Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fancy Stockings

Enodac Readers!  How is your week going?  Nice to have a short week isn't it?  Now that the weather is warm, we should be seeing a little more skin out there.  I wonder if the fancy stocking craze will continue.  Last year I was seeing a lot of this.  Some of the patterns were so fancy that it was distracting, I felt even taking away from what should be the main focus, the pretty girl and her lovely legs.  I like the more traditional stockings, love back seamed ones the best.  Even fish nets can be a bit too much at times, although they've grown on me over the years.  Anyway, I'm not gonna complain, I enjoy seeing people making stabs at fashion chicness, I think it's wonderful that people put effort and thought into what they wear.

I recall when I was in 5th grade or so that my teacher wore what I assumed at the time were black pantyhose to school one day.  Now that I think back, I wonder if they could have been stockings with a garter belt.  Hmm, that's a nice thought!  Anyway, I remember the gym teacher making some sort of comment, in a not subtle flirty way, to her about how her liked them.  She wore them a lot after that!  I wonder if any of the other kids noticed that or if it was just me being a future lingerie fanatic?!


Pantymaven said...

I was never a "stocking" man. In the days of garter belts I tolerated them as I'd still have clear access to the "promised land" of panties. I absolutely HATED the advent of panty hose... for two reasons. First, my clear access was now blocked... AND, as my wife was required to wear stockings to work I had to pay for them. When she'd get a run in one leg the whole thing had to be replaced. VERY expensive, especially when they first appeared on the scene. Thigh highs became a reasonable alternative. I've always been happiest with warm weather where women just did without stockings.

badside said...

I could see how that would be a negative for you PM. Saw a nice scene from a porno where the guy's hand is inside the girl's sheer pantyhose and you can see his finger going in and out of her. It was very stimulating to see! I've had some fun with ladies wearing pantyhose too, so in my case I have good thoughts toward them.

Anonymous said...

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