Thursday, June 12, 2008

Two Weeks!!

Greetings readers! Break out the champagne, I made it to the two week mark! Yes, that's right, today marks two weeks since my last release. To recap for the new people, the idea in doing this wasn't to turn off my libido, but to turn it up to 11 (on a scale of 1 to 10). In acting toward that goal, I have been using my free time to sexually tease myself, either physically or through intense visual stimulation with porn. I've watched some porno movies etc and come pretty close to the big O, but never gone over the edge. My libido is very much elevated throughout the day, but I still haven't achieved the full experience as I remember it from past denial periods. How long will this all go on? Now that I've reached the two week marker I imagine it may become quite extreme from here on out. I don't have any particular plans of when to end the abstinence, I guess I'll try and wait and see where it takes me (or maybe how much I can take).

In other panty news, have a look over at A Slip of a Girl for her latest posting. She brings up an interesting topic. Are cutesy panties actually pedophilia? As one of the worlds biggest haters of pedophiles, I happen to disagree. Let me get this straight with you all, I have no tolerance of pedophiles at all. I can see her point and appreciate her fear, but in this age of political correctness, we seem to be taking everything way too seriously. She is correct that we should be guarding against pedophiles, but I think persecuting companies that make cute panties is going too far. I've written here many times about how the naughty school girl outfit is a huge turn on for me. I'm not sure what it is about it that turns me on, but I'm one hundred and ten percent sure it ain't because I'm a sick pervert who prays on kids. Our country has definitely taken a step backwards in some areas. I think that at some point it was OK (normal even) for men to fantasize about sexy high school cheerleaders and now if a guy admitted to that, he'd be branded a pervert. Case in point, the x rated film Debbie Does Dallas was one of the best selling/rented porno movies ever. This was a story of high school/teenage cheerleaders (played by adults of course). I believe it was made back in the 70's or 80's, but I doubt they'd be able to make such a movie now. Does that mean that everyone who watched that movie is a pedophile? I doubt it. Where do we draw the line? I think we all need to lighten up and relax a bit, it's supposed to be fun.


Pink Nylon said...

I read her post a little different then you. I know she raises the question at the beginning, but I think it was somewhat rhetorical. Her main point (as I read it) was that they're taking the sexy out of panties and moving towards childhood nostalgia. It seems to be an extension of the Victoria's Secret PINK trend (huge amoung 20-somethings) of making panties less sexy and more, for lack of a better word, childlike.

It's an interesting debate, though.

Pantymaven said...

In the PC world of today, they can make the most innocuous item seem to be something that it's not. Sort of like statistics... massage them to say what you want them to say. I am so sick of these "do-gooders" who see everything through their own twisted viewpoint. But they call it "Freedom of Speech". Don't get me wrong... I believe strongly in civil liberties but I detest it when they take something totally out of context and then yell "Save us from this horrible thing!"

As to pedophilia, it's always been and always will be a problem. I've been lucky in that I've never had anyone in my circle of friends or family who has been touched by it. However, it is scary! Locally,I've read about 5 or 6 cases in just the past few months in which teachers (male and female) have been arrested for being involved with students. But there's no way to get into th inner workings of a human being's mind to really know what makes one turn to that sort of thing. In a few of the cases where I've read the details of the situation it appears that it's been traced back to childhood experiences and triggered by the ease of which all types of porn are available on the internet.

There are so very many fetishes out there. Who's to know which one will trigger a pedophile. I've liked panties and pee since I was teen. That's it! But I've NEVER, EVER had any thoughts about children. I raised 3 girls and never had any untoward thoughts about or of them. The same goes for my 3 grandchildren. But the "do gooders" would probably like to lock me away anyway because of what I like.

Sheen V said...

I like the picture you posted! As for the pony panties, they do nothing for me.

A. Secret said...

I guess I should say "Congrats!" though I'm still not sure if this is a good thing...heck it can't be a healthy thing! ;-)

Em said...

Just found your blog today...and what a lucky moment for me! I love tease and denial more than any other diversion. And you've made it two weeks...hope to continue to hear about your need as you go another two weeks!

badside said...

Thanks for commenting everyone, I was hoping we'd open some good discussion, so glad to see your comments.

Pink, I think you're right about her post, my post wasn't supposed to be directed at her (apologies to Slip if it came out that way), but more toward closed minded people (of which she is definitely not one) .

PM, I think you hit the nail on the head, we of sound mind really don't know what will trigger a sick person. The scary thing is that there are people who think WE'RE the sick ones!

Sheen, glad you liked the pic, I'll wait and see if the pony panties do anything for me when they come out. My guess is they won't do much though. Then again, if the right woman had 'em on! ;^)

A, Thanks...and congrats again to you too! So glad I found that link to your blog from Sheen.

Em, welcome, hope to see you in here in the future! Would love to hear some of your personal stories of teasing and denial! As for two more weeks, we'll have to wait and see.