Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Sneek Peek at the Beach

Now that the weather is getting hot, I went to the beach to enjoy some sun last weekend.  There was a group of people there, one of which was a pretty girl in her early 20's.  She had on a bright pink bikini and had a very nice body.  B cup breasts, nice hips and butt.  They sat right in front of me and much to my delight, she kept bending over forward at the waist and her bikini bottom was pulled tight over the contours of her nether regions.  I could clearly see her womanhood.  It was the clearest view I think I've ever seen in public.  I had to cool it because I was actually starting to get aroused, and that would have been embarrassing in public.  I was with a couple of my friends, but I kept it to myself, even though they would have enjoyed it too.  They tend to be not as subtle as me and probably would have given it away.  It's entirely possible that she was doing this for my benefit as she had checked me out as she passed me before picking her spot.  Being extremely shy though, I didn't approach her.  It was a nice visual treat for me and hopefully a thrill for her as well.

PS: Been having problems posting pics from the new interface.  After choosing the images I want, I have to try and post them several times before it works.  Anyone else experiencing this?

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