Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Undie Party

Hello Readers! How was your weekend? Last Friday in San Francisco, the city that's always doing something fun, they had an Undie Party for the grand opening of the Desigual store. Apparently this store always does this at their grand openings, but the first 100 people in line in only their skivvies gets a free top and bottom and the next so many get a big discount. Looks like fun. I would have lined up in something hot, maybe a nice garter belt and stockings and some cute panties. OK, truth be told, I probably would have chickened out and wore some cute boxers if I was. LOL, I have some cute Scooby Doo boxers, probably would have gone with those.

So above are some pics from the event plus a video clip below, looks like it was fun. I definitely see some hotties that would have made it worth going.

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Pantymaven said...

How much lead time do they give you before an opening? It would almost be worth it to just be a spectator...