Monday, December 10, 2012

VS Review

After carefully watching the VS fashion show, I have a few comments.  First of all, I was very pleased that this year they decided NOT to blur out the tushies of the models as they exited the runway.  I've always been perplexed by this practice; who the heck is going to complain about seeing a nicely formed butt in a pair of panties?  I could see if this were airing at seven or eight at night, but this is ten o'clock and, hello, a lingerie fashion show.  If someone tunes in to watch it, they WANT to see beautiful women in lingerie.  Anyway, just wanted to give credit to them for doing the right thing and not giving in to censorship.

Slippy over on her blog mentioned a distinct dislike of the show and I can see her points on why she didn't enjoy it.  The "lingerie" in many cases was more like costumes with lingerie as a base.  Crazy outfits with giant wings.  I can see how this is not lingerie at all and not in the classic sense in any way.  I can say that I enjoy the spectacle of the whole event though.

This year seemed to be much more music based than in the past shows.  I thought Rihanna looked amazing, but didn't enjoy the two songs she chose to perform, she has better stuff.  Of course the songs may grow on me too, we'll see.  She was super sexy in that slinky black dress with some stocking top showing, drawing you in and making you want to see more.

Bruno Mars to me was a great choice for musical performer and the songs he did were ear pleasing and very well performed.  Justin Bieber was good too, but since I'm not a fan, I wasn't really thrilled he was there.  To me it took a little something away because I associate him with a different audience.

Overall, I enjoyed the show as usual.  My favorite part was the later more traditional lingerie of course.  I know a lot of people dislike this show, but for me it's something I look forward to seeing every year.


perfect71ps said...

I know what you mean about costumes versus proper lingerie (or what Slippy might mean --- I'll go read her blog), ... but your no. 2 picture is fabulous!

badside said...

Glad you like the pic Perfect.

Pantymaven said...

My vote's for the last pic... :-)