Monday, March 26, 2012

Modern Woman

Welcome Readers! How was your weekend? How about starting the week off right with some pics of lovely Sophia Vergara. I think maybe if you looked up the definition of a bombshell in the dictionary, her picture would be next to it. She's one of those women who can just wow any guy, pretty, buxom in the perfect way and even funny. These pics come from the Esquire magazine interview which can be found here. Also, I need to give credit where it's due to Slip of a Girl blog where I found out about these pics. Her's is one of my regular reads, if you haven't checked it out do so, it's a must see for lingerie fanatics.


Kendras said...

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Pantymaven said...

I can still remember the days when Esquire was THE premier publication for males... {that should give a clue as to just how old I really am :-) }