Saturday, March 03, 2012

Katy Panty

Hola Readers! How are you all doing my friends? Not sure how many music fans are out there and what subset of those like Katy Perry's music. I consider myself a fan. I used to not like her because I thought "I Kissed a Girl" was pandering and a cheap way to get attention, but I have to say that Katy really won me over with her last album. She has that kind of face that's both cute and pretty, and her eyes, so lovely.

Anyway, here's some pics I found of her at Fashion Week in Paris. As you can see, she chose to wear a sheer dress that shows off her lovely panties. A lot of people were panning her for this outfit, but I don't need to tell you I'm definitely in the crowd who likes it. I really like the softness of it all, including the color which actually goes with her blue hair. I do think she'd be more fetching with her black hair though. Let's hope this sheer dress look catches on!

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Pantymaven said...

Ooooo La La!!!