Friday, December 07, 2012

Maria Menounos

Happy Friday Everybody!  Ready to relax and unwind?  Here's some bikini shots of beautiful Maria Menounos from TV.  I've always found her to be really attractive in both appearance and personality.  Of course I have no idea of her true personality, but she seems really fun and easy going in her outward TV personality.  Hope it's not all an act!  Either way, she sure is easy on the eyes.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I like that bikini. Takes me back to the day. Of course the curves filling ain't half bad either.

Anonymous said...

And shouldn't have forgotten the hat either. Somehow my eyes just hadn't drifted above her waist the first time through.

Pantymaven said...

I hope she didn't have to pay too much for the suit... :-)

perfect71ps said...

Wonderful bikini! (and body, as JamieLin says).

My favourite picture has to be #3: Her bottoms seem to perch so precariously; and I liek to see so much lovely uninked skin.

is she American? These modern sexy girls spoil themselves with their blokeish walk and manners. imho.

Thanks for sharing these!


badside said...

That bikini is magical on her!

JL: the hat is a nice extra touch, isn't it?!

PM: I'd buy her one to wear anytime (or her's from her)!

perfect: Yes, she is an entertainment news reporter here in the US. I think she wants to be an actress herself. I think she was the girl in the hot tub on the Iron Man movie (first one?).