Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pink Panty Peek

Hey Y'all! How's your week shaping up? In the second post this week about people who are famous for being famous, we have one Bethanny Frankel. She is on one of those reality "Housewives" shows, which I've never watched (although I've seen a couple of eps of the Atlanta version).

Anyway, she was on Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show and gabbing it up about dance moves and how she doesn't have a signature move for herself so she drops down and does push ups on the dance floor. Anderson then challenges her to a push up battle and, well, she drops down a little too quickly for her short skirt to keep up. Voila, we have panty! Unfortunately, it's been blocked out for our viewing displeasure, but it's still fun to watch.

On the long version not seen here, she makes light of the situation which I thought was cute. She cracked a few jokes about "How'd I look?" and "At least I was wearing panties". Nice recovery!


Pantymaven said...

Cute... Nice recovery though. I'm not sure why the network blurred it out as some of the ads on TV show a LOT more than that!

badside said...

Yeah, kinda weird that they blurred that, not like it was actual nudity. Maybe because it's a daytime show.