Monday, June 30, 2008


Insect. Is that what I am? Nothing more than a primitive creature, little more than a beating heart and nervous system? This morning I was accosted by a mosquito. Despite my free hand swatting it away, it continued its futile attempts at using me as a food source. It did make me think, of how my own lust mirrors so precisely this same innate yearning. Oh how I hunger for pussy, wet and moist, just as this little mosquito hungers for blood. And blood is the only thing that will satiate it's hunger, pussy is the only thing that will satiate mine. My proboscis stands out waiting to slide into it's intended target, it's ultimate goal to pump it's seed deep within, pulsing as it does so, as if by a tiny heart located within it's stiffness. My mind is blank, drawn to pussy like a moth to flame. Men will give up anything for pussy, risking injury or even our lives just like the little mosquito.


Sheen V said...

That's a pretty good analogy!

Pantymaven said...

Did you ever think what size a mosquito stinger would be if it was blown up to our human proportions? Hmmmmm... :-)