Friday, February 08, 2013


Now that I've been around the block a few times, I've refined my shopping techniques a bit.  I always check the sale racks for discounted goodies.  I browse the regular stuff too, but I take my time at the sale rack because that is where you can often find some really good deals.  I try to be a lot pickier too now since I don't have as much room to store my intimates collection anymore, due to the massive amounts I've bought over the years.  As I've said in the past, I know for a fact that I own more panties and lingerie than most women do.  Many of the panties aren't made anymore, a sad thing.  Unlike many women, most of my panties were bought for aesthetic reasons and not with any practicality in mind.

Getting back to the shopping trip though.  So, on this day, I decided to blow off some steam and take advantage of some free time and hit the mall.  This was at a time of the day when the mall should have been not too busy.  There were still a lot of people there though, much to my surprise.  Maybe I'm getting old or something, but I definitely was thinking, shouldn't these girls be in school or something right now.  Anyway, the crowds were fairly light, so no big deal.  I don't get as nervous as I used to when I hit the lingerie stores or sections in the stores.  I still get a rush, but it's not like before where my heart would be pounding.

There was a guy who showed up at Frederick's and he looked real nervous.  He only looked for like a minute and went right up to the register.  He sounded very nervous too.  I wonder if what he bought was for himself.  He paid quickly and took off.  I bet that's what I used to look like too.

I found the bra pictured today at Macy's on the sale rack.  It's a "Charmed" brand by Maidenform.  I think it's really cute with it's leopard sin pattern and pink straps.  It also features some cute lacy accents around the tops of the cups and a faux ribbon lace tie at the front all in the same pink color as the straps.

The cups are lined with the dreaded foam, as this is a push up bra, my first of this type.  I thought I'd give it a shot and see if I liked it.  I don't despite really liking the looks of the bra overall.  I just don't like the feeling of the foam, it's rather unsensual in my opinion.  The bra does look cute under a t shirt though, but that wasn't my goal in buying this.  Well actually I take that back, I did want to see how it would look under clothes, and it does look cute.  The feeling of wearing it with that padding doesn't do it for me though, so I'll probably return it to the store (something I rarely do).

I will give a word of warning to those who may be interested in this bra, the sizing was a little tight for me compared to other bras I've tried.  Keep that in mind when you buy yours if you are like me and not brave enough to ask to try it on in the store.  I'd definitely say go up one strap size to be safe.

And the final fact about this bra is that it was $30 I think originally.  Compared to others I've seen that makes it on the average to cheap side for a name brand.  I think if I was in the market for such a bra, I'd find that to be a reasonable price.  I got it on sale though and it was marked down even further to $10!  What a bargain!  I wish I liked it more, because for that price it's cheap to keep, but given my lack of space, I can't be keeping items around for the heck of it, they must be something I'll enjoy wearing.

PS: There is a matching panty as well, so if you get this bra, don't forget to look for that as well.


Pantymaven said...

I'm wondering if the model felt like a "leopard" while wearing these items... :-)

badside said...

PM:LOL wouldn't mind her as a pet!

Leesa said...

When I had a man who liked to rip clothes off of me, I would occasionally find something at the sales rack for such adventures. Now I don't have such a man, and part of me is a bit relieved. The tearing of garments can be a bit rough.

badside said...

Hi Leesa, welcome to my blog. While I hate to see the destruction of lingerie, I can see it also could be very rewarding to both parties. I imagine it must be quite an ego boost to know that someone lusts after you so much they can't wait to remove your lingerie properly, but must have you right then...immediately! I have been a guilty partner in the destruction of some of my GF's lingerie in the past. I'm smiling as I recall one fine evening in particular. Thank you for bringing that back for me!