Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Howdy Readers! How are my peeps doing? You all know what a ruffled panty does to me right? Today's pic comes from Met-Art, a high end site. I've got to say, they do know their art over there. The pictures featured on the tour pages are mind boggling. I am not a member, but if I was to spend my hard (no pun intended) earned cash on a site, this would be a top contender. As for the panty, mmmmm!!! Those delicate ruffles around the waist and leg openings are simply divine! And the sheer panel? Scrumptious!

Well, the journey continues on. It's now been twenty days since my last milking. My balls are noticeably full of cum. You can just feel it in there when you touch them (well if you were here and were an attractive girl and touched them). ;^) Even sitting in this chair right now, I can feel my full balls pressing against the chair and my thighs! I've been stroking my poor cock a lot too. Yesterday I almost had a repeat of the other day. The feeling was getting super intense, but I was able to stop myself before I got too close. Luckily I've had a lot to do lately and it's been taking my attention away from my need to cum. Actually, part of all this was to rearrange priorities so that the cumming would become numero uno on the list, but there always seems to be something else that needs dealing with. So that's the latest for now, see ya soon.


Em said...

The panties are very nice. But not as nice as that full feeling you have now. Things get swollen...and much more obvious as you feel them touching everything. But don't stop now! Stay under control. Eventually those large swollen balls will even feel a bit tender. Delicious.

Sheen V said...

Love the ruffles, and love MetArt.

Anonymous said...

nice panties. Geez. I didn't last an hour after seeing that pic, much less weeks.