, brought up the time where Patsy had come to babysit dressed as an elf. My first reaction was panic, thinking that I'd not logged off properly. But it's something still firmly burned into her memory.

Hey! Have a good holiday and a fun New Years Eve!

Anonymous said...
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badside said...

PM, I'm sure she has a different perspective of Patsy in her elf outfit than you! ;^)