Friday, May 25, 2012

Swingers, the New Norm?

Kahé Readers!  Ready to wrap up your week?  Got some good plans for the weekend?  Hope so.  In a similar post to my last one, I found a news story about swingers.  The article basically says that swingers are becoming more mainstream and that people in their 20's seem to be much more OK with it.  I was just talking about this the other day with someone (you know who you are), and so it seems especially poignant to me.  I feel that society is on the cusp of  loosening it's belt a bit.  Gay marriage is certain to become reality in the coming years and I feel open marriages and unmarried open couples will become quite normal at some point.  30 years ago, it would have been considered shameful for a woman to get pregnant and raise a child out of wedlock with no father, now people think nothing of it.  I think people are generally freer to do as they please and at some level happier because of it.  Anyway, have a look at the link, I couldn't find an embeddable copy so you'll have to click through to it.  It might go away soon too, so I suggest if you have any interest, take a look asap.


Anonymous said...

Yes, true.
But I keep wanting to nuzzle those wet panties!

badside said...

SS: Welcome! I'd bury my face in them too!

Pantymaven said...

Nice! :-)

BTW: I've added another comment to your previous post.

badside said...

Glad you like the pic PM.