Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Web Sites

Recently, I've been toying with the idea of subscribing to an online porn site.  There are so many out there that you could easily spend your entire paycheck on internet porn every month.  The sites range from low budget poorly made raunchy stuff to high quality, art level photography and video footage.  Each genre has it's appeal, from the gritty, street level bad girls to the classy women you'd never even expect to see doing nasty things.  There really is something for any fetish or taste out there.

Since I'm not completely insane, I don't want to spend every penny I earn on porn, but I do want to check out one or two sites.  I haven't decided yet what I want to see, but I do have a few candidates in the running.

I'd like something somewhat classy (how classy can it be, it's porn after all).  I want some nice photography and cinematography as those things can be distracting when not done right.  They can really make or break it when the viewer is trying to relax and get into the fantasy.

I'd like to see a variety of women, they don't all have to be supermodel beautiful.  Some girls next door types, the woman at the office or gym that you thought was attractive.  Skinny to thick body types, I don't really have a type, big busted or flat is fine, depends on the girl.  LOL, this is turning into an online dating profile isn't it?!!!  I'll keep you posted as to what if anything I end up doing.

Today's picture is from "Art of Gloss" a site specializing in the pantyhose fetish and featuring high quality pics and videos of pantyhose clad Russian beauties.  It's in the running for sure!


Pantymaven said...

Can't help you out this time...

badside said...

I guess I'll need to do hours and hours of research!

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