Monday, May 28, 2012

Krysten Ritter as the B

Maa' tzuula b'eetal Readers!  Did you have a nice extended weekend?  Hope you were able to do something naughty for yourself (or to yourself!).  Speaking of naughty, there's a new sitcom running named "Don't Trust the B*#$& In Apt 23".  The writing is just so so, but the costar Krysten Ritter is absolutely hilarious.  She plays the "B" in apt 23, an uninhibited person with seemingly no moral compass.  Of course if you had to live with someone like that in real life, you'd probably go insane or leave.  I've only seen a couple of episodes, but the last one I watched, we discover that there is a manga/ graphic novel based on her titled "Tall Slut, No Panties".  During the episode she puts on and removes her panties, something which as a lingerie fanatic, I enjoyed seeing a great deal!  Anyway, I hear the show is being renewed for a second season, so you should be able to catch the reruns if you haven't seen it yet.  Krysten is really the engine that makes this show run, without her it wouldn't work at all.

Looking at her, I'm sure that there are those who won't find her to be their cup of tea at all, but to me she has a naughty cuteness that is a turn on.  She kind of looks like what you'd get if Sela Ward and Anne Hathaway had a baby together.  For me attraction is part physical and part personality/mental.  She seems to have a good mixture of both.  I like how playful she is in these pics too, very cute.

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Pantymaven said...

By any chance do you remember when that show you wrote about aired? I'd like to see it... :-)