Friday, May 04, 2012

New Shoes

Allo Readers! It's Friday...Yay! And what better way to celebrate, than with Foot Fetish Friday? Are you foot crazy? I've been growing more and more into this area lately, from previously being neutral or oblivious to feet at all. In fact, I've been digging it so much I decided to get myself a pair of shoes for myself.

Pictured above is a pair of my brand spankin new stiletto heels. They feature a shiny black patent leather finish (although it's faux not real leather). The heels are three and a half inches high, something totally foreign to me and are taking a while to get used to. The only complaint I have about them so far is that the buckles are not finished as smoothly or refined as I would prefer, so they seem to scrape the leather as it's fed through them. My worry is that it will eventually ruin the finish on the straps, so I've tried to be extra careful while putting them on or off.

My goal with these was just for use during fun time at home. To that end, they've been great. They feel super sexy to wear, and I totally get why women love these things despite the obvious downsides of wearing such high heels. I've tried them in both bare feet and wearing silky stockings and both seem to feel great. I do prefer to see my stockinged feet in them though, I think it looks sexy. One thing I did notice though was that my feet tend to slide forward in the shoe leaving a gap behind my heels and my toes hanging over the front part. Not a big deal though for me since I don't really walk around much in them anyway.

Somehow having your feet angled like that seems to enhance the pleasure while stroking oneself, or at least it did for me. Maybe it's slightly tilting the pelvis or something? Anyway, huge turn on and got me off good while I was wearing them. I actually get turned on thinking about wearing them now! I know, I'm sick in the head, but what can I do?

So what do you think of them? What if I told you they were less than $15, total? Can you believe that? You probably already guessed, but yes, I got them at Pho-eva Twen tee wun, which is starting to become a regular shopping spot for me lately. Uh oh. ;^) Well, have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

3.5 inches? Man up and get a serious pair of heels, bitch! Shoes were where I started. I was always fascinated by women's shoes. It was so incredible when I bought my first pair. I'd "borrowed" a pair from my brother's girlfriend, but not the same as when those patent 5 inch sandals arrived. I do think if I see exactly the pair of boots I want in a store soon, I'll splurge. But honestly, hoping the urge fades before I do!

badside said...

LOL, baby steps JL, baby steps! I can barely walk around in those anyway.

Sheen V said...

Beautiful pair! I'm not sure what to do about your feet slipping forward as the ankle strap doesn't look like it will hold much back. I'm in lust over them!

badside said...

Thanks Sheen!