Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A New Addition

Welcome Readers! Well, it's now been twelve days since my last full release and believe me the train is picking up steam now. All my thoughts are now starting to blur into dirty thoughts. It seems like everything is a turn on right now. And as predicted, my horniness has triggered a new purchase for my lingerie collection, a garter belt. Yeah, somehow, the idea of owning another garter belt was too much for me to take and I bought it despite the fact that I don't need it at all. I actually have a few garter belts already which I just love, so I doubt I'll regret the purchase after the big release. Yeah, looks like the twelfth day was the turning point for me this time between normal horniness and hyper horniness. My cock has been getting a lot of play time and secret touches here and there. The jittery feeling in my balls is now almost constant too. I watched some porn on DVD too while I stroked myself silly, brought myself to the edge, but was able to stop myself just short of release! You all would have been so let down if I gave in, I just couldn't do it. LOL, imagine if a guy came from the past in a time machine and discovered what people write about on their blogs!


Pantymaven said...

You're a better man than me!

Sheen V said...

I agree, you have much better control. And I love that picture! Pretty panty and the subtle bumps the hair makes underneath them - mmmm!