Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lace Nouveau!

I'm sure it wouldn't surprise you to learn that I'm a member of some lingerie internet groups (as I'm sure more than a few of you out there are as well). In one such group, a member was kind enough to share the following links to some wonderful little video clips featuring Vanity Fair panties. Long time readers here know that I really like the Lace Nouveau panties and they look spectacular in this video. I find it to be a beautiful panty, so sheer and smooth, a thin material that lets you feel what's underneath, and those lace inserts are the piece de resistance.

Here's the links so you can enjoy them yourself! I'm leaving them as cut and paste and not direct links in case they don't like being linked here, so it's a little more work than usual, but well worth the effort.

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Sheen V said...

I'd love to know the groups that you belong to - e-mail me.