Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Advise for Lingerie Gift Recipients

Interestingly, I found an article on Yahoo that reiterates many of the things I mentioned in my last post regarding the purchase of lingerie for that girl in your life.  It's definitely worth a look.  While I know that giving lingerie can be a loaded gift, I must say that some of the comments they quote at the end of the article sound a bit jaded.  Reading those qoutes made me think that perhaps I needed to address the other side of the coin too; the ladies who are receiving those gifts of lingerie.

It's important as the recipient of such a gift to keep in mind that a guy may be saying he thinks you're the sexiest girl in the world and his gift is the only way he has of expressing that thought.  It may be some cheap item that you'd never pick for yourself, but he sees you as that sex goddess and feels you would rock it if you wore it.  That's a compliment in my book, don't turn it down. 

Also, relish the fact that your special someone lusts after you, that's a gift that not everyone has.  There are many relationships where that flame has long been extinguished.  It's much harder to get the flame going again than it is to keep it alive.  Sure he might be an idiot, and have poor taste in lingerie, but you've gotta give to get too.  Play along and see if you can turn him around to what you like. 

When the shoe is on the other foot, take a compliment as such and don't read an insult where there was none.  If he's a lingerie moron, make him your genius.  If he doesn't know enough to arrange that lingerie shopping trip, then you do it and bring him along.  Make it fun for him, remember a lot of guys are intimidated by lingerie stores.  I know that sounds stupid, but lingerie has powerful connotations to a man, just as much as they do for women, perhaps even more so.

Never spurn his gift of lingerie.  Find a way to gently let him know it's not your style, without hurting his feelings.  Let him know you appreciate his gift and that you find it wonderful that he thinks you're the sexiest girl in the world.  You know how fashion experts always tell you to buy at least one item that is out of your comfort range or style?  Try it on, you never know if you might end up liking it or the reaction he it gets out of him.

I don't know if any ladies will ever read these words, but if you do, I hope that I've helped you and maybe your relationship with that lingerie idiot of yours!

PS: I stole today's pic from Terri's Tumbler page. (Thanks Terri)


Pantymaven said...

As I've stated in my blog, numerous times, it is impossible to get inside the mind of a female, even after having lived with them (or spent a fair amount of time with them). Even with a guy's best of intentions, a female mind can twist it around to the point of making the poor guy feel guilty... even with a gift of something as innocuous as flowers. Lingerie can not be called innocuous... :-)

badside said...

I'm not touching that one PM! ;^) I will say that men and women often do think differently, and as frustrating as that may be for both sides, it's those differences that make us who we are and ultimately attracted to the opposite sex.